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-I just posted chapter one of "A Life Long Fault"! Its the first fic of the "Resident Origins" series and i am really enjoying it. The first chapter may seem confusing, but thats the point. Daiyori's life was radically different in so many ways before he met Durithyll and the Residents. A difference that you cant possibly imagine until you read the fic. So please, read the fic. As Creator of the Residents, they mean a lot to me. And Daiyori means a lot to me. Please, read the fic, and leaving a quick review on my blog would mean the world to me. something as simple as "keep going!" would make a huge difference.

A Life Long Fault

Summary: Like all the Residents, Daiyori had a life before Durithyll. A life he's only spoken of once before and wish he could put behind him. But as all pasts go, there are somethings you can't find yourself ready --or deserving-- to let go of. This is his story, this is his past.

Setting: begins in the eastern land of Sha'wibla, a land that resembles Africa with its tribal culture and traditions.
Time: Daiyori's early life, before he came to live in the Apartment.
Genre: Adventure, Flashback
Status: In Progress


Chapter One: Living the Moment

He tore through the skies, the wind tugging on his mane. He dove and twisted and climbed up again, his huge wings supporting him and carrying him higher and higher.

He loved flight. More so than the others in his pack. It was one of the qualities that made him leader. It's also what made him the best aerial combatant they had. Which is probably the real reason he was made leader.

His excuse for leaving the mountain's caves was that he was out hunting. But he had been out here for hours, and had yet to catch anything, which was all right with him. He was here. And he was happy.

Once he had reached as high as could go, he froze. He just stopped flapping his wings, and hung there in the air for a second. And then came the fall. He just hung there, limp, as he began picking up speed. He didn't care, he was just living for the moment. The air rushing past his ears as he came closer and closer the ground, that was what he lived for. The moment.

Most would have opened their wings and stopped there decent by now, but he didn't. He knew the skies better than anyone, and he knew exactly what he could take. Or so he thought.

Just a few more seconds. Just a bit closer.

He waited a split second longer than he usually did. And that was all it needed. He realized, to late, that the damage had been done.

He was going to crash.

Panicked, he opened his wings in an attempt to stop his fall. It did some good, but not enough to come out of this unscathed. He extended his four legs to land, knowing he went too far this time. He collided with the ground, and he heard something snap, multiple things snap. He pitched forward and roled, his momentum carrying him farther than he expected -- another miscalculation. Suddenly, he collided with a boulder, his head snapping forward and back, making harsh contact with the surface of the rock.

And then he blacked out, no longer conscious of anything at all.

By the time he woke up, it was broad daylight. Having been flying late into the the night, he could only hope that this was the next day, and not the next four.

Cursing under his breath, he struggled to lift his head off the cold ground, but allowed it crash unceremoniously back to the ground, the sensation of thousands of needles driving their way into his skull sapping the last of his strength.

After laying there for what seemed like hours, but may only have been minutes, he tried again, and this time managed to keep it up, and even open his eyes into barely visible slits. The light stung at first, but he kept them open anyway. Craning his long neck back around, he tried to see the condition his body was left in.

Sending up a silent thank you to the Ancestors, he realized that his wings looked relatively undamaged. His legs on the other hand, were murdered. His two back legs both hung at awkward angles, and he could see bone protruding from his front right leg. He cursed under his breath and lay his head back down. He tried to take in deep breaths, but found it hard and painful.

I can probably add a few ribs to the list, which will make flying long, and painful.

He thought about howling for his pack, knowing that they couldn't be far, but quickly suppressed the thought. I can do this on my own. Ancestors know how Orilyn will try to use this as leverage against my place as leader.

He growled slightly at the thought of Orilyn, the young pack member who had been trying to undermine his authority since he first began hunting. Whelp's been a thorn in my side for years. He himself hadn't been alive that long, maybe nineteen years. Exact ages didn't really concern his pack, all that mattered was whether or not they could fly. Once they could fly well enough, they were considered an adult. Orilyn was one of the youngest adults in the pack, and definitely the most hot headed.

Finding new conviction born of anger, he managed to rotate his torso under him, and then, using his good leg, get to a crawling position. Leaning heavily on the cursed boulder who brought him to this predicament, he managed to stand on all four, his large bat wings splayed out for balance. He hugged his broken right leg close to his chest, and tried to keep his back legs working as his wings began flapping up and down for a stationary take off.

Stationary take offs were always more difficult, even with all for legs working properly.

After a few more flaps, he summoned all his strength and pushed off the ground, releasing a pained yelp as he put pressure on his abused legs. He almost passed out in mid-flight, but managed to keep going.

As he figured, the upward motion of his wings made breathing practically impossible, and he almost stopped breathing entirely twice.

He was in flight for a little under twenty minutes before he saw the mountain caves breaching the horizon. With a bit more energy, he some how managed to close the gap. He hovered over the mountain for a bit, trying to figure out the best way to land, and in the time, some of his pack members managed to spot him. He couldn't hear what was being said, just that they were pointing and readying for flight.

The intelligent thing to do would be to wait for assistance, but he was not about to let that happen. Realizing there was no best way to land, he simply floated down and hovered over the surface of the ground as close as he could get, and fell, turning on his shoulder to try to keep as much weight as possible off his legs.

There were shouts of surprise and fear as he hit the ground. And soon, he was completely surrounded by his pack, some voicing their concerns, and others quietly mocking his arrogance.

He didn't hear any of it though, just the white noise that threatened to consume him. And soon, it did, and he passed out yet again.


“Sellamin, you fool. Wake up.”

He growled at the harsh treatment, but opened his eyes anyway. What met him was the face of one of the pack. He looked around and noticed he was in a cave, not his cave. He was alone, save this one, and the entrance was covered by a blanket made from furs of some of the many kills.

The other one stood up, and pulled back the furs covering the entrance with the side of his head, revealing some of the more worried faces of the pack.

His pack was larger than most, and consisted of thirty plus members. He was a yitashu, a race of creatures who lived in the grass land regions of the east. They stood a bit taller than a man at the top of their heads, but looked more liked Ko hounds from the north than anything. They were covered in grey scales, save a small mane of varying colour, his own being dark brown, that covered the back and sides of their head and upper neck, and thinned out and ran along the back in between their monstrous wings and down the tail. They also had large patches of fur covering their shoulders and hips. Their faces looked like that of Ko hounds, except scaled, and he had two lavender horns on either side of his forehead that reached back. His scales a very slight purple hue as well. And like all his kind, he had a long neck, and two enormous bat wings that lifted him up and into the air.

Grudgingly, he tried to stand up, but fell back down the moment he put weight on his right leg. “Don't come any closer, Chronik!” Sellamin growled at the older yitashu, as he made a reflexive move to assist him.

“It was just a reflex. I wouldn't even bother trying to help you.” Chronik turned and stalked out of the cave, allowing enough space for some of the others outside to peek their faces in.

Sellamin growled to himself and lay back down. Wondering who had the audacity to clean, place, and bandage his wounds. He quickly answered his own question as he realized he was in Chronik's cave.

Sellamin lay his head back down on the furs and closed his eyes, sleep coming as a sweet relief. He never had been one to think too far into the future, he only ever lived in the moment. A habit that would only begin to change once he took on the name... Daiyori.