okie day, in case you haven't noticed i have FALLEN IN LOVE with this awesome guy named DJ!!

ok... let's back up a bit... So i FINALLY managed to get my sleepover with Liv!! but NSYNCLOVER had PLANS!!! it's ok, girl, we love you. ; -)

anyway, so in one of Liv's blog entries she mentioned a show on cartoon network called "Total Drama Island". And i was actually interested. so, when liv came over, she was "like we have to watch it!! i haven't missed a single episode!!" so we did, and i fell in love!! for those of you who may not know, it's just one big Survivor spoof! and i LOVE IT!! PASSIONATELY!!! the last show i ever watched on Cartoon Network... was like, G-Gundam!! aka, i haven't watched Cartoon Network in YEARS!! but i absolutely  LOVE this show! it's hilarious, but not stupid hilarious!! sigh... love it...


He's one of the characters on the show (obviously) and i love him (obviously)!! this is the first episode i've seen, (obviously) but he is SO CUTE!! He's a big black guy and i LOVE HIM!!

In this episode, Chris (the HAWT host) designated the deer and the hunters. Then he gave the hunters paint ball guns and the deer cute little fake tails, antlers, and noses. DJ WAS A DEER!!! SQWEEEEEEEEE!!!! and what was so flippen adorable, was the fact that he PRANCED around on all fours like a deer!! KAWAAAAIIIII!!! 

and that was about it.

not really. you had all this twit snobby girl alliance crap tensions crap. and poor Cody got mauled by a bear!!! and then he got voted off the island.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! he was so sweet and adorable!! I (sniff)

anway, I LOVE DJ!!!


omigosh!! theres like a "D" in "DJ"!! SQWEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


Durithyll: people! i'm heading out! and when i get back, PLEASE have this Apartment SLIGHTLY presentable! (grabs keys and heads to the door, kicking Daiyori in order to wake him up)

Daiyori: grmbl grmbl... (shifts slightly, but does not wake up)

Durithyll: slug... (forces door open) ok, people, see ya in an hour! (walks out an locks door behind her)

Jacob: (currently sprawled over the couch playing Halo, looks over to Roake) what's up with her? and whats wrong with the apartment? it's fine!

Roake: (looks at Jacob, and then at the empty candy wrappers, pop corn bags, and smashed food scattered across the floor)

Jacob: exactly! nothing wrong!

Roake: (shakes head and gets back to his painting)

Jacob: whatever...

Roake: jacob...

Jacob: what!?

Roake: jacob.

Jacob: fine! i'll get the vacuum cleaner!! (walks over to the closet --which is also where he sleeps-- and grabs the vacuum cleaner)

jacob: i hate cleaning... it's so boring -- hey! (walks over to Daiyori who is still sleeping)

Jacob: yo. (pushes him with the bottom of the vacuum cleaner)

Daiyori: (still asleep)

Jacob: (grabs a filled water glass off the nearby kitchen counter) heeeeey.

Daiyori: (no response)

Jacob: you had it coming... (dumps the water glass on his face)

Daiyori: (sputters and throughly spazzes) hey!!

Jacob: (bends down) you. clean.

Daiyori: what!? you do it!

Jacob: i have a job. now get to cleaning.

Daiyori: that was low... (grabs the handle of the vacuum cleaner grudgingly)

jacob: good! (gets up and jumps over the back of the couch, un-pauses his game, and gets to playing)

Roake: (looks over at jacob with a slight glare)

Daiyori: stupid flea-ridden weasel... (atarts cleaning)

-----------------------------an hour later-----------------------------

Daiyori: (finished cleaning and is now crashed in front of the door)

~~keys ratting in lock~~

Durithyll: (through door) coming in! (pushes on door. pushes on door again)
sigh... DAIYORI!! MOVE!!

Daiyori: (doesn't move, or awaken for that matter)

Roake: sigh... (stands up and drags Daiyori away from door)

Durithyll: (pushes on door and almost stumbles to the ground) oh. he moved. (step inside and looks around) hey! place looks nice!

Roake: ah yes, Daiyori cleaned up actually.

Durithyll: no he didn't.

Roake: yeah he did.

Durithyll: weird. anyway, i have -- can you wake him up please? (points at Daiyori)

Roake: sure. (grabs another glass off the counter and dumps the water in his face)

Daiyori: (sputters and wakes up spazzing again) Jacob!! quit -- oh. sorry roake.

Durithyll: ok! now, everybody, there's someone i would like you to meet... come on in!

(a nervous looking purple bat with glasses and a small brown suit case walks in)

Durithyll: her name's Komasu! she's new here, so i arranged to have stay at the Apartment!

Komasu: (pushes glasses further up on head) uh... hi guys...

Durithyll: she's kinda shy right now, but she's great when you get to know her! She's like wicked smart and is a total book-worm! and get this, SHE'S A TRANS-FAN!!

Jacob: i could so take that word a different way...

Durithyll: Jacob, get your head out of the gutter. it means she's a TRANSFORMERS fan!!

Daiyori: great...

Durithyll: ok, (points to Roake) This is Roake, he's a painter and really nice guy! if you need anything just ask him! (points to Jacob) that's Jacob! he works as a mechanic and is the local gamer-freak. (points to Daiyori) that's Daiyori, he sleeps like, 23 hours a day and is a jerk. not really.

now that introductions have been made, i'll show you to your room! well, my room, but you can use it until we get you squared away!

Komasu: i couldn't do that! you've already been so nice ot me, i couldn't dream of taking your room!

Durithyll: oh, don't be silly! it's fine!

Komasu: no, really! plus, i don't think you have rafters in your room. do you?

Durithyll: hmmm... no...

Komasu: (notices closet) can i see that closet?

Durithyll: of course!! (walks over to the closet and opens the door)

Komasu: (pokes head in) this will work great!

Durithyll: Really? (looks in)

Komasu: yeah! i have space to put my stuff, and that bar rack up there near the roof is perfect for me to sleep on. all -- oh. i someone sleeping here? (points to the pillow and blankets in the corner)

Durithyll: (scoops them up) not anymore! jacob! you get bath tub! (tosses them at him)

Jacob: (catches them) really? sweet!! i've always wanted to sleep in a bath tub!! (runs off to the bath room)

Komasu: um...

Durithyll: oh don't worry about him. you'll learn to love him. but not too much! he has a girlfriend! no let's get you situated... (walks into the closet and begins moving stuff around)

Roake: so, Komasu, how'd you meet Durithyll?

Komasu: oh, um, on the internet. she found out that i was moving into the area for college, and offered to show me around and give me a place to stay.

Daiyori: i see you're very trusting.

Komasu: well, yeah, plus i had known Durithyll through the internet for a long time, and had even talked to her via web cam multiple times.

Roake: oh! ok.

Jacob: (from the bath room) look guys! i'm going to be sleeping in a BATH TUB!! how cool is that!?

Durithyll: ok! i think i have enough space cleared for you. are you sure this is ok? i feel bad making you sleep in a closet!

Komasu: it's fine! really! thank you so much putting me and stuff. i'm not sure i could afford dorm rooming or my own place.

Durithyll: it's nothing! the more the merrier!

Roake: hey, what about Zatannii and Boredom? shouldn't they meet Komasu?

Durithyll: oh please. Boredom's off being Boredom and Zatannii's almost as bad as her! do you guys know ANYTHING about him?

Komasu: you told me about Boredom, but who's Zatannii?

Durithyll: oh! he's--

Jacob: a homicidal, psychopathic computer.

Durithyll: ignore him. he just doens't like him. anway, he's a sentient... program... thing... that exists on the net... or something... we know NOTHING about him. except he's very perky... and scary... i don't know!! he may be a cop or a detective or something. he often mentions "cases" and stuff...

Daiyori: he and Boredom just pop by on a whim.

komasu: (smiles) i think i'm gonna like it here.

Durithyll: course you will. we're just a crazy family here!


wow... that's an interesting title... i know, another early update... BUT GUESS WHAT!!

ok, moolatte and nsynclover can just log off now, this will ONLY be of interest to Kete...

anway... ok, let's calm down... anyway...  you may not know this, but there was a game set in between Ham-Ham Heartbreak and Ham-Ham olymptics that was was never released in America. it WAS how ever, released in Europe. what does this mean? it means that American Hamtaro fan never got this game, but because European fans did IT WAS FULLY TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH. so guess what!! I ORDERED THE GAME OFF OF EBAY!! I'M GOING TO GET THE GAME THAT WAS NEVER RELEASED IN AMERICA!!


It's called Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue and is the only game where you get to play as ALL the Ham-Hams!! except snoozer and jingle... poor guys... but you can play as PANDA!!! SQWEEEEEEEEE!! i'm so excited!!

anway, onto the "transforming robots of mass destruction" part.

a few days ago 'Rou discovered the Transformers fansite, comics in disguise. it's NOTHING but comics created by the owners of the site! some of the stuff they have there is HILARIOUS!! and some it's really cool! but the awesome thing is, is that the style and setting is all G1! it's great!! i absolutely love it! i spent over THREE HOURS doing NOTHING but reading!! i'm horribly addicted to it... anyway, if you're interested, you should totally check it out! it's hilarious! and THANK GOODNESS there's NO SLASH. the only reference to it is when they're making fun of it, or telling us that they hate it.

anyway, that's all for now!!



yes, i know, i NEVER post a blog entry this early in the morning... but i had to!!


i started it last night, and finished at 1:45 in the morning! I'm very pleased with it. I didn't do any fancy colouring, and not just because i was being lazy! the reason was because, personally, i thought that the banner would look better if it was done more simplistically. sigh... i love it... and i love the Residents so much!! they are like no set of characters i have! i love them so much... I swear, if i ever went insane, it'd be because i was talking to these guys like they were standing right next to me! you can ask Kete, at lunch or wherever we are, we always bring up our characters!! from something like, "Tiku would absolutely HATE this food," or "OMG!! That is so something Jacob would do!!"

again, thank you Kete! and thanks Moolatte and Nsynclover for putting up with my insanity and obsession and helping my character to grow!

You guys rock! i love y'all!!

thanks again!!


yo! in case you haven't noticed, i revamped the Archives page! see, if i was sure that you guys READ the "in recent" new box on the homepage, i wouldn't have to dedicate an entire blog entry to telling y'all these things! but since i've already started, might as well keep going.

so... what to talk about... i don't know! let's see... um... hm... what happened today...

Daiyori: woah woah wait... DURITHYLL has NOTHING to talk about? this can't be right...

Durithyll: what? this has happened before--

Daiyori: no! it hasn't! you wait two seconds and then start praddling on and on about something.

Roake: i believe the proper term is "rambling".

Daiyori: yeah yeah yeah. anyway, you ramble for a while and then you start ranting!

Durithyll: oh... i didn't know that!

Roake: see? told ya. you DO know Durithyll the best...

Daiyori: shut up!! it's scary half the time! you want it? you can have it!!

Roake: no...i'm perfectly fine with having you pegged...

Daiyori: no really, you can have her!

Roake: why change things? you can keep her.

Durithyll: hey!! i take offense at th!!

Daiyori: you're supposed to. we're insulting you.

Roake: (steps away from Daiyori)


Durithyll: humph. jerk. had it coming.

Roake: sigh... i'll go get the dust pan...

Jacob: (walks in the front door) yo. (spots Daiyori's ashes) you know, Durithyll, you and Daiyori should really go to couples counseling. all the zapping can't be good for the x-box's circuitry--


Durithyll: (yells at jacob's remains) don't you EVER --EVER!-- SUGGEST SOMETHING SO STUPID!! EVER!!

Roake: it's not that stupid--


Durithyll: huff... huff

Boredom: (slips in right behind Durithyll) congratulations Durithyll. you just zapped your entire cast of characters.

Durithyll: (eye twitch)


Boredom: (slips back in) you know, you can't hit me. I'll just slip out of this reality and right back in! it's just not--


Boredom: (slips back in behind the couch) --going to happen. so--


Boredom: (slips in behind the kitchen counter) you should just give up already. really--


Boredom: (slips in write in front of Durithyll) --you should.

Durithyll: (panting heavily) just... go away... alright?

Boredom: (smiles) fine. i think i satiated my boredom, plus Artist Block's on the move again. but, before i leave... (snaps fingers)

(roake, jacob, and daiyori are all back. and the charred marks on the floor from Durithyll's attempts at zapping Boredom are gone)

jacob: --and i can't have you guys breaking the-- (realizes he just got zapped) what!? i can't believe you zapped me!!

Roake: hey, she zapped me too.

Jacob: woah! seriously!? i didn't know she could do that...

Daiyori: hey, she zapped me too!!

Jacob: yeah, but that always happens.

Daiyori: hey!! it does not!!

Boredom: people!! break it up!! (roake, daiyori, and jacob stop talking when they finally notice Boredom) ok, with that begin said... (snaps her fingers and slips out)

(group silence)

Roake: is it safe to assume that Boredom un-zapped us?

Durithyll: uh yeah.

Jacob: weird.

Durithyll: anyway, (back to the Unsuspecting Victims) please tell me if you guys actually read the Recent News on the homepage!

see ya!


yo! as some of you may know from the "In Recent News" on the home page, my site was being funny, so i need to change the domain address to get it to register new updates and stuff. and for the record, i am so totally blaming Moolatte!!

Roake: why?

Durithyll: because i am.

Daiyori: well that's intelligent.

Durithyll: shut up!!

Durithyll: anyway (in case you haven't noticed, this is sorta my "ok, let's start talking to the unsuspecting victims again" word) i've been working on "Bureau for Mary Sue Prevention and Regulation" and finished chapter one!! in the middle of chapter two, and i will probably combine them before i post them up here.

sooooo yeah! i think that's all! if any of you start having problems with the site, PLEASE tell me. i'm serious!

see ya!


'ello my dear and Unsuspecting Victims!!

noting much happened today, except that i went to church (i love my new pastor!), went to my grandmother's house celebrate her birthday, and had to skip a movie outing my friends. sniff.

anyway, hmm... let's see... OH! i know what to talk about!!

guess what!! me and 'Rou (Kanirou) went to the comic shop again!! YEAH!! i got FOUR more issues of "the Question", rock on! and we got another one of the "Essentials" compilations for "the uncanny x-men"! we also got like, seven back issues of it, so we are slowly catching up with the newest issues!! and in case i'm not being clear, (chances are i'm not) me and 'Rou are trying to catch up with the latest issues of the Uncanny X-men. We started at the issue 94# and are slowly working our way up to the most recent, 500#!! congratulations x-men! why start at 94#? because, that's when they changed practically the entire cast and introduced the a-team for x-men (x-men didn't really get popular until this new line-up was introduced). and this roster happens to have my FAVOURITE mutant... Nightcrawler!! i love him so much... he's the most adorable blue demon-looking fuzzy mutant EVER!! yes, he is in fact blue and fuzzy. i'll post picture up here sometime.

anyway, so "Essentials" are these HUGE compilations containing a BUNCH of issues all compiled and pretty like. so we'll take that as far as it can go, than get the individual issues. after about 30 of these, Marvel starts compiling them based on story arc. these we have ordered though Amazon and should arrive at the house shortly!! SQUEEEE!!! Kurt, i love you!!

And while we were at the book store, i saw these AMAZING transformers compilations!! i was surprised by how much they have compiled!! we have the original US and UK run, but on a CD. this guy on Amazon had the ENTIRE Marvel series scanned in and saved onto two wonderful CDs. it's great! i just pop 'em into my laptop and get to reading!! but what makes me feel special, is that these Transformers compilations are usually always "Best of". which mean they don't compile the consecutive storyline, just the issues that the publishers thought were the best. anyway, back to what i was saying; i feel so special, because in ALL of these compilations, the Warrior School arc is ALWAYS there!! for those non-pathetics out there who DON'T read transformers, the "Warrior School" is like, awesome!! why? because it's practically JUST Ratchet!! and an angsty wumped Ratchet at that!! SADISTIC FANGIRLISH SQUEE!!

don't worry, I'll save you guys the insanity of explaining this uber-amazing-kick-butt-awesome story line.

i guess that's all for now! see ya!

ps: i spend WAY to much time on the internet and using the persona of Durithyll... how do i know this? because i'm signing my E-MAILS as Durithyll!! e-mails to some people who have NO IDEA who Durithyll is! i'm gonna get a reply saying, "Why did you end your e-mail with a '-D'?" yeah. pathetic.

pss: for those of you who didn't, go check the Random Findings page and click on the two vids! oi! they're short and Ronon is a SEXY BEAST!! but i love Rodney way more... go figure... ok, NOW i'm done!!


Hello peoples... in case you can't tell, i;m seriously ticked off. why? because i had a frikken "sports induced asthma" attack! i had to go home from Devil Rays practice EARLY!! it was so stupid... i'd never cussed myself out that much before. it's just so frustrating!! this isn't supposed to happen!! My brother, my sister, even my Dad are all ridiculously active!! yet I'M the one who has frikken asthma!!

sigh... i haven't gone to the doctor yet, so we're not sure if IT asthma... my dad seems to think that i'm just not drinking enough water... I pray to God he's right.

ok, enough ranting from the emo side.

so! i updated the Random Findings page! and guess what!! i added two Stargate Atlantis vids!! no, i WILL NOT be adding fanvids very often. i'm trying to be careful with that; i don't want the RF page to be filled up with vids, because that's just not that interesting! it's not that hard to find cool vids (if you work in the right Fandom that is)! so yeah, go check it out! one of 'em is cool dramatic, the other just plain hilarious!

let's see... anything else? oh! of course!! season four of Stargate Atlantis just came in the mail, so now we have it on nice pretty DVDs!! yay!! circular disks of wonderfulness!! i popped in one of the DVDs when i got home. I watched "the Seer". i love that episode!! it's actiony, got healthy dose of McKay, and it's the episode when we REALLY meet Tod!! Tod's like the coolest Wraith EVER!! you know how i said the Wraith are the big bad bad-guys of the show? well, they are. Tod (as Sheppard so eloquently named him) is a Wraith who we kinda trust. Actually, the Sheppard's team trusts him a whole lot!! McKay (of all people) is perfectly comfortable with being ALONE with him! and in one alternate time line (don't get me started on alternate time lines PLEASE) Ronon and Tod actually sacrificed their lives together!! very dramatic explosion actually... but that was an ALTERNATE TIME LINE. so Ronon's all better now!!

Since we're on the subject of Ronon... Ronon Dex was the character who i ALMOST fell in love with! seriously!! at first, i honestly wasn't sure who i loved more: McKay, or Ronon. but after an the episode, "Sateda" which is a Ronon centric episode containing a whoooooole BUNCH of glorious wumpage for the poor boy, i realized that i WASN'T getting the adrenaline buzz or simply BURSTING with sadistic fangirl squee! THAT was when i realized that Rodney McKay, the hypochondriac of a scientist who couldn't humble himself to save his LIFE, was my favourite!! NOT the strong, sexy, courageous, drop-dead GORGEOUS Ronon Dex! weird huh? In case you need help pointing out Ronon, he's the SEXY BEAST with dread locks.

so! go check out the Atlantis vids! please! aaaaaaand... i dunno... go do something!

well, anyway--



For starters, these SGA posts are going to be my Fangirlish Rantings at their peak. seriously. this show, Stargate Atlantis, is very near and dear to my heart. The rantings will be long, random, and in-depth. i've posted an episode summary to give you guys a CHANCE at understanding what the heck i'm talking about. i do plan on having Stargate as a Featured Fandom, problem is, i'd be a pain. with three movies and two series (one running, and the other having run for TEN years), it's be really hard. but i DO plan on doing it! honest! in the mean time, i have an episode summery with a SHORT ranting at the end. you can either skip the insanely long recap and go straight to the ranting, or you can just skip this post and point and laugh at the ranting Fangirl!


seriously!! it was hilarious too! because of the fact that Sheppard and Ronon had to run off somewhere to go blow up Michael's hyperdrive engines, McKay was left with a very pregnant Telya! who was currently going through labour!!

while yes, i'm not giving you a recap of the entire show (i'm sorry! i really am) i will explain this!! Stargate Atlantis = kick butt scifi show. and how can you have a scifi show without intergalactic space ships? well, after a VEEEERY pregnant Teyla was captured by the Wraith (the big bad bad-guys of the show) known as "Michael", Colonel John Sheppard and his team  try to go out and find their missing team mate! well, after searching for... two episodes, they find her! weeeell... Sheppard had gotten intel that Michael was going to be bringing Teyla to this certain planet so she could have her baby. Colonel Sheppard's team, along with Major Lorne's, go to the planet to try and rescue her. turns out, they beat Michael to the planet; he's one his way though. it also turns out that the facility was booby-trapped. yeah. booby trapped. so the entire compound collapses! with sheppard's and Lorne's team trapped inside! yay! whumps all around!! well, when Col. Samantha Carter (the commander of the earth science/military expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy and more specifically, Atlantis) doesn't here from the teams past their deadlines, she sends in a third team through the Stargate. and they're like "Ooh! crap! the building collapsed with our guys inside!" so Carter sends in a team of Combat Engineers to pull 'em out!

the sad thing is though, that out of the two teams sent through, only four people survived the collapse: Rodney, Sheppard, Lorne, and Ronon.

Rodney (who was practically untouched during all of this) and Lorne (who sadly, got a broken leg) are the first to get pulled out. Ronon (who, too, is miraculously untouched) and Sheppard (who's pinned down by a large beam and not doing to well) are much deeper and will take a LOT longer to pull out. and the Daedalus (the USAF's big pretty space ship which has Asgard BEAMING technology) is still two hours out.
unfortunately, they don't have that kind of time. apparently, once the booby trap is sprung, an automated sub-space signal is sent out, alerting Michael if one of his facilities are ever compromised. Michael now changes course and heads to the planet with Sheppard's team. so now they have a Wraith Cruiser with Michael and Teyla, bearing down on their position. so the big question is, who will reach them first? the Daedalus, or Michael?

sucks for them, but Michael's ship reached them first!! so now Michael is sending out some of his Wraith-Human hybrids to go collect sheppard's team. like i said, Rodney and Lorne made it out, but Ronon and Sheppard are still trapped. weeeell, to be honest, i can't really remember details, but after Michael's hybrids are at it (getting sheppard and ronon out) the Daedalus shows up! yaaaaay! but because of the fact that Michael's Cruiser is right there orbiting the planet, they have to activate the shields really fast. by shields i mean force field looking things. So, that kinda nixes simply beaming sheppard and ronon out and on board the Deadalus. you see, in order to beam people into the ship, you have to have the shields down, but if they take down the shields, weeeeell... michael will shoot the crap out of them... so they take the shields down anyway. BOOM!! they get the crap shot out of them!! buuuuut, they get Ronon and Sheppard safely beamed to the infirmiry!! yaaaaaaaay! but because of Michael's shooting... they lost sub-light (just moving through space) and hyper-drive (moving at light-speed -- which they shouldn't be able to do according to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. well, they can, but there should be a huge time thing going on) engines. noooooooooo!! but there shield generates are working! at like... 40%... long story short, they're sitting ducks; they can't move, and their shields will be failing anytime soon.

anyway, so Sheppard's in the infirmiry getting prepped for surgery. at least, he's SUPPOSED to be prepped for surgery... you see, his getting pinned down by the beam really did a number to his entrails, so Dr. Jennifer Keller (Atlantis' chief surgeon) is TRYING to get him prepped for surgery, but sheppard won't let her! he realizes that Teyla's still on board Michael's ship, and knows he needs to save her. so he manages to convince Keller to give him a quick fix up and have him cleared for duty so he can try to rescue her. McKay (rock on!!) also manages to get the hyper-drive and sub-light engines operational... with Carter's assistance. did i tell you guys that Carter's a scientist too? well, she is. anyway, so sheppard has this big plan for rescuing Teyla...

first) they're going to launch a whole bunch of missiles at Michael's Cruiser.
Second) as the Darts (small, one-man wraith ships) move to intercept the missiles (sacrificing themselves in order to protect Michael and the ship that is), Sheppard will fly a cloaked PuddleJumper (small, Ancient built ships that were designed for 'gate travel. they have two sections -- the Forward Section, which has four awesome seats for the pilot and main team; and the Rear/Aft Section which has two benches, one along each side of the walls, and can comfortably fit ten people) into the now open bay doors of Michael's ship.

So, as Michael opens up the bay doors to launch the Darts, Sheppard's going to sneak in along with Ronon and McKay and try to get Teyla out. they managed to get in unnoticed and all seems to be going according to plan! after cloaking the jumper (as in activating this very convenient shield device that basically renders it invisible) they step out and try to find her. luckily, that much was easy. after finding her in a cell, they get her out and are getting ready to leave when, OH NO!! Michael starts powering up for a hyper-jump!! as in, he's going to go really far away, really fast!! as kete might say, "OH NOES!!". so sheppard's like, "Hey! what if we blow it up?" and Mckay's like, "Sure, that'll work." so Ronon and Sheppard run off to go blow up the shield generator... leaving McKay with a VERY pregnant Teyla. as in, her water broke an hour ago and she's been going through severe contractions... junior is on the way!! thus leading me to my opening statement!!

So, McKay delivers Teyla's baby, rather hilariously, and Sheppard and Ronon return from planting C-4 all over the hyper-drive engines and effectively blowing it up! hmm... what happens after that... gasp!! i don't know!! wait, yes i do! they return to the place where the INVISIBLE jumper is parked... and sheppard can't find it... way to go, colonel!! so... what happens? um... i actually can't remember... so i'm going to be guessing now!! wait!! now i remember!! okay, so what happened is that Sheppard managed to sneak into the Dart hangar on board the ship and hijack a Wraith Dart. remember, they can only fit one person, aka, the pilot. but what the Darts are designed to do is scoop up people by using a variation of beaming technology. you see, (i use that phrase a lot don't i?) the beaming technology that the Earth ships have requires a signal to lock onto, and then beams up whatever it's attached to. the personnel all have a sub-cutaneous transmitter implanted in their arm i think for the beaming technology to lock onto. the wraith beaming tech on the other hand, can just scoop up anything that has a life sign. so the wraith use this technology as an easy way for transporting their soldiers to the surface of a planet, or capturing humans when they get the munchies (instead of eating food, they suck the life force out of people using this funny thing in the palm of their right hands. creeeeeeepy). so, Sheppard steals one of these and scoops up Ronon, Teyla, and McKay, while carrying Telya's ADORABLE new born son in his lap. oh yeah! they also meet up with Teyla's husband, who was also captured by Michael, and is actually one of Michael's Wraith-Human Hybrids, so they take him along with them... i think... anyway, after making it out of the hangar, they manage to hail the Daedalus and fly the Dart into the X-302 bay (fighter jets that are able to fight and operate in the vacuum of space. helpful, no?).

By the time they return to the Daedalus, though, the shields are almost completely depleted because of the fact that Michael had been firing at the ship constantly while Sheppard's team was rescuing Teyla. so they make a quick get-a-way through hyperspace just before the shields fail completely!

then, after a short trip through Hyperspace, they arrive back onto Atlantis!! Sheppard FINALLY has his surgery, Teyla's back and her baby's ok, Ronon's fine, and McKay's bragging about how he delivered Teyla's baby!! sounds like a good way to end the season five premiere, right? yeah! if they kept it that way. unfortunately, Col. Samantha Carter, Scientist and Commander of Atlantis, is asked to return to Earth for an evaluation of her time served in Atlantis. you see, the I.O.A kind of heads the stargate program in the way that they get to decide you needs to be replaced and when. no, we are not SUPPOSED to like the IOA. well, Carter originally thought that she would be back in Atlantis after maybe two weeks. wrong. upon arriving in the SGC (Stargate Command, a USAF base in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado where the Earth's Stargate if kept) through the Stargate, she is told that she has been relieved of command, only to be replaced by Richard Woolsey, a bureaucrat.

wow! i can't believe i just gave you an ENTIRE episode summary!! chances are, i'll be doing this for all the episodes every week... sorry if you guys don't want to read an entire episode recap, but this is what this site is for -- FANGIRLISH RANTINGS. and for me at least, recaps are usually involved in rantings. anyway onto the rantings!

first off, i'm sad... lately, it seems that the writers are trying to dig deeper into the friendship between Ronon and John... not Rodney and John... this makes me sad!! personally, i love to see the friendship developing between Flyboy and Answerman!! "Flyboy and Answerman" is a fanon name given to Sheppard and McKay, Sheppard being a very skilled pilot for the US Air Force, and McKay being the smartest man in two galaxies (the Milkyway and Pegasus). anyway, i was saddened to see that in the episode, "Outcast", where Sheppard's father dies, it was RONON who accompanied sheppard to Earth for the funeral, not RODNEY!! but, at least the writers recognize the friendship between those two, because while sheppard's packing for Earth, Rodney walks in and says something along the lines of, "I sent in a notice saying that i wanted to go with you to Earth, but the shield generator on <insert gate coordinates> is malfunctioning, so i'm going to have to stay and fix it." SEE!? Rodney wanted to go, but some stupid shield generator on some stupid planet had to malfunction!!

ok, one defining characteristic among fangirls is the love to see relationships develop. either it be platonic (friendship) or romantic, most of us love to see it! i (and my sister) personally, love to see the friendships develop. like, say when the main characters hug, our response is "SQUEEEE!!! so sweet!" while these relationships are my favourite and are important and's the romantic relationships that get other fangirls into cat fights with each other... example: "OMG!! Teyla and Sheppard make SUUUCH a cute couple!!" response... "HECK NO!! TEYLA AND RONON SHOULD SO GET MARRIED!! SHEPPARD'S JUST NOT RIGHT FOR HER!!" and then they get into HUGE arguments about how "OMG!! sheppard LOOKED at Teyla!! THEY'RE IN LOVE!!!!!!1" and what not...

when this happens... just back a way slowly... i was on LiveJournal (an online blogging community)  one time, and my gosh!! the Ship Wars were getting vicious!! they were cussing each other out like mess! i had to exit the page before i got killed or something!! i made the mistake of giving my input... i swear they were about to shoot me through the computer screen... "shipping" or "ship wars" are when Fangirls get into arguments concerning who they think should get together in a Fandom.

anyway, back to ranting! so i covered the rodney and john situation (grrr!)... now moving onto... McKay delivering Teyla's baby!

ok, THIS was HILARIOUS. nothing short. so, while Teyla, is GOING THROUGH LABOUR, McKay is flipping out more than she is!! he's all like, "Can't you just hold it in or something!?" ha!! and her response? a death glare and a, "No Rodney!" he's just so confused... again, he's STILL flipping out, but he absolutely LOST it when she said, "now i need you to catch him." poor, poor Rodney... he did it though! it was still hilarious though... you know, for a genius astrophysicist, he can be SUCH an idiot some times...

anyway, because i feel sort of guilty for uploading a BOOK as my blog entry, i'm going to cut my rantings short!! yes, if you don't count the episode recap, this is considered "short" for my standard fangirl rantings

see ya!



(deed breath)

i'm so excited!! i've missed McKay so much!! and the others too... but i love Rodney so much!! sigh... he's the awesomest self-centered, petty, arrogant, snarktastic astrophysicist EVER!! i love him so much!!

Daiyori: wait for it... wait for it...


Daiyori: (sips at cup of coffee) i so have you pegged...

Roake: well it's not like she's very unpredictable.

Jacob: especially when it comes to her fangirlish spazzes.

Durithyll: ANYWAY!! i am totally psyched about this!! man i can't wait!! just an hour to go!! you can do it, Duri... you can do it... just survive for till 10:00... and then... STARGATE!!

Daiyori: you're obsessed.

Durithyll: your point? anyway, i'm just in love.

Daiyori: with a TV show. and an arrogant S.O.B no less...

Durithyll: heck yes!!

Jacob: wait, so you're saying he IS an S.O.B?

Durithyll: heck yes, you betcha!!

Jacob: (blinks) thats... interesting...

Roake: she never seems to defend McKay when it comes to his status as an "SOB". but if you a accuses him of being a coward...

Durithyll: he is NOT a coward!! he is scared, yes, but uf his friends are on the line, he is willing to take any risk!! like when Sheppard was out duking it out with a Wraith on a deserty lookin' planet in "The Defiant One", McKay was out there helping him!!

anyway, i have to go now!! the internet on my laptops is still down , so i'm having to steal my sister's laptop when she's not looking... well, now she's looking. gotta go! hopefully i can update after the premiere!!

see ya!