For your  benefit as much as mine, i decided to have a page that was nothing but the Elementals. Me and Liv haven't really sat down and discussed the Elementals and how they affect each other, what they can do, and so on and so forth. So we're trying to fix that! After texting Livi for over three hours and  a sleepover, i'm going to try to type up everything there is to know about the Elementals! This page really was a group effort with Liv, and i could NEVER have pulled it off without her!! so let's see if all our hours of texting and e-mailing and Dr. Pepper chugging will pay off!

Elementals and Creation

An Elemental is basically the incarnation of art, each one having a different role. There's Imagination, Insanity, Artist Block and a slew of others! But they also take on another huge and important role: the creation of Realties. Creation is also divided up among the Elementals. Insanity starts it, Finale stabilizes it, and all the others work to fill it in and finish it. Where do Artists like myself and liv fit in? Well, they initially created "Here" and then Artistic designated us as "Artists", thus giving us the ability further shape our reality.


The Scribes are not Elementals. and actually, have very little to do with them. The Elemental's job is to create Realities and stand by them, the Scribes job is to observe and record them. Examples would be like Compassion, Sacrifice, Murder, etc. Most Scribes never have any need to visit the lower plains, but many choose to do it anyway. And some of them are required to visit the the sentient creatures down below, and theses Scribes would consist of the ones who record, and punish, like Famine, Sickness, etc.

Famine is different because she is always visiting the Elementals, not to mention the fact that Boredom is actually her sister.

The Mystery Mansion

This is where the Elementals live. It is it's own reality and exists by itself. if you need a comparison, think Mount Olympus. Anyway, some of the Elemental's roles don't require them to travel constantly, so they hardly ever leave. Artist Block and Boredom for example are always on the move because they are required to take/give Inspiration constantly. While Finale and Insanity hardly ever have to leave, so they spend most of there time up there.


All Elementals are capable of this, and is when they literately, "slip" between realities. Often initiated by a snap of the fingers, it allows them to get to the next reality instantaneously.


While most of the Elementals don't have a lot of problems with each other, Artist Block and Boredom have an inherit tension between the two of them. Why? because Boredom is Inspiration. She is responsible for allowing starving artists and authors to make their deadlines and keep their jobs! Artist Block is exactly what she sounds like. She is responsible for draining any sort Inspiration out the poor victim. so because of the fact that their roles completely oppose each other, they have a habit of... not getting along. in case you need an example to prove this fact, just go read "Richter Scale" on the Playground!

And because of their polar opposite roles, it is believed that the universe would explode should they come into direct contact with each other.


Boredom is one of the few Elementals whose name does not derive directly from what role she plays in art and creation. Her role, is to give Inspiration. And this she does by slapping someone with the Glove of Inspiration!! The Glove of Inspiration does not give her power of Inspiration, it actually regulates it. Without the glove, her powers over Inspiration spin wildly out of control and to a dangerous level. Once, she tried to give Inspiration to a man without using her glove, and inadvertently drove him insane. Boredom, now knowing this, never takes off the Glove for any reason what so ever. But that didn't stop her from threatening Artist Block, her rival, with Insanity. This, however, didn't go unpunished. She was forcibly slipped  into the Mystery Mansion by Finale. And after four weeks, the Residents managed to find her and argue for her release. Finale agreed, and everyone left on peaceful terms.

Personality wise, she would be described as being quite cynical and sometimes sadistic. She is willing to do anything to satiate her boredom, most  of which involves tormenting the Residents in some form of fashion. And while she would never admit it, she does in fact enjoy the Resident's company.

Physically, she has long black hair and appears to be in her mid-twenties. She usually wears a long, sleeveless green dress and, of course, the Glove of Inspiration.


Imagination gives aspiring artists the ability to think for themselves, in a manner. She gives creativity and makes it possible for them to come up with their own ideas and be inspired. She allows serious artists (i.e. Durithyll, Shannon, Livi) to have a real relationship with their characters and provokes them to come up with wild, crazy ideas, meaning rather than looking at something and drawing that, she gives the ability to form an image in one’s mind and draw from that.

Only being seven years old (and possibly the youngest elemental), Imagination spends time rambling on about fairy tales, exotic clothing, and anything else that strikes a young girl’s fancy. She loves to paint, especially with bright, neon colors. Being purely imagination, she has a different, more optimistic view on life than others. She often asks Aby (Artist Block or “Ab”) to drain her the slightest bit, giving her a slight tickle rather than the usual jolt of pain on elementals.

Imagination has off the shoulder hair made up of streaks of orange, blue, green, and pink. Her clothing includes a black short-sleeve shirt with red star, multi-colored wristbands (red, blue, green), blue jeans, and white-with-pink-stripes sneakers. She is never without her paintbrush, the tip of which rainbows flow from whenever she moves.


Famine is a Scribe. She records the history and deeds of men, and is sometimes sent as a punishment. Her form of punishment being to instill famine.

She is also constantly hooking up with a new boyfriend. And is a common point of tension between Famine and her sister, Boredom. It doesn't help that these boyfriends are always from the lower plains, aka, mortal. Boredom has tried repeatedly to get her to stop, but Famine just doesn't seem to care half the time.

While Boredom is known for being cynical, Famine is known for being down right hostile. She doesn't take kindly visitors, especially hyperactive artists like Durithyll and Livi, and can appear to be quite eager when a good fight is involved. But while she doesn't seem to have much of a heart, she does show honest concern. Most people just see a messed up chick with horrible bed-side manner who hits people when they get themselves hurt (like Boredom and Artist Block), but those close to her have realized that it's just her way of showing she cares. And strangely enough, it's probably Insanity who believes this the strongest. Famine has been known to be down right cruel when it comes to Insanity, but that doesn't stop him from being there for her. A habit that she's tries to convince herself just ticks her off even more.

Famine has long, light red hair that Boredom would describe as being ratty. And she usually where's a dress identical to that of Boredom's, but a dark red in colour.


Insanity is the embodiment of all the anarchy and confusion that is involved in art and creation. He is also truly insane. And not the funny, sadistic insane; the constantly talking to himself, paranoid, hears voices insane. Not a lot is known about him, because no one can get him to really talk. The only talking he does is usually to himself and of the most nonsensical topics. He also does mosaics constantly. many of which are beautiful, if not strange,  others just make no sense.

Finale is always looking out for him, and is always ready to jump to his defense if need be. Insanity does seem to have some sort of platonic connection (if not one-sided) with Famine, shown when he agreed to be with her during her bedside vigil over Boredom. And while Famine may appear harsh and sometimes critical of Insanity, there is an undercurrent of protection there.

He has shaggy grey hair, despite his young appearance, and unlike Finale, he dresses very simple. He usually wears a basic grey t-shirt with a pair of dark denim pants.

Artist Block

Artist Block is, just as her name states, the embodiment of Artist Block, which is the term used when an artist loses inspiration or cannot think creation-wise for some period of time. As an elemental, she drains mortals or “real-worlders” of their inspiration or artistic ability, giving them artist block. She could be described as an “artistic leech”, because she literally eats art. She can touch a drawing, painting, or any other form of artwork and drain it of existence, supplying herself with its power, or touch anyone and drain them of inspiration, eating the art before it hits the paper.

Artist Block played a huge part in one of the first “epic comment postings”, when she and her rival and fellow elemental, Boredom, got ‘got’. The two were engaged in one of their larger arguments (the kind that makes residents fear for their lives) when Boredom threatened to tamper with Artist Block’s sanity, leading to Boredom’s strange and dramatic disappearance. In an “epic comment postings” recently finished, Artist Block and Boredom are once again in a fight. Artist Block becomes enraged at Boredom’s harsh remarks and loses control of her powers, draining two of her best friends. Artist Block then disappears with Boredom following.  It is said that if Artist Block were to directly drain Boredom or Boredom slap Artist Block with the “glove of inspiration”, the universe would explode and all would simply cease to exist.

Short-tempered and smart-mouthed, she gets herself into quite a bit of trouble. Usually very careful, she can unknowingly use her unstable powers if emotionally provoked. Tends to get into fights, especially with fellow elemental and long-time rival, Boredom.

Artistic Block has waist-length black hair which  hangs over her right eye, and is fair skinned. She has a light blue and above-the-knee dress with matching knee-high boots. She also has a purple scarf, belt, and stripe across ankle on boots. When using her powers, she pokes the victim with her index finger and purpleish lights flow from the victim’s head to snake around her arm in criss-crossing patterns.


Also known as "Head Guy", he is the final step of art. During creation, he stabilizes the reality while everyone else fills it with substance.  When they're done, he adds the final touches and gives it physical laws.

So far as personality wise, he's very controlled. He is always respectful, no matter who he's talking to, and can usually be seen with a smile on his face. He's also very protective of the other Elementals, especially Insanity. He's always willing to jump on anyone when it comes to defending him.

Physically, he has dark blue hair which brushes his shoulders, and two grey horns which extend about seven inches out of the sides of his forehead. Not much is known about the horns, but when Durithyll asked Famine about them, she only responded with a "they were a gift". When it comes to clothing, he usually dresses white. He often wears a  sleeveless Kendo top with a white high collar shirt beneath it and a white pair of Hakama pants.


Artistic has outstanding artistic abilities in all forms of art imaginable. He gives a normal human being some of these powers, turning them into “artists” by giving them the ability and the will and desire to draw and shape their reality. He gives different amounts of his own abilities to give each artist a unique style.

Very sweet and caring, especially when friends are involved, he worries for Artist Block and often draws just so she’ll have something to drain and stay at the mansion, well away from Boredom. He has a laid-back, relaxed life-style, and acts differently only when faced with an "Artist Block and Boredom took things too far again and they’re going to blow up the universe" situation.

Shaggy brownish-blondish hair, he's fair skinned. His usual attire is faded blue jeans with loose white T-shirt and off-white sneakers. And of course, he's always  covered in random splattered paint from head to toe.


While seeming fun and amusing to passing on-lookers, try spending one day with her and see how far you get. Annoyance is without-a-doubt the most obnoxious, annoying person on any planet. Her personality really depends on who she’s talking to, and what would annoy them the most. She could be bratty and snobby to someone trying to make friends, or peppy and dim-witted in crisis situation.

She can scream for an hour streight, she can make it rain confetti, she can walk up the walls and on the ceiling, she has the ability to do whatever it takes to any her victim to no end. Annoyance is the embodiment of anything and everything annoying. Whoever she’s with, she has the power and desire to drive them to the brink of insanity. This can have different effects, giving her different powers. She can give insanity, inspiration, artist block, anything really.

Rolling with her theory of “twin sisters”, Annoyance was introduced to “here” by going to live with Livi and her crew. She told everyone her name was Kete, and still managed a good bit of annoyance under her bratty, obnoxious disguise. In the most recent “epic comment postings”, she revealed herself to be the elemental Annoyance, and was sent to try and stop Boredom and Artist Block from blowing up the universe. She found them in an unstable reality, failed to separate them, and teleported her new-found friends to her original home in Mystery Mansion.

She has medium-length red hair and keeps it tucked behind her left ear. Her bangs usually hang on the right  side of her face all anime-style. Her normal attire is an orange-yellow-orange print tube top with a black sun, and a frayed denim mini-skirt with purple leggings, and orange sneakers. And she's usually throwing random swarms of confetti out of the air.