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“Hey! That's my couch!”

Sarah practically flew to said couch when she and Michael suddenly appeared back at the house. After being told that there was an infinite amount of Universe where the fandoms created by authors and artists actually existed and that she was being recruited by an inter-dimensional bureau to get rid of the dreaded Mary Sues, all she wanted was to lay on her couch with a cup of hot coffee and relax. Something the Michael seemed hell-bent on preventing.

“You know, you still have to turn in your papers...”

Sarah's eyes flew open and the pillow she was hugging dropped from her arms and onto the floor. She scampered up to a siting position and turned around, trying to get a better look at the clock situated behind the couch.


Upon seeing “8:25” fixed on the read out, she jumped off the couch and almost crashed into the low lying coffee table sitting in front of it. Michael just stepped out of the way as Sarah ran back into the bedroom, back into the living room, into the kitchen, and repeated the cycle four times. In the middle of one of Sarah's transitions, he reached out and grabbed her arm, almost knocking them both over in the process.

“I believe your pages are right there.” He said, pointing to the coffee table, and low and behold, there they were. Sitting right there in their yellow file folder.

“OhthankGod...” Too rushed to feel anger towards Michael for not telling her earlier, she scooped up the folder, flipped through the papers to make sure they were still there, and sprinted into the kitchen. Michael just craned his head to follow her movements, and watched her grab some keys resting on the kitchen counter, and disappear out the door.

After waiting a few moments to make sure Sarah wasn't going to be returning suddenly, he slowly walked into the kitchen and helped himself to the pantry.


Sarah drove like a mad man to the office building, the folder sitting in her lap. After running three red lights and promising to tithe this months entire paycheck, she arrived at her destination.

She jumped out of the car and, as an after thought, locked it. She then tore through the parking lot and through the front doors. After a run-by hello to the woman at the front desk, she sprinted to the elevator and mashed the “up” button until the elevator doors finally opened.

Jumping inside the luckily empty elevator, she quickly pressed the button for the seventh floor, aka, her boss's office.

Now came the hardest part: waiting.

The elevator ride always seemed twice as long on her due dates, and it was always here when she realized that she had forgotten her make-up, or to do her hair, and on occasion, grab the papers. After checking to make sure she still had the folder under her arm about seven times, the elevator pinged and the doors slowly opened to a room that rivaled the Bureau's office floor in noise and chaos.

Sarah stepped out of the elevator and quickly made her way across the room and to the far side --checking cubicles along the way for fawns and what not, just in case-- where her boss's office lay. She sent up a silent prayer for mercy, and continued her way towards the door.

When she made it, she just held her hand up there for a second, not sure if she really wanted to have this confrontation or not. Her decision was made for her the door opened, revealing the editor, her boss.

“Hmph. You're late.”

Sarah's only response was an eeped out, “Mr. Harrison!” Other than that, she just stood there, complete and utter shock written all over her face.

“You gonna come in or what?”

The older man stepped out of the door way, allowing Sarah to step inside. Sarah, still thinking that he was going to beat her to death with a desk lamp, slowly complied.


And back at the house...

Michael had just finished going through the pantry and, after finding nothing of interest, opened up the oven door.

“Hello hello... I don't think Sarah will be back in time to really enjoy this...”

And so, without a trace of guilt, Michael took out the trey containing Sarah's breakfast, and got to work.


“Thank you Father God...” Sarah felt like she was just going to collapse then and there.

Her boss, Mr. Harrison, chewed her out for being late to work, but luckily, never asked her where she had been. Which was a good thing in and of itself, because Sarah knew that she couldn't lie --and not have it be completely and utterly obvious-- to save her soul. Never could, and probably never would.

After the initial relief of not being strangled with his tie or killed in a some form or fashion, he then told her that she was not fired. Anyone could have told Sarah that she wouldn't be, but still. Mr. Harrison was not by any stretch of the imagination a kind or reasonable man. He fired two of his secretaries already for not bringing him the right brand of cigars.

Once Mr. Harrison had accepted her latest installment in her comic series and dismissed her, she left the office and nearly collapsed on the ground right in front of the door. She might have even, if the man who coloured her pages hadn't walked up to her.

“Man, Sarah... you look awful.”

Sarah gave him such a weary look that only served to convince him even more. It seemed like all the events that had just happened to her were finally sinking in. And that just made her miss her couch even more.

“Sorry, Jamie. I do look like crap don't I?”

Jamie smiled, a smile that made all of the female assistants giggle. Jamie was the “pretty boy” of the team, with his gorgeous blue eyes and short blond hair. He was also the youngest, of the guys at least. A point of envy among many.

Yeah, you do. Did you get any sleep last night? I know you pull some crazy all-nighters, but this is getting ridiculous!”

“Hopefully she and her man were getting their thing on--”

“Renee!” Sarah blushed furiously, her fatigue temporarily forgotten.

Renee had a habit of being very blunt. She never lied to anyone, always opting to tell it how it was rather than bother with pleasantries. While she didn't work with Sarah directly, they talked a lot and knew each other very well. But then again, Renee probably knew everyone very well. Renee was very friendly, and you couldn't help but like her.

And unlike all the other female workers, she never fell to Jamie's gorgeous eyes. Usually one look was all it would take, and the women were practically throwing their phone numbers at him. But try as he might, he could never get so much as a second glance from her. Renee didn't seem to give much interest to any of the guys who worked at the offices, and the guys tried very hard to get her to notice. She was black, and extremely pretty.

Jamie and Renee were really close friends, that much Sarah could tell; and for all she knew, Renee was playing hard-to-get just to get on Jamie's nerves.

Wouldn't put it past her... Sarah smiled to herself, a smile that thankfully went unnoticed by Jamie or Renee.

“You really should take today off or something.”

And surprisingly enough, Sarah didn't argue. “I think you're right...”

Renee gave her a surprised look. “So you're telling me that you do have a life outside of work? You never leave early.”

Yes, I do, and I'm going home.” Home. Just the thought of the word made her relax. And crave that nap on the couch so much more.

Jamie looked rather surprised, not used to Sarah actually taking their advice when it came to breaks. “Well, you just met your deadline, and me and the others need to finish up your papers, so I guess you could afford to leave early.”

Are you kidding me? The poor girl needs to leave early. For the sake of doing it.

Sarah flashed her a sarcastic smile but didn't say anything, “Anyway, see you guys on Monday. I am going home.”


Michael had just finished Sarah's breakfast, and found himself quite content. Too bad he didn't really have any time to savor the after taste of it, because at that moment, Sarah walked in through the door.

“What are you still doing here!?”

Michael looked up from the empty plate in surprise. “What are you doing back so early.” He said it more as a statement rather than a question.

Sarah just gave him a dark look, knowing that she'd see him again sometime very soon, and pointed to the open door. “Out.” Without waiting for a response, Sarah headed to the living room and flopped down onto the couch. She gave a loud, and very satisfied, sigh before kicking her shoes off to fall to the floor. She then grabbed one of the many small, red, square pillows, and rolled over onto her side and then preceded to squeeze the life out of it in a huge hug. Right after Sarah had finally gotten comfortable, and sleep and almost taken her, Michael somehow felt the need to ruin it.

“We still need to talk about your partner.”

Sarah gave a groan that was more of a whimper than anything.

“I have files on some agents who I think would cooperate very well with you and assure that you were kept safe while working on the missions.”

Sarah's self-pity quickly turned to anger though as Michael continued to talk.

Before Michael could start the next sentence, Sarah whirled around and threw the pillow she had previously been holding at him. She missed of course, but he got the point. Michael immediately stopped talking and stood up straighter.

“I'm sorry, you've had a lot thrown at you in one day--”

“You think!?”

“--so I'll leave you alone for the time being.”

Smiling, and bowing his head slightly, Michael vanished from the room. After waiting for a few brief moments, Sarah collapsed back onto the couch. She was asleep before she even hit the pillow.



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I love it! A bit shorter than the last MONSTER chapter, but good nonetheless!!

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And I wanna meet -SPOILER- and -SPOILER-!! Like, right now!! You'd better hurry up and get to them, cause you said they were eating your life!!

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