Hello my Dear and Unsupecting Victims! i'm psyched about finally FINISHING something that i could put up here! This page will probably be filled more with Fanart and pictures of the Residents than anything else. Obviously, i'm not that skilled! but i have a passion for drawing and i KNOW i'll improve given time, and critic from other artists! Obviously, i have a lot of work to do when it comes to drawing! but i have a passion for drawing and i KNOW i'll improve given time and critics! if you would like to comment or critique, just leave it on my latest blog entry.i will greatly appreciate it!

And because i felt like it -- Me!

I was just online, when all of a sudden, Boredom hit me with the inspiration to draw myself! she's a rather random sadistic higher-being isn't she? anyway, in case any of you guys were wondering what i looked like, here ya go! and the jacket i'm wearing is my Devil Ray jacket. i love that thing! anyway, not much to say about this piece. took me about an hour and a half over all and done in photoshop.

Durithyll - Pocket Full of Sunshine

yay! successful speed painting!! IT'S A MIRACLE!! i finished this piece in TWO DAYS!! HALLELUJAH! i started this piece on... Sunday, September 14, and finished it today!! completing a picture entirely in photoshop i only two days is really a big thing for me. ...and there are artists who could finish this in two hours... sigh...

anyway, it's Durithyll! i know, i KNOW that the wing should be shading her from the sun, but i REALLY didn't want to mess with it, and mess up the shading i had already done.

please, PLEASE drop a comment or a critique on the latest blog entry! it would much appreciated!!

ps: the title for the pic came from the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine". it's basically the theme for the Residents! i got the inspiration for the pic while i had it on repeat. go listen to it on youtube. ;-)

Secret Agent Durithyll

Cue music!! Secret -- AGENT DURITHYLL!!

yeah. this is a quick sketch that i did on...Sunday and i loved it, so i scanned it in and inked it out in Photoshop!! i'm really fond of it. and NO, i did not colour it because I'M LAZY. so bleah.

anyway, as soon as i started working on it, i was like, "Omigosh! she looks like a secret agent!!" thus the title. and she has a VERY daiyori expresion!! doesn't she? and whenever i'm doing a black and white picture with shading, i do the shading in nice pretty lines.

and i love her eyes! im rather proud of them. except for the fact that they DON'T MATCH. i know. i tries and tried but it was just begin so mean!! so i sucked it up and left it with what i had.


Roake - Blind Faith

rock on! i finally finished!

This is the first time that i've ever done an entire picture in photoshop, or coloured anything in photoshop for that matter. The colouring was expiremental at first, but i'm rather pleased with it myself!

This is Roake, obviously, but in case you can't tell, he's spray painting a picture of some sort. And for those of you who may not know, "blind faith" is when you believe something without question and/or reason. Roake's the kind of guy to be loyal to a fault. He's willing to personally take any risk or make any sacrifice if it means his friends will be okay.

another thing, CRITIQUES ARE ENCOURAGED AND COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED! just drop a comment on my latest blog entry! i'll greatly appreciate it!