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- Updated the fanart section with a picture of mario and luigi!

Introductions to Insanity: ENTER AT OWN RISK

Hello my dear and Unsuspecting Victims!

Hello and Welcome to Here! Or more specifically, the Apartment (The Apartment is in "Here"). This site is dedicated to the wonderful universe of "the Fandoms," and as such, is quite insane. I'll go ahead and tell you, the warning sign is there for a reason. So consider yourself warned! if you experience  sudden insanity and/or damage to other mental functions, we cannot be held liable! you clicked on the site. We can neither be held accountable for a sudden drop in grades or loss of job if you find yourself too busy reading/watching a newly discovered Fandom to study or go to work. And since we're already on the topic of disclaimers, i'll go ahead and get to the other one: the Fandoms featured here belong to their respective owners and not me, and i am in NO way, shape, or form making money on their being featured here.

with that being said, i think i finished all the site introductions. now, you can go check out the rest of the site and familiarize yourself with a new Fandom, or you can leave. But that's not cool. Plus, the Residents might get angry. you wouldn't like them when they're angry. Especially Jacob. While no, Jacob won't get all mean-and-green and throw a car at you, he WILL throw a wrench at you.

Durithyll (the FanGirl)

As creator of this site, i should probably tell you a bit about myself. wait... does making this site make me the all powerful admin or something? that's weird, i'm usually referred to as the all powerful artist. I love to draw! i'm not that good, but i have a passion for it and an eagerness to learn, so i know i'll improve given time! Back to titles, well, when i'm with my characters. i refer to myself as the "All Powerful Artist." because being the artist i can, obviously, do whatever i want to my characters as i draw them! you can ask Daiyori; he bares the brunt of my rantings. I'll probably post some of my random art and Fanfics on here, right after i make a banner for my page! that has priority!

I'm a student, that's all you need to know, and i'm a girl. Natural blonde, blue eyes, kinda tall. get the picture?

So far as personality goes, i'll give you the best i can so far as a description goes. Course, chances are, you're not going to get the best description out of me, asking a friend would probably be best... unless they don't like me and just lie, that's just annoying. I guess i'll just give you a list of likes and dislikes:

-My Lord and Saviour
-Our Military
-Infecting others with Fandoms and ranting about Fandoms
-writing (mostly fanfics)
-My Friends and Family
-Frappuccinos and a  good ol' Starbuck Vanilla Latte

-People who diss my God, Christians, Jews, and our Military
-C0mP3lt N0obS wHu taK LYk dIS.
-Mary Sues/Gary Stews (they are a plague upon all fanfiction)
-People who, when in debate, never let the other side talk by yelling, and people who say a one-line insult THAN WALK AWAY REALLY FAST.

The Residents

By "residents" i mean my characters. You see, this batch of characters live in an apartment building, and i refer to my site as "The Apartment," so basically they're the residents of my site, but not really. Get it? No? don't worry. Daiyori doesn't get it either. but that's mainly because it never makes sense...

Roake: Roake is a fox for one, he is also a history buff. He helps me study for my tests. Out of ALL the Anthros in the Apartment, he is probably the most sensible. He is also very reasonable. He's the guy who solves all the people problems without any murder charges. He's also a painter and mainly uses water colours and spray paints. One of his weekly requirements is that he has to do the "Sheet of the Week." this is basically a huge sheet of paper, maybe 8ft by 11ft, that he tapes up to the side of the apartment complex. then he gets the ladder and goes to town! this way he can have fun with spray paints on a massive scale but not deface public property. He was originally used as a character, along with Daiyori, in my e-mails.

Daiyori's a snake and the Grammer Nazi of the group. He's usually making fun of me and definitely the most "zapped" of the group (i zap my characters whenever i get mad at them). He's also a spaz. Not a FanGirl spaz like me, but that he's the first to overreact in a Life-Death situation. His main  problem with living with us, is that things don't usually make sense,  which kinda conflicts with his naturally scientific oriented mind. he's also the only one of the Residents who doesn't have a job. Like Roake, he began as an e-mail character with one of my best friends, Livi.

Jacob's a weasel, and was created after Roake and Daiyori, who were used --but not necessarily created-- together. He is a gamer-freak. That's the best way to describe him. He WORSHIPS halo and the x-box 360 in general. While the 360 is his favourite console, he can often be spotted with a Wiimote around his wrist. While he is usually an easy-going and fun guy, he has a rather violent temper. Oh yeah, and he has this HATRED of chinese food. No one really knows why though...

Surprise surprise! Boredom is a HUMAN and a GIRL!! you can ask Livi, i NEVER make female characters. Oh well. Boredom has the "glove of inspiration" which she slaps people with. Usually at the most inconvenient of times, like when someones in a meeting or something. She's just sadistic like that. She's appears to be in her mid twenties, tall, and has long black hair. She's also quite cynical and sarcastic, and though she would NEVER admit it, she does in fact enjoy our company! oh yeah, and her mortal enemy is Livi's character, Artist Block.

Zatannii: Zatannii's really just an enigma... he pops by a whole lot, but never tells us anything about him! he's a computer program or something, that much we do know! So far as his personality goes, he's very happy, if not a tad bit psychopathic. Jacob is not very fond of him.

Komasu: Komasu is the newest of the Residents and is  Bat. She's very intelligent and would work great as a secretary. I don't know a lot about her considering how new she is, but she was inspired when i got the widget to the left!

My Buddie's sites!

Because of the fact that i wouldn't have a site if it wasn't for these people, i feel obligated to at least post their sites on here! thanks yall! i love everyone of you!! and for more fun and pointless insanity with the Residents and Livi and Co., check out Liv's site! the Residents love to mess around there. and another one of my buddies (moolatte) has recently gotten sucked into the love that is Weebly! so go check out her site too! ----------------Livi --------------------------Moolatte -------------------BSBlover ------------MollynSawyer ------------Nannersings -------------Zanna

check em out! they got some pretty cool stuff!