for one, yes! i do exist!

anyway... i come to you today to inform you that.... stargate atlantis has.... died. not only because this is the last season... but because the writing has TANKED.


i have NEVER!!! NEVER!!!! hated someone as much as HER!!! she... is.... EVIL!!

*deep breath* okay... Unlike Stargate SG-1 (who came before Stargate Atlantis), Atlantis is DIEING. SG-1 ran for TEN YEARS. and was filled with epic epic epic. and even after the show, they end the series with two, awesom, kick-butt movies! in other words, SG-1 went out with a BANG.

Stargate Atlantis on the other hand... is crawling off into a ditch and slowly dieing. this makes me so sad. I don't know why, but i have ALWAYS loved Atlantis more than SG-1. perhaps it's because i've been watching it from the very beginning... five year ago... i've seen the characters develop into who they are now. i've SEEN the arrogant, egotistical, Dr.Rodney McKay step up to the plate for the lives of his team.

and Dr. Keller is ruining everything.

When Dr. Carson Beckett was killed in an explosion, Jennifer Keller replaced him as Chied Medical Officer. i CRIED when Carson died. he was the best doctor the Stargate franchise had ever had (except for maybe Dr. Fraiser *takes off hat* God rest her soul. she died too). and when Keller took over... she ruined the show for me, my sister, and my entire family.

first off: unlike the other characters in SGA, she has ZERO depth. all she EVER does is complain about how inadequate she is. "oh rodney... how do you guys do it? i'm just not cut out for this..."

that's another thing. she's going out with Rodney. RODNEY. the "hopeless bachelor." normally, i would NOT get angry about this. but she is RUINING him . ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE.

Rodney is an egostitical, petty, aroogant, S.O.B.!!! he is a JERK!!

but Keller is making him LIKEABLE. he is the guy we love to hate! now, i GUESS you could say that she is changing him for the better, but she's NOT! the writers are writing a nice rodney WRONG!!! and just because he's datiing someone would NOT magically make him a perfect person!!! it's as if ALL of his characters faults have DISAPPEARED. it's wrong.

Keller has SUCKED out ALL of the joy i used to get from Stargate Atlantis. the way i acted at lunch sometimes... i could rat for HOURS on how much i loved McKay... but now all that i can rant about is how much keller is RUINING McKay.

the only joy i can get out of Stargate Atlantis, is by watching the old episodes. before keller came in.

and that truly depresses me.

anyway, obviously, this has been a depressed ranting. i don't have very many of those. but it needed to be said. so i've done my speel... how do you spell that word? spleal speal... oh well!

now i'm off to go grab my Stargate mug, coffee, and watch some of the good Stargate Atlantis episodes.