sorry, but i gotta make this quick!

currently at school right now and we'll be leaving to go see "Prince Caspian" in a minute. then, right sfter school, i'll be leaving with the girl scouts to go camping! i'm totally psyched! i'll be armed with Zune, Paper and Pencil, Camera, and book (novelization of Iron Man)! long story short, i'm prepared for an extended trip in the mountains!

gotta go now, so see ya  in a few days!



ps: if i have any spelling mistakes, i have excuses! A: i'm in a hurry, and B: the school computers don't have spell check on the internet.

pss: i'll be updating soon! i swear! and i have an excuse for that too! i've been swamped with three major projects and two speeches! IN ONE WEEK. NOT FUN. AT ALL.

summer's coming... just gotta survive ONE more week.... just one more....


i is sad.... we still don't have a coach for the High School Cheer Squad at my school. i go to private, Christian school. i love it! but because it's sorta on the small side, we don't have the things that some public schools do. we're not poor my any stretch of the imagination though! i've seen some public school facilities, and i ain't complaining! we got it made compared to some schools.

anyway, we are a tad but under-staffed when it comes to Athletics sometimes.

The Middle School Cheer tryouts for next year have all ready begun; but seeing as how the High School doesn't even have a coach yet, we haven't really started yet. dis maked me sad.... i love cheer....

at least i have my tumbling lessons at Devil Rays! it's quite a distance, but i love the people there! i've been having lessons there for about a year now, and i gotta say! what an improvement!! this was my FIRST year of tumbling EVER. unless of course you count the few months i had when i was three.... aaaaaaaanyway, i really sucked! now i'll be working on my backhand spring soon! plus, Bigbaldwhiteguywhototallyrocks (my instructor) offered me a position on one of the competition squads! i felt so not-sucky!!

this squad is one of they're lower-level squads; as in, not one of they're uber-elite-kickbutt-bring-home-the-trophy-and-banner-by-just-showing-up squads.

i'm really thinking about it!!

oh yeah, and about the "screaming older sisters" part....

i was just minding my business; i had just gotten out of the shower and was just reading some fanfiction, when all off a sudden i heard--


I ran outside my bedroom--in a towel, mind you-- and my sister (also in a towel cause she was taking her shower) ran out of her bedroom too.

THEN, she started babbling incoherently and jumping around while holding on to her towel.

only after five minutes of incoherent fangirl spazzation, did she finally start speaking. then she told me that she had just seen a trailer for the new Star Wars: Clone Wars CG MOVIE coming out!!!

....than i started jumping around and babbling incoherently.....

you see, we both LOVE and ADORE the clones, and when we caught wind of the two new series AND the theatrical release, well, we spazzed. but come on! what else would any self-respecting fangirl do!? honestly people... not that difficult....

aaaaaaaanyway, i know what i'm doing for the next Featured Fandom and will be working on that soon! as soon as i'm done working on my school projects:  a persuasive speech, Bible Anthology, Poetry Anthology, and Spanish Project.... yaaaay....

plus i NEED to do a personalized banner, so i'll be working on that too!

see ya!