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Look! it's FAWFUL! and he's looking usually thoughtful... hmmm...

anyway, this one took me about three days yada yada. I'm just glad to be doing more mario fanart!! yaaaay! it makes me feel very happy! i love the mario games! they are just so much frikken fun! i don't CARE if i'm in highschool! i am SO not the only one!

not much to say about this one, other than that i like how it turned out.

okie day, somebody, please anwer this question... should i have the stars continuing all the way down the page or not? i'm really not sure. you don't have to be an artist or anything stupid like that to answer the question. i just don't know if i should leave the stars stopping where they are.

please help!

Mario & Luigi
May 2, 2009

Holy crap!! it's DONE!!

okie day, so i started this on saturday... and finished it on saturday. FOR SIX STRAIGHT HOURS, i was working on this silly picture. I HAVE LOST ALL FEELING IN MY LEGS.

other than that, yay! it makes me kind of sad that Mario turned out better than luigi, but still, this was a very fun piece to do! this is my first completed M&L fanart, so i'm still working on my style with them.  i sorta like how i blended my style and nintendo's for mario, but not so much for luigi. he still needs some work.

anyway, doing an actual background briefly crossed my mind, but than i got LAZY and decided NOT too! obviously. i have their shadows casted on the floor though! so i did do SOMETHING!

yada yada, i think i'm done talking for now. ON TO PLAY MORE SUPERSTAR SAGA! i cannot WAIT until the new one comes out!!


You know, i never thought that the first piece of fanart i posted would be neopets... oh well!

lookie! it's ayushin! ayushin is the oldest of the twins, and has really fun hair to draw. i am SO proud with how i incorporated that evil mane of his! mwa ha ha! ok, so he and ayumouro (his brother) are both ogrins. and as ogrins, they have these super awesome manes! well, i needed their hair to be different, because i said so. so i gave ayushin this awesome side-y, ponytail thing that is RIDICULOUSLY fun to draw! yay!

anyway, i really like how this piece turned out! :D

they both live in the desert, near the outskirts of Sekmet. ORIGINALLY, i was going to have Ayushin's window over looking the city... but im lazy. so that idea got scrapped. instead, i went with the easy to draw -- i mean, majestic and beautiful desert? yeaaaaaaaah no. im just a lazy butt. i mean, come on! i can't even capitilize my letters! oi!

this one took me about four hours total. drawn, than scanned, inked, and coloured in Adobe Photoshop Elements.