Hey peoples!! yeah, this USED to be the Guest Book, but because of the Epic Comment Postings that were running rampant on this page, i felt the need to make a new Guest Book!

so this one has been renamed "the playground" because it's where most of the Epicness takes place. Feel free to read some of the whacky stories that me and Kete have managed to cook up! and feel free to comment, like "LOL you guys r retarded"! that works too! just DON'T even THINK about insulting the characters!! or i WILL take your head off!! monitor screen or no monitor screen!!

anyway, that's all!! so look around, have fun, point and laugh, whatever!




07/03/2008 16:46

*You're an idiot expression*


Tiku: And no one else?

Mowo: Hm? OH! Yeah, them too... heh heh...

Nata: *Surprised look alongside Tiku* Hello? What have we here?


Tiku: *Nearly laughs self to death*

Nata: We never said you did...

Mowo: *turns 3 shades of red and runs*

Kete: *Stares after Mowo* ... Mowo has a crush on Jacob? Does she? I think she does... wait... hang on... *Looks from screen to where Mowo was* ... Oh my gosh she does!

07/03/2008 18:13

Durithyll: oh ho ho! do i sense a love conflict on the horizon?

Daiyori: a love conflict?

Durithyll: heck yes! (says in a "woeful dramatics" voice) seperated by dimensions, their love shall never be! but they love each other ever the same... (jumps back into normal, bouncy voice) now THAT'S a love conflict!!

Kete (Well, her computer at least)
07/05/2008 06:08

Nata: So... Jacob likes her back?


Nata: And he was the one giving you such a hard time when that real-worlder had a crush on you... oh what was it...

Tiku: Shannon?

Nata: I think... anyways--

Tiku: And he calls ME pathetic??? HE... LIKES... MOWO!!!!!

Nata: That's hilarious... HEY MOWO! C'mere a sec!!!

07/05/2008 19:34

Durithyll: aw!! that's so sweet!! hey jacob, come here!!

jacob: you guys are all jerks!!

Durithyll: oh, come on--

Jacob: no! i'm serious, all right!? i may not have a problem with you guys poking fun --i sorta had it coming-- but what about Mowo?

Durithyll: fine, i'll tone it down, ("buuuuut only for now") but can you at least answer us this? do you--

jacob: --like mowo? yes.


Durithyll: SQUEEEEEE!! (glomps jacob) THAT'S SO SWEET!!

07/06/2008 11:16

This site is jusy crazy!!! Funny stuff. Check out my site at www.macforme.net for sweet Mac, PC, and Linux stuff. STAR WARS FTW!!!

07/06/2008 13:13

thanks! that was kind of the point when i made this site! thanks for posting a comment!

Jacob: yeah! this a GUEST BOOK anyway! shouldn't you be saving this page for visitors? and not spamming it with obnoxious conversations?!

Durithyll: are you calling me obnoxious!?


(everyone silences as jacob's smoldering remains... smolder.)

Daiyori: oh... my gosh.

Raoke: jacob just got zapped...

Daiyori: AH HA! SO YOU'RE NOT IMPERVIOUS!! this is amazing! normaly, i MIGHT feel kinda bad, but he SOOOOO had it coming with--


Roake: and you soooo had that coming...

Boredom: (slips in) hey guys, yeah i know, haven't been here in forever -- why are their TWO smoldering pile of ashes! i thought only Daiyori got zapped.

Roake: about that--

Boredom: Durithyll. you didn't.

Durithyll: didn't what?

Boredom: you didn't chop Daiyori in half, and THEN zapp him, did you?

Durithyll: what!? of course not!

Boredom: (snaps her fingers)

Daiyori: (suddnely appears)

Boredom: wait... he's not in two pieces... and they're is still an extra pile of ashes...

Daiyori: Boredom? what? why am i-- Roake!

Roake: (is developing a headache) whaaat?

Daiyori: what's going on?

Roake: after durithyll zapped you. Boredom showed up, then got confused at the sight of TWO piles of ashes.

Daiyori: oh. and?

Roake: she thought Durithyll chopped you in half and then zapped you.

Daiyori: WHAT!? why can't people ever believe that i'm not the ONLY one who gets zapped around here?

Roake: because you ARE the only one?

Daiyori obviously not--

Boredom: you zapped JACOB!? of all people, why JACOB!!

Durithyll: what!? just stop talking for a minute, ok? can we pick up this conversation in the NEXT comment? this one is getting ridiculously long!

Boredom: uh, no!

Durithyll: bye!

07/07/2008 06:30


Nata: Aw! Don't you two just make the cutest little couple!

Mowo: SHUT UP!

Nata: But don't you like him?

Mowo: SHUT UP!
------LOOK A TIME GAP!------
Julieanna: *Walks in* Hey, guys. What's--

(Nata and Mowo are screaming, clawing, biting, shredding, obnoxious, non-too-happy heap rolling across floor...)

Julieanna: Um...

Tiku: Mowo has a crush on Jacob and we just found out he likes her back...

Julieanna: OH MY GOSH!!! *Scoops up Mowo, who is still trying to kill Nata, and hugs to death* That is so cute!

07/07/2008 07:32

Durithyll: (is hanging around Jacob's neck) aint it!? hey... this is the first pairing we've had!!

07/07/2008 13:15

Kete: Oh my gosh it is! They are SOOOOOOOOO cute together!!!!

Julieanna: When did all this happen?

Tiku: Duirthyll and Kete are talking... about us... never a good sign...

Julieanna: Ah...

Kete: I noticed you stopped making fun of Mowo?

Tiku: For now... I really don't fancy fight another girl on "Blind Fury"...

Kete: Ah, right, that'd be like the 3rd time, right?

Tiku: You're still typing...


07/08/2008 17:40

Not cool you guys. I was making websites before it was cool, and you people stole my idea and my site.

But you guys have awesome sites anyway.

PS: Kete go make me a cookie

07/09/2008 06:54

...we stole your site? im sorry, but i'm confused...

Daiyori: she's always confused.

But thanks for calling my site awesome! it means a lot to me!

07/09/2008 07:19

(Is not making Drogan a cookie)

Drogan was the first to make a site, so I made a site and then you guys made a site and it spiraled into alllllllll this mess...

That's what she means by "stole"

07/09/2008 19:13

Durithyll: gotcha!! Ok! got it! affirmative! understood!

(Roake, Daiyori, and Jacob are all sitting on the floor behind the couch. the laptop sits on a low-rising table in front of the couch)

Daiyori: (whispers) how long is she going to keep doing that?

Durithyll: comprehended! Interpreted correctly!

Roake: (whispers) no idea...

Durithyll: no questions! acknowledged!

Jacob: (whispers) why are we whispering? it doesn't make a difference, it's all still typed down.

Roake: (whispers) Durithyll doesn't TYPE into her comments and e-mails, she has a mic on the side of her laptop that picks up what she says and types it up for her.

Jacob: (whispers) ooooooh... gotcha... than i guess that it picks up on tone and stuff, so that when it's quiet, it adds a "whisper"?

Roake: (whispers) exactly.

Jacob: cool... than how does it know what we're doing? like, it says "jumps up and down" or "throws Daiyori out the window".

Daiyori: (whispers) hey!

Roake: (whispers) maybe it has a camera which picks up a visual?

Jacob: (whispers) oh...thats creepy...

Roake: (whispers) yeeeah... (pokes head around the side of couch to look over at the computer wearily)

Jacob: (whispers) hey, can you see the laptops screen clearly from here?

Roake: (whispers) not if i don't move. hang on a sec... (gets up and discreetly moves from behind the couch to get a better look at the screen and not get seen by Durithyll, who is still praddling) crr-rap... ("crap")

Jacob: (whispers) what?

Roake: (moves back to behind the couch)(whispers) it picked up the entire conversation.

Jacob: oh. crap. hey, where's Daiyori?

Roake: (looks around slightly worried) dunno.

Roake and Jacob: (turn to each other and say at same time)(whispers) you don't think...

Roake and Jacob: (look over the back of the couch in order to see the computer)

Jacob: (whispers) did it eat him!?

Roake: (whispers) no! ...i don't think...

Roake and Jaocb: (sit down quickly, thus obscuring them from the computers view)

Jacob: (whispers) you don't think!?

Roake: (whispers) no, ok! how, or WHY would it?

Jacob: (whispers) maybe because it knows we're onto it!

Roake: (whispers) that's stupid. wait... is it recording or actions from BEHIND the couch?

Jacob: (whispers) how could it! we're behind the couch...

Roake and Jacob: (turn to face the inconveniently placed mirror that is directly behind the couch and at an angle, thus giving the computer a full view of Roake and Jacob)

Jacob: (whispers) crap! it's gonna eat us!!

07/09/2008 20:30

my gosh!! what is it with me and RIDICULOUSLY long comment postings!? i'm writing dang novels here!!

07/11/2008 20:20


07/12/2008 06:38

Aw but it's funny!

Mowo: (Waves paw in front of camera) No... have to disagree on that one...

Nata: Disagree? Nice word Mowo, very good! (Claps paws sarcastically)

Mowo: (Glares at Nata)If I type in "Nata: (Dies)" will it happen?

Kete: (Scoops up Mowo and tosses to bed) yeah, oh my gosh, it's gonna eat all you just like poor Daiyori... (Sarcasm)

Nata: Tiku's hopeless then... (Tries to poke sleeping lump that happens to be Tiku)

Tiku: (Extends claws and shoves in Nata's face) Wake me and die...

Nata: Tell that to the computer...

Tiku: (Wakes up, claws Nata's tail, and looks at Durithyll's last post...) AW CRAP! WHY ARE THE COMPUTER'S GONNA EAT US?!


Nata: (In sarcastic lovey-dovey voice) Oh no! Whatever will become of poor JACOB???

Mowo: (Growls) I vote we sacrific Nata and see what happens...

Tiku: Oh cool!

(Two run after a screaming Nata)

Kete: Duri... why are our peoples idiots? And what DID happen to Daiyori?

Moolatte XD
07/12/2008 16:01

hey casey here, when i have a site, ill let you know!

07/14/2008 07:45

Durithyll: NOTHING happened to Daiyori. he probably just stepped out to get away from THESE idiot. who are STILL cowering behind the couch, i might add.

Jacob: hey!! we just don't want to get EATEN or anything!!

Roake: hmm... we really should move that mirror--

Jacob: gotcha!! (picks up the wrench he always has with him) fly, wrench, FLY!!

Roake: what!? (throws arms up in front of face reflexively)

(mirror shatters into hundreds of tiny fragments)

Jacob: (turns to Roake, smiling)

Roake: (just looks at him with a slight glare)

Jacob: what? i got hid of it, didn't i?

Roake: (shakes head in a i-cant-believe-im-siting-here-with-this-moron kind of manner)

Jacob: what?!

Durithyll: uuuh... guys?

Roake: (pokes head over top of couch) what?

Durithyll: (jumps behind the couch with one huge flap of her wings; jacob and Roake scatter to avoid be landed on)

Jacob: (slowly stands up) what was that for--

Durithyll: (grabs Jacob's arm and pulls him back behind the couch) shh! look at the computer screen!!

jacob: wha? (looks over the top of the couch to see the screen) oh sh--

Durithyll: and don't cuss!!

Jacob: whatever, but how can the computer still write down what we're doing?! it can't see us!! hang on a sec... (hunkers down behind the couch as far as possible and starts playing rock-paper-scissors with himself)

Roake: (looks over the top of the couch)
...It recorded you, Jacob...

Jacob: what!? how!? there is no WAY it could POSSIBLE see me!!

Durithyll: unless it's...

Jacob: --haunted. crap!! why does this have to happen to US!? what did WE ever do deserve a psycopathic, homicidal, RESIDENT-EATING LAPTOP!?

07/14/2008 15:11

"And don't cuss!" he has a bit of a problem with that... and thank you, now MY residents are hiding under the bed--

Julieanna: I'm still sane, thank you.

Kete: Whatever. Tiku, Mowo, and Nata are hiding under my bed now, scared my computer's gonna turn traitor and eat them.

Mowo(from under bed): Well Durithyll's ate Daiyori! Poor guy, he gets into so much trouble...

Nata(also under bed): And Jacob--OW!!!


Nata: (Shuts up)

Tiku(under bed, but wisely on opposite end of fueding girls): Question?

Kete: Yeah?

Tiku: Where is Boredom during all this?

Kete: Wisely far far away from the pack of idiots we dared to dream up...

Mowo: Or she got eaten!

Kete: She was never IN the postings...

Mowo: Maybe she and Daiyori are conspiring against everybody!

Nata: That actually makes sense--

Kete: No it doesn't! Boredom hasn't been in this posting!

Nata: No, but I think--

Kete: She's slightly sadistic and Daiyori ain't too fond of Durithyll but they wouldn't do tha--

Nata: Boredom likes Daiyori!!!


Nata: No, think about it... how did she first meet them?

Mowo: She un-zapped Daiyori...

Nata: Right. Why?

Mowo: OH MY GOSH!!! SHE--

Kete: I'm cutting you morons off before Durithyll kills me... Duri, tell 'em they're idiots!!!

07/15/2008 08:24

Durithyll: they're idiots!! they're idiots!! (yells at the roof) see, Boredom? we don't think you like Daiyori!! think you could... uh, give us a helping hand here? please?

Roake: she's probably thinking that this is the funniest thing EVER. you know her, always trying to do something to keep her from boredom...

jacob: (throwing glass shards from the mirror at the laptop... and sorely missing every time... and getting very angry) you stupid... pschopathic... homicidal... jerkish... idiotic... retarded... RESIDENT-EATING MASS OF WIRES AND CIRCUIT BOARDS!! I HATE YOU, YOU STUPID CRAP LAPTOP!! YOU'RE UGLY AND DISGUSTING!! and... FAT!!

Jacob: (panting heavily from throwing glass and screaming rather enthusiastically)

(groups silence)

Durithyll: feeling better there, big guy?

Jacob: (sits down next Roake) shut up.

(a happy, male voice comes from the direction of the computer)

++Hello? testing... testing...1,2,3... hey! this is fun! ok, can you guys here me? Hello? Heeelloooooooo!++

(no one says a word or moves a muscle for about two minutes)

Jacob and Durithyll: (slowly turn to face Roake who is sitting between them)

Roake: (looks awkardly between them) uh... can i help you?

Jacob: what!? yes, as a matter of fact!! make him spit out Daiyori!! you know what? never mind! i can't wait that long! (jumps over the top of the couch)

Roake: what? no!! you idiot! get back here!!

Durithyll: jacob! get-- GRRR! fine! (flies over the top of couch and grabs Jacob around the waist.)

Jacob: hey! what're you--

Durithyll: saving your life! now shut up! (tosses him back over the top of the couch)

(groups silences as jacob hits the floor behind the couch)

Jacob: Durithyll... next time -- wait, where's Durithyll?

Roake: no... (looks over the top of the couch to find no trace of Durithyll)

jacob: no!! why would you do that!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?(slides down the back of the couch)why... why would she do that? (punches the floor) frag it all!!

Roake: (places a hand on Jacob's shoulder) it's ok... we're going to make it out of this.

Jacob: (brushes his hand away) how can you say that!? that stupid LAPTOP --a LAPTOP of all things!-- has just EATEN Daiyori and Durithyll!! and you're saying, "It's ok"!?

Roake: Jacob! calm down! your recklessness is what got Durithyll out there in the first place!! so calm down, and let's find a way through this!

Jacob: (is taken back, and looks almost hurt) ...right. since we're thinking optimistically... when we get out of this, think we can order pizza? i am NOT dealing with chinese food.

Roake: heh... sure.

07/15/2008 08:39

Mowo: How did you just say that? The computer ate you!!!


Julieanna: Then where is she?

Kete: (O-m-g-you-idiot look) Aw, man, not you too?

Julieanna: (Avoids eye contact) No, I was just wondering where she is?

Nata: I think Boredom ate them!

Tiku: Be honest, are you TRYING to get killed???

Nata: Not killed... zapped or eaten.

Tiku: Whaaaaaaa?


Nata: SHUT UP NO I HAVEN'T!!! Both things are impossible, so i want to have one done to me and see what happens.

Kete: Where've you been the past year? YOU DIE! THAT'S what happpens!

Nata: And they come back?

Kete: Duh.

Nata: What about being eaten by the laptop!?


Mowo: (In mysterious voice) Non-believers shall be the first to go...

Kete: Oh, yeah, lemme tell ya bout it...

07/15/2008 18:22

Jacob: see? so Durithyll DIDN'T get eaten because of me!! it was because (dramatic voice-over) she didn't belieeeeeve...

Roake: please, jacob.

Jacob: what!? YOU said think optimistically!!

Roake: yes, but still REALISTICALLY.

Jacob: hey! there is NOTHING realistic about opti--

++Can you guys hear me now? it was a pain rewriting the code for this... testing, testing...++

(group silence)

Jacob: ...uh... should we respond this time?

Roake: (doesn't stand up) uh, hello?

++oh good! you CAN hear me!! and, to add to your previous conversation, the first to die after the non-believer is ALWAYS the comic relief guy!++

Roake: (looks over to Jacob) ...i think he means you.

Jacob: WHAT!? ME!? and when did we start assigning genders to homicidal computers!?

++actually, homicidal is the term used when killing a human being.++

Jacob: psychopathic, than!! does THAT work for you!?


Jacob: you--

Roake: Jacob!! will you shut up!?

Jacob: he -- it started it!!

Roake: Jacob!!

Jacob: fine!! (relaxes slightly against the back of the chair)

Roake: ok, thank you. (turns to the computer with out standing up) so, um... may i stand up and address you, or would that be dangerous for myself?

++You're... Roake, right?++

Roake: yes. yes i am.

++Than yes you may. i always like to be able see the people i'm talking to. it's much more friendly that way!++

Roake: uh, yes it is. (sticks hand up above the couch and holds it there)

++What are you doing?++

Roake: (moves it down) oh, nothing.

++I said you'd be alright.++

Roake: uh, right. (stands up) ok, this is--

(blinding flash)

(and Roake is gone)

Jacob: (slowly opens eyes) you have GOT to be kidding me!!

07/16/2008 05:38

(group silence)

Mowo: HA! Look me dead in the eyes and tell me that computer didn't just eat Roake!!!

Kete (whispering): It ate Roake... Roake always SOLVES the problem... and he got eaten...

Mowo: And that leaves Jacob to be the hero! Yay!

Nata: Or he could get eaten as well and they'll all be dependent on Boredom...


Nata: Says you...

Julieanna: How's she going to fix this?

Kete: Dunno... wait-- TIKU???

Tiku: What?

Kete: You scared me...

Tiku: Our computer's fine...

Nata: I know. Thank heavens we don't live with Durithyll...

Kete: That was mean... she didn't do that!

Nata: Do what?

Kete: Get herself eaten!

Nata: It's HER reality!!!

Tiku: Yup, a sadistic, wump-lover's reality...


07/16/2008 19:33

A/N: oh ye of little faith... and yes, Jacob's rambling... a lot.

Jacob: what!? NO!! you can't eat ROAKE!! How am i supposed to fix this!? HE'S the one fixes the people problems!! or in this case, HOMICIDAL LAPTOP PROBLEMS!!

++sigh... i TOLD you, i'm NOT homicidal! last I checked, you and the others AREN'T human.++

Jacob: FINE!! PSYCOPATHIC!! (deep breath)
ok, jacob, THINK. Roake always thinks this kind of stuff through, so that's what you're going to do! ok, so... um... where to start? ok! let's see... uh... what have been the, uh, common threads here? that's probably something Roake would do, find the common threads... ok, Durithyll and Daiyori both vanished... gone... without a trace... but Roake... Roake had a really big flash...

Jacob: so let's start there! where did the flash seem to originate from? uh. it's a flash. it's hard to tell with something like that. then don't linger on that... move on to the next question... which is... why? why bother having a flash in the first place?! to hide something? to make me waste time asking questions? probably not. it's NEVER that easy...

Jacob: of course it's not that easy!! IT'S NEVER THAT FRIKKEN EASY!! EVER!! (punches the floor) CALM DOWN!!

++I don't think YELLING at yourself to calm down, is going to actually MAKE you calm down...++

Jacob: and you shut up!! I'm trying to think here!! (hits the back of the couch with his back) oh who am i kidding? this isn't going to work... i don't work well in these kind of situations!! you give me a car, now THAT'S a different story! but this... this i can't do...

Jacob: (pauses for a moment) cue Durithyll saying, "now you sound like McKay, just before he saves the expedition's collective as-- i mean tails". see? i can't even quote Duri right... that's Daiyori's job...

Jacob: well they're not here right now! and it's up to YOU to save the day! not Roake! and definitely not some arrogant SOB from a TV show! so uh... let's see... how AM i going to fix this?

++I've been trying to figure that out myself.++

Jacob: will you SHUT UP!?

++No. i need to break up your rambling somehow. it looks really bad on my monitor with it all bunched together like this.++

Jacob: (just sits there for a moment, mouth agape) ...what!? I'M here trying to SAVE my friend's LIVES, and YOUR only concern is that my rambling LOOKS BAD!?

++Hey, YOU'RE the one who said i was psychopathic.++

Jacob: so you're agreeing with me!? you're not supposed to do that!

++I'm not supposed to take bribes and "eat" people either am i?

Jacob: wait, bribes?

07/17/2008 13:48

Nice Site!

07/17/2008 17:34

thanks! appreciate the comment!

07/22/2008 06:06


Tiku: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! That's hilarious!!!!


Kete: Will you guys SHUT UP!!!!!! If Boredom DID do it, then she'll save them all...

Nata, Tiku, and Mowo: *are-you-insane-? expression*

Kete: Yeah, okay, bad theory...

(All at once)


Nata: This doesn't make any sense! How could Boredom BRIBE a COMPUTER??? How did it eat everyone??? Computer's don't eat!!!

Tiku: Dude, this is so crazy AWESOME!!!! Boredom's gone INSANE!!!!!! That is SOOOOO cool!!!! A phycopathic computer? How did she come up with that????

(after listening to noise a while)

Julieanna: SHUT UP!!!!!

(group silence as Kete's cell rings)

Mowo: (Answers phone) Hello? HI!!! Oh my gosh, you would not believe what-- ... huh?... Oh, cool! Yeah, have you seen--... I know!... uh-huh....

Kete: Who is it?

Mowo: Artist Block. She's been reading the updates and thinks Boredom's a genius!

Kete: WHAT??? She's on HER side???

Julieanna: I take it we're getting no help from the elementals...

Kete: Yeah, not really...

07/26/2008 09:54

++Who's Artist Block?++

Jacob: whoa whoa wait, I am asking questions here!! ok? what about bribes?

++What? i never said that.++

jacob: WHAT!? yes you did!!

++I don't know what you're talking about.++

jacob: oh come on!! i'm getting a lead and you have to be obnoxious about it!!

++I'm not obnoxious.++

Jacob: excuse me, HOMICIDAL!!

++i'm NOT homi--++

Jacob: PSYCHOPATHIC!! WHATEVER!! now what about bribes?

++This is so anticlimactic...++

jacob: hey! at this point, i LIKE anticlimactic!! now what about the bribes?

++sigh... obviously i was bribed.++

Jacob: yeah, and how does that work? you're like a computer or something.

++Not all bribery involves money.++

Jacob: whatever. so who... Boredom. It was Boredom wasn't it. I KNEW IT!! the sadistic little bi--

++DON'T CUSS!!++

Jacob: ...D? that you?

++Oh. sorry about that... she can be rather... headstrong.++

Jacob: she's alive? are they all alive?

++of course. protect the innocent and all...++

Jacob: (relaxes into the back of the couch) oh good... thank God... (sits up again, but still behind the couch of course) so... what did Boredom give you in return for this sadistic little... thing.

++How do you know Boredom?++

Jacob: so i'm right!!

++i never said that. how do know her?++

Jacob: she comes by here from time-to-time. ok, can we STOP chit-chatting and get my friends back?!

++Hmm... not sure... apparently i'm psychopathic. mentally unstable and what not.++

jacob: WHAT!? ok, now this is too much!! you WILL give me back friends!! NOW!! if i have to--


Jacob: --i will rip out every circuit, and every wire -- wait. "ok"?

++Sure! i've done my job, Boredom will give me the information i need to finish my case--++

Jacob: --so i WAS right!! IT WAS BOREDOM!! you little liar!!

++I never denied it. i just never confirmed it++

Jacob: uh... what?

++never mind! anyway, three Residents...++


(everyone's back)

Durithyll: (blink blink) that was... strange...

Boredom: (slips in) ha ha!! that was hilarious!!

Jacob: Boredom!! you--

Boredom: love you too Jacob. i can't believe you guys actually thought the COMPUTER was going to eat you!!

Jacob: what!? but...

Boredom: please. i just slipped everyone out systematically.

jacob: but...

Boredom: no one was watching Durithyll or Daiyori, so i didn't need to conceal the slips.

Jacob: but...

Roake: (pats Jacob on the back; talking kinda fast) but, you were watching me so she had Zatannii build up and release a huge flash through the computer screen so Boredom could get me out without giving herself up.

Jacob: (sits down slowly) i'm so cunfused... who's Zatannii?

++Yours Truly!++

Jacob: (yells at Zatannii without getting up) i REFUSE to talk to you!! and YOU!! (points at Boredom) are a sadistic little bi--

Durithyll: i SAID don't cuss!!

Boredom: still, you guys are all pathetic, just so you know...

Jacob: so this was just a way for you to pass your time?

Boredom: what else would it be?

Jacob: i hate you... so much...

++So? what now?++

07/28/2008 05:02

Mowo: YAY!!!!! JACOB'S NOT DEAD!!!!

Nata (Finally on bed and out from under it): I knew it was Boredom. I'm so smart.

Tiku: So, it's over?

Kete: Yup, pretty much.

Julieanna: Thank goodness...

Tiku: But that's BOOOOOOOOORING!!!!

Mowo: No, it's not! Jacob didn't get eaten! YAY!

Nata: NONE of them got eaten. I TOLD you guys, computers don't eat!

Mowo: Fine then. "Slipped out systematically"... Happy?

Nata: Sorta... now I'm kinda bored...

Julieanna: Hang on... where's Livi?

Kete: Right here.

Julieanna: Not you... Your "twin" as she dared to call it.

Kete: Probably out being stupid Obsessive Fangirl...

Mowo: It's not stupid! I wish I was Obsessive Fangirl...

Nata: It IS stupid... reading that fic is what made me quote that retarded jester!

Mowo: Dimentio?

Nata: Yeah, him too...

Tiku: I thought it was watching me play Super Paper Mario for 57 straight hours...

Nata: Yeah, that might have been some of it...

Mowo: YAY!!! (glomps Nata) YOU'RE GONNA BE A FANGIRL!!!

Nata: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! NONONONONONONONONO!!! I don't even GET the stupid game!!! I just quoted it because you IDIOTS have it STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!

Mowo: Well, if you're gonna quote it, you might as well understand it...

Tiku: I like that plan!

Julieanna: What will Livi think when she comes home to a super-paper-mario-high Nata?

Mowo: I dunno... (Looks at Nata, who she is still hugging to death)

Tiku: Well, let's find out! (Runs for Game Room)

Mowo: YAY! (Runs after Tiku, dragging Nata)

Nata: NO!!! ACK!!! DAIYORI HELP!!!

Kete: (after they're long gone) Daiyori?

Julieanna: The only other one that refuses to get it...

Kete: Get what?

Julieanna: Just... understanding the Mario games in general...

Kete: Ah...


Mowo: (Also in game room) I KNOW, IN'NIT GREAT????

Kete: ... poor Nata...

Julieanna: This'll be intresting...

Artist Block
07/28/2008 05:06

Nice job Boredom... you actually managed something interesting for once...

Imagination: Oh, cool! That was awesome!

Artistic: tch... nice Boredom... very clever...

Artist Block: I actually liked it... I just might let yesterday slip, what with you inspiring MY victims and all...

07/28/2008 06:51

Boredom: (takes a dramatic bow) thank you. and for the record, i only do good work.

you, one the other hand, don't seem to do... much of anything... except sucking the inspiration out of Jack, that is, but so far as actually scheming goes (does a mock shrug) tch, sorry but, you lose.

unless of course you want to try and fix that (evil, sadistic grin).

07/28/2008 06:52

Durithyll: Boredom... what are you doing?

07/28/2008 06:54

don't worry, just seeing if i can satiate my boredom. don't get me wrong, you guys were very entertaining, but now i'm curious...

Artist Block
07/28/2008 14:33

Excuse me? Was that a challenge?

Artistic: Hey, don't you two get into trouble agai--

AB: (Clamps hand over Artistic's mouth) What did you have in mind? A competition of some sort? I believe we can work that out--

Imagination: Are you sure that's such a good idea?

(Some sort of weird rainbow, lightning... thing...)

Imagination: (On the ground now... just got drained!) Ooooowwww...


Artistic: Ab... (Takes a few steps back) ya might want to chill out...

AB: You stay out of it... (Starts knawing on a random skinny paintbrush) And Boredom... you had something to say?

07/28/2008 14:41


Kete: She's not evil... they're just being their usual selves while the creators take things WAY too seriously and ensue another epic comment postings--


Julieanna: Livi! We have a real problem here!

Livi: (Confused look) We do?

Julieanna: Yes, we do! That's not like AB to act that way and you know it!

Livi: Yeah... I guess it is a little odd...

Julieanna: A LITTLE odd? She drained her BEST FRIEND!!!

Livi: Whatever! She drains me as much as Boredom slaps Durithyll! She drains everyone! It's her JOB!!!

Kete: WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Didn't you guys say there was a reason she couldn't directly drain Boredom?

Julieanna: Oh...

Livi: ...Crap...

Kete: So, that's lovely! Just peachy! Boredom has driven Artist Block to use her powers on other elementals...

Livi: Maybe it doesn't work with them... I mean... we're still here and all... they're such close friends, maybe it won't affect them much...

Julieanna: But how long until Boredom and Artist Block take things too far and hurt EACH OTHER???

Livi: Yeah, we're dead...

Kete: Well, aren't you two just rays of sunshine?

07/28/2008 14:57

Durithyll: crap!! imagination just DIED!!

++well now. that could be a problem.++

Daiyori: that COULD be a problem!? hello!! what if the world explodes or something!?

++hm... that would ruin my entire week!++

Daiyori: wha?

Jacob: what are you doing here anyway? go away!

Durithyll: Jacob, be nice. Daiyori, stop spazzing.

but seriously! what's going on!? we can't have Boredom and Artist Block getting into a fight!! the world could explode!!

07/28/2008 14:59

Boredom: as matter of fact, i am challenging you. that is unless, you're to chicken.

Artist Block
07/28/2008 16:47

Oh, that's it--

Artistic: (helping Imagination up) AB! CALM DOWN! You let her get through to you and you two are going to get in big trouble!

AB: (Gives him a "look") It's us... we ARE trouble...

Artistic: You know what I mean. Remember the last time Boredom challenged you?

AB: Yes, I was stupid and didn't jump on the chance to rip her to shreds.

Artistic: AND YOU'RE NOT GOING TO! If either of you touches the other--

AB: Oh, I'll do more than touch her...

Artistic: Ab, you two are taking this WAY too far! Boredom got "got" last time! What if you two get in over your heads? What if the universe explodes?

AB: If it means getting rid of her... fine by me...

Artistic: And getting rid of everything else with her?

AB: (turns back to screen) As for you Boredom--

Artistic: AB, DON'T--

--BAM-- (Nother rainbow lightning)

(Artistic is now officially drained)

AB: You're next...

(Nother lighting burst and screams from Artistic and Imagination)

AB: Catch me if you can... (slips out)

07/28/2008 16:53

Livi: Oi vea...

Julieanna: Dramatic enough for you?


Julieanna: You didn't?

Livi: NO! You can't CREATE elementls! You can discover them and call them yours, but you don't make them!!!

Julieanna: So? You're the creato--


Julieanna: Well, there has to be SOME way to stop them! THEY'RE GONNA BLOW UP THE UNIVERSE!!!

Livi: (fangirlish smile) blow up... hahaha... Dimentio blows stuff up...

Julieanna: LIVI!!!

Livi: Alright alright! What do you expect ME to do????

Julieanna: It's YOUR reality! YOU and your friends made "here"

Livi: So ask Durithyll! She's delt with this before!!!

Julieanna: sigh... it's better than asking you... Durithyll?

07/28/2008 17:27

what do you mean i've dealt with this before!? look at what happened last time!!

jacob: we got her back though...

Durithyll: yeah, after four weeks!! i don't know how to fix this!! ROAKE!!

Roake: what!? you EXPECT me to fix it!? i've been doing to good lately!! in case you haven't noticed!!

Durithyll: you're point?

Roake: my point!? hey, you used the same defense!!

Durithyll: so!?

Roake: so why can't i use it!? it got them off your case!!

Durithyll: becuase!!

Roake: because why!?

Durithyll: because because!!

Roake: well that's brilliant!!

Jacob: can someone just do something?! getting your entire universe blown up is going to hurt!!

++actually, you probably wouldn't feel a thing. you'd just suddenly cease to exist.++

(group silence)

Jacob: (whispers to durithyll) why is he still here? he seriously creeps me out...

07/28/2008 17:28

now we're talking!! (slips out)

07/29/2008 09:25

Livi: Crapit,Crapit,Crapit,crapit,crapit,crapit!!! This is SOOOOOOO not good!

Nata: What are we going to do?

Tiku: Dude, this is awesome! The world's going to explode! Everything'll just stop existing!

Mowo: (smacks Tiku) YOU IDIOT! This isn't just some stupid game!

Nata: She's right! You can't just re-start it and try again! It's gone FOR-EV-ER!!!!

Tiku: Forever?

Mowo: As in dead, gone, died, is no more, never to return, not even as a spooky little ghosty, forever and ever and ever, until the end of time, that's it, no mas, the end, GAME OVER!!!!

Nata: We have ONE shot to seperate them or everything goes KA-BOOM!!!

Tiku: ... no pressure or anything...

Livi: SHUT UP!!! Danggit... how are we going to find out where they went off to?

Julieanna: They could be anywhere! Who knows all the places elementals can go?!

Livi: Only elementals... they could be somewhere beyond existance for all we know!

Julieanna: Well, how do we get there? How do we get ANYWHERE they could be?

Livi: Um... uh... I DUNNO!!! Only elementals can do that "slippy outty thing"!

Julieanna: But Artistic and Imagination are both to weak to do anything IF NOT DEAD!!! There aren't any other elementls that we can talk to!

Livi: Wait a minute... (Turns around to face Kete, who is sitting on the bed and not really listening)

Kete: ... Can I help you?

Livi: YES!!! You're an elemental, aren't you?

Kete: I'm your twin siste--


Kete: ... I am?

Livi: (eye twitch)

Julieanna: Kete, please, if you ARE an elemental, we really need to know--

Kete: FINE!!! Gosh...

Livi: Wha?

Kete: You caught me... My real name's Annoyance...

Livi: I KNEW IT!!!

Julieanna: So... that means you can--

Kete: No promises, but I'll see what I can do... (slips out)

Livi: My twin sister is an elemental... how cool is that?

Julieanna: Amazing what the end of the world can do to you...

07/29/2008 13:20

Durithyll: WHAT!? ketes a -- WHAT!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? i'm so confused...

Daiyori: fine! but what are we going to do!?

Durithyll: I don't know!! what can we do!? grr! Kete/Annoyance should of taken us with her or something!!

Roake: could she? that be a really big slip...

Durithyll: i don't know!! ARGH!! i feel so useless!!

Daiyori: no difference there...

Durithyll: hey!

07/29/2008 15:46

Livi: Chill out, will ya? If Kete can't seperate them (which is unlikely) then--

Kete: BOO!!!

Livi: ACK!!! Gosh, will you KNOCK IT OFF!!!

Kete: Sorry, force of habit...

Livi: Why are you even HERE??? You're supposed to be stopping--

Kete: I couldn't find them...


Kete: But I can't find them...

Livi: You're lying! I can tell!

Kete: You're good at this!


Kete: Um... I... uh...

Livi: Well?

Kete: Not sure exactly... it's an unstable reality... like, elementals only.

Livi: Whaaaaaa?

Kete: And, Durithyll--

Livi: HEY!!! Don't talk to her when I'm talking to you!

Kete: I really AM Annoyance, but I told her my name was Kete cause it was easier at the moment to drive her nuts if she thought we were twins--

Livi: Wait, so we're not twins?

Kete: Yes, we are.

Livi: But you just said--

Kete: No, I didn't.

Livi: But you said--

Kete: You said--

Livi: What?

Kete: Huh?

Livi: WHAT???

Kete: What are you talking about?

Livi: I don't even know anymore!!!

Kete: And that was pretty fun too...

Livi: (Death glare)

Kete: Okay, fine... not the time for jokes, I know...

Livi: Well?

Kete: You guys MIGHT could help, but I need more elementals... you guys have contact with them, right?

Livi: Um... I think...

07/29/2008 16:10

Durithyll: sorta.

Daiyori: sorta?

Durithyll: lemme explain! ok, we know them and all, but so far as CONTACTING them... that's a different story -- wait.

Jacob: what?

Durithyll: hang on. ok, liv, think we could pull off a group slipping? i know that as Artists, we can only shape OUR reality. but maybe, and i stress the maybe, we could try and to slip into the Mystery Mansion.

Jacob: (whispers to Roake) i forget... whats the mystery mansion?

Roake: (whispers back) where the other elementals live.

Jacob: oh. how come we can't live in a mansion? we get stuck with an apartment!

Daiyori: because all our money goes into Durithyll's books and your games.

Jacob: oh. never mind.

Durithyll: can you try to stay focused here!? impending death and all!! so, liv, think we could do it?

07/30/2008 06:11

Livi: Maybe... it's a definate possibilty....

Kete: Well, I suppose I could help you guys... I couldn't really be THAT hard...

Livi: So, you think we could do that?

Kete: Unless, of course, half of you goes to the Mystery Mansion and half stays here--

Livi: Why can't all of us go--

Kete: No, I mean, half of your individual body goes, and half stays so you get split in--

Livi: KETE!!!!!!

Kete: Fine, fine! Gosh... but I can't help you guys alone!

Livi: Why not?

Kete: One elemental isn't enough to pull such a big "slip" as you put it!

Livi: Well, then... what do we do?

Kete: We need more elementals--


Kete: OKAY!!!!!!

Livi: So, how do we GET more?

Kete: You guys need to contact them an--

Livi: Were you listening at ALL or are you just doing that to annoy me?!?!?!?!

Kete: Little of both...

Livi: Look, this is sooooo not the time, 'K?

Kete: Alright fine... Be right back.

Livi: No, wait! Where're you--

Kete: (slips out)

Livi: ... going... GRRR!!! I HATE THAT GIRL!!!

07/30/2008 06:32

Durithyll: ca sh eat least TALK to us before she goes off on something!? i want to know what the game plan is!!

Daiyori: in case you haven't noticed, there isn't a game plan. it's "let's go run off and see what happens".

Durithyll: see, that's not helpful! can you at least be SLIGHTLY optimistic here!? please!

Daiyori: fine. Oh don't worry everybody! the fate of the universe is just being left to two feuding Elementals who's only purpose in life is to cancel each other out! i'm sure we'll all be just fine!

Durithyll: oh. see your point... well we have to do something!!

Daiyori: like what?

Durithyll: I thought we already established that! Kete's gonna help me and liv slip all of us to the Mystery Mansion!

Daiyori: and then what?

Durithyll: ...we get help? i don't know!! it just seemed like a good place to start!! Liv, whens Kete gonna get back here?

07/30/2008 07:39

Livi: I dunno... probly whenever she feels like--

Kete: BOO!!!

Livi: ACK! ... doing that...

Kete: I'm back! Miss me?

Livi: Yeah, sure...

Julieanna: So?

Kete: So, what?

Livi: What'd you find out?

Kete: Find out--

Livi: Is it possible or not for me, Durithyll, and our characters to go to the Mystery Mansion?!

Kete: Yes.


Livi: Well?!

Kete: Oh, you wanted an explination?

Livi: You sadistic little--

Julieanna: ANYWAY!!! Kete, if you don't mind...

Kete: Artistic and Imagination can get just enough power to help you guys.

Julieanna: Awesome!

Livi: And then we're dead...

Julieanna: What?

Livi: They can't have THAT much power, right?

Julieanna: Oh... right...

Kete: Well, if you guys don't want them to, I can ask Insanity to--

Livi & Julieanna: NO!!!

Kete: ?

Livi: Alright... I guess... maybe we could help those two when we get over there--

Kete: Exellent! It's settled then! I'll tell Artistic and Imagination to get ready. (slips out)

Livi: Oi... well, Duri? Ya comin?

07/30/2008 11:22

Durithyll: you betcha!! so do we need to like, hold hands or something? (looks at Daiyori) er-- tails?

Daiyori: jerk.

Durithyll: anyway, circle up people!

Komasu: when i took your offer to live here, i never expected this.

Jacob: aww, don't worry, you'll get used to it!

(everyone circles up)

Durithyll: Zatannii? what about you?

++Uh, yeah. I don't think you can slip a me into a different reality. and the Elementals cut off the cyber lines leading into the Mansion.++

Durithyll: uh... what?

++Nothing. just, try not get blown up!++

Durithyll: thanks... ok, we're ready! so do whatever you need to Kete!!

07/30/2008 15:10

Livi: Okay, we're ready!

Tiku: This is so stupid...

Nata: No it's not!

Mowo: We're doin the "save-the-world" thing over here!

Julieanna: Alrighty then... where's Kete?

Kete: (Out of nowhere) Present!

Livi: Oi... just do your stupid slippy thing already!

Kete: Alrighty then! (Pulls out random walkie-talkie) Guys, now! (snaps fingers)


(And everyone is gone...)

07/31/2008 09:41

Durithyll: ok! here. we. GO!


(everyone's quiet as they look around)

Daiyori: we... made it...

Jacob: (pats self down repeatedly) am i whole? am i? (taps roake on the shoulder) am i ok?

Roake: (waves him off) yes yes yes...

Durithyll: (panting) that was... different...

Komasu: you alright?

Durithyll: oh yeah. fine! so we--

Finale: (walks up to them) hello. i see everyone made it all right.

Moolatte XD
07/31/2008 11:41

moolatte:randomly i have a element of typhoo-


moolatte: *shoots "shut up now" glare at TYPHOO* who should give your "saving the world" thing a boost-


moolatte: SHUT UP!!!! anyways, a boost of energy (a really big one @ that)! would you care to borrow her? PLEEZ GET HER OFF MY HANDS AS I AM GOING IN PUBLIC FOR 3 DAYS...



Durithyll and Livi (zey ar een de sam locashun)
08/01/2008 02:47

Durithyll: (ears twitch) i get the distinct feeling that someone's trying to contact me...

Daiyori: please. those humongous ears of your could pick up satellite radio if you wanted to .

Durithyll: HEY!! when did this escalate to ear insulting!?


Jacob: (pats Mowo on the head) i love you too...

Daiyori: (snickers)

Jacob: (death glare)

Finale: Ahem. you needed something?

Daiyori: well, maybe some help with stopping two Elementals who's only purpose in life is to rip each other's throats out and seem to have absolutely no concern with whether or not the UNIVERSE EXPLODES WOULD BE NICE!!

Roake: caaaaalm down Daiyori...

Daiyori: SHUT UP!!

Famine: so, did they come here any reason what so ever?

Finale: well, having Artistic and Imagination up on their feet might prove advantageous come the confrontation with Artist Block and Boredom.

Jacob: (whispers to Roake) i totally didn't get a word of that...

Roake: (whispers back) don't worry. we'll take care of you.

Famine: i still don't think it's worth putting up with these idiots.

Jacob: (whispers to Roake) she's not as pleasant as Boredom...

Daiyori: (over heard) and you're saying Boredom's "pleasant"?

Jacob: hm. Touche.

Nata: Um, hello? Focus please? What are we doing here?

Tiku: We just said that--

Nata: WHAT are we doing? Should we not be SLIGHTLY productive by this point?

Finale: thank you. now, if you'll follow me, we need Livi and Durithyll's assistance.

(leads them down big pretty corridors and what not)

Durithyll: so where -- woah. who's that?

Finale: that's Insanity.

(they walk past a guy mumbling to himself and painting mosaics on the wall)

Daiyori: hm. aptly named.

Finale: (turns and gives Daiyori a um... strong glare)

Daiyori: (notices but ignores) well i guess some one had to be responsible for Picasso...

Finale: (stops walking)

Roake: (grabs Daiyori and hisses in his non-existent ear) you are making a complete and utter idiot of yourself! shut up!

Daiyori: (glares and pulls away)

Finale: (continues walking) we're almost there.

Livi: Almost where?

Julieanna: "there". weren't you listening--

Livi: Don't start...

Finale: (stops walking in front of an open door way) and here they are.

Durithyll and Livi (Part Two)
08/01/2008 02:50

(big, open room with a white decor and multiple beds lining the walls; two of which have Artistic and Imagination.)

Finale: Now, if you will just... do whatever... you uh, need to do.

Famine: my my, Finale's at a loss for words. Armageddon must be on the horizon...

Julieanna: It will be if we can't hurry up and stop Artist Block and Boredom!

Livi: Yeah... that wouldn't be too awful good... what do we do again?

Famine: (sneers) see? useless.

Durithyll: hey! not useless, just... confused at this point... so, Head Guy (does the finger shake thing above head thing), what do we... uh... do exactly?

Finale: well, i would assume that you would just need to touch them and somehow endow them with artistic energies.

Komasu: with all due respect, but can't you do that? you know, you being, you and all...

Finale: it's dangerous for Elementals to touch each other, what with the power to create realities in our finger tips.

Komasu: oh. uh, sorry.

Livi: Okay... um, I didn't get a word of that... but, I guess I'll give it a shot.

Nata: Don't mess up!

Livi: Shut up! (walks over to Artistic, grabs his arm, and shuts her eyes)

Daiyori: ...is something supposed to have happened by--

(Big blue light envelopes Livi and Artistic)

Daiyori: --now...

Durithyll and Livi (Part Three)
08/01/2008 02:52

(Light fades)

Livi: (lets go of Artistic, slumps against wall, and holds her forehead) ... Oooooooowwwww...

Artistic: (Wakes up) ...ooooohhhh... wha?... (sits up and looks around)

Finale: Artistic! feeling any better?

Artistic: (smiles) yeah, a little. I'll be back to normal soon.

Durithyll: ok... well, now, my turn i guess?

(walks over to Imagination and places her paws on her forearm and closes her eyes) ...should i be doing something?

Daiyori: yeah. shutting up.

Durithyll: gr... oi man... ok... calm... calm... life giving energies are flowing...

Daiyori: i'm serious. shut up.

Durithyll: fine! ...

(Big purple light envelopes Durithyll and Imagination.)

Imagination: (Wakes up, but doesn't open eyes) hehehe... that tickles...

Durithyll: (collapses on the floor) ...that frikken hurt man...

Daiyori: well now. that was dignified and rather profound.

Durithyll: oi man... shut up and give me a hand up.

Daiyori: (waves tail)

Durithyll: ...Roake?

Roake: (stops trying to pull Mowo off of Jacob) yeah. be right there.

Famine: yes yes, very heart warming, can we move ON now please?

Roake: uh, can we give Liv and Durithyll a moment please?

Famine: why? they won't be coming anyway.

Durithyll: (sloooooooowly stands up with Roake's help) Excuse me?

Nata: We're not going? What do you mean "we're not going"?

Tiku: Exactly what she said. And actually, when the world explodes, I'd rather not be at the center of the chaos.

Daiyori: Well, if the universe exploded, it wouldn't really matter where you were...

Finale: We appreciate what you've done for us, but there's no way you could come with us to an unstable reality. Where--

Julieanna: So... Kete was serious?

Finale: Kete?

Julieanna: Oh, yes... she's--

(Swarm of confetti explodes in Livi's face)

Annoyance: (drops down from ceiling) Present!

Famine: Annoyance. I was beginning to think you'd forgotten us.

Annoyance: I didn't forget you guys, I just found someone more INTERESTING to hang out with! (hugs Livi who is not looking very amused)

Finale: either way, you guys are going to have to stay here.

Livi: Are you kidding me?! I've been dimension-skipping all over the Mario World, I've walked in the world of the dead as one of the living, I've simply THOUGHT and caused an entire world to spring into existence, I live with this whack-job (motions to Annoyance, standing beside her with a goofy expression), THE SANITY SHIP HAS SAILED AND RELIVED THE TITANTIC!!!!!!!

Finale: Do you even know what I mean by “Unstable Reality”? It's where there is no physical laws. No sense of life, or even death. Nothing you would even comprehend.

Livi: (crosses arms and looks away but doesn't argue.)

Finale: with that being said, wish us luck.

Durithyll: good--

Finale: (snaps fingers)

(and all the Elementals are gone.)

Durithyll: --luck.

Daiyori: hm. So they just up and lest us alone in an alternate reality and with no way of getting back to our own? But then again, if the universe explodes, what does it matter?

Durithyll and Livi (Part Four)
08/01/2008 03:15

(the Elementals slip into the Unstable Reality. It appears to be white, and completely devoid of everything. except Artist Block and Boredom in the fighting in the distance, throwing what appears to be huge bolts of electricity, purple for Artist Block and green for Boredom)

Imagination: ABY!!

Artist Block: (whirls around) what are you--

Boredom: (nails Artist Block in the face) keep your eye on the prize AB!!

Artist Block: (throws another bolt of lighting and the fighting resumes)

Finale: they have got to stop this.

Annoyance: Can't we just like, you know, poof em back to the Mystery Mansion?

Famine: No you idiot, if we take them back to the Mansion while they're still releasing this much energy, it would tear the Mansion apart.

Annoyance: i know.

Famine: (eye twitch)

Artistic: Could you two focus for once in your life?

Famine: i don' see you bringing up any brilliant ideas.

Imagination: 'Tistic, make 'em stop fighting.

Famine: and how is he supposed to do that, hm?

Finale: i guess all that we can do, is force them to stop now, and convince them to stop later.

Annoyance: how do we do that?

Famine: he said "force", as in, beat them down, and THEN convince them to be a bit more careful concerning the Universe's well-being before they get into one of these stupid little cat fights.

Insanity: not cat fights... not at fights....

Famine: why is he here?

Finale: he had every right to be here.

Famine: (scoffs)

Artistic: Uh, guys? where's Annoyance?


Finale: over there apparently. ok, let's go

Durithyll and Livi (Part Five)
08/01/2008 03:34

Finale: Insanity, Famine, you're with me. We'll take care of Boredom.

Artistic: We'll get Artist Block.

(group divides and runs toward respective targets)

Famine: Annoyance!! Back off!!

Annoyance: (Insulting and dodging Boredom's attacks) Oh! hi there! your sister's scary!!

Famine: i noticed! now go cover Artist Block!

Annoyance: ok then! (slips out)

(cut scene to Artist Block)

Artist Block: (amused, LOUD laughter pointed at Boredom)

Annoyance: (slips in on top of Artist Block's head) Enjoying the show are we?

Artist Block: I'll rip your head head off!!

Annoyance: (slips out and back in right behind Artist Block) I haven't seen you in how long and that's the welcome i get?

Artistic: Annoyance, this is serious. for once, be a little less... Annoying.

(cuts scene back to Boredom)

Famine: i gotta say Boredom, you suck when you're angry! (dodges a strike and tosses one back at Boredom)

Boredom: you want to see me angry?! you ain't seen nothing yet!!

Famine: What? you can suck more than this?

Finale: FAMINE!! we're trying to calm her DOWN! not make it worse!!

Famine: (gets a strike to the chest from Boredom, yells back at Finale) No, you said FORCE!! we beat them down NOW, convince them LATER!! you're plan!

Finale: Doesn't mean you have to carry it out so enthusiastically...

Boredom: (aims for Finale, but gets nailed in the back by Insanity)

Finale: (to Boredom) why can't you ever make things simple?

Durithyll and Livi (Part Six)
08/01/2008 09:40

Imagination: (cute puppy face) please stop fighting aby?

Artist Block: (hisses through teeth) it's ARTIST BLOCK!!

Artistic: Come one Ab, don't be so stubborn about this.

Artist Block: tell Boredom that and i'll still be as flippen stubborn as i want!!

(cut scene back to Boredom)

Famine: (jumps onto Boredom's back, pinning Boredom's arms to her sides)

Boredom: get. OFF ME!! (throws herself onto her back)

Famine: (collides with the ground and gets knocked out cold)

Finale: (curses) Famine, you trigger happy, idiot!

Insanity: (grabs Famine and slips her away from the immediate vicinity)

Finale: Boredom! you have got to stop this!

Boredom: no! i'm sick of her!! (charges Finale)

Finale: fool... never learns. (slips right behind her and elbows her in the back of the head, her own momentum taking her down)

Boredom: (knocked unconscious)

(cut scene back to Artist Block)

Annoyance: (tackles Artist Block, knocking them both to the ground)

Artist Block: (throws her off)

Artistic: You two! knock it off!!

Annoyance: What!? but she started it!!

Artist Block: (Screams)

(Huge, rainbow light engulfs everything)

(light slowly fades, revealing an unconscious Artist Block)

Annoyance: well that was fun! now what?

Artistic: (bends down and picks up Artist Block bridal style)

Insanity: (carrying Famine over his shoulder)

Finale: (Carrying Boredom bridal style) well. i guess that's that.

Annoyance: until they strike up again tomorrow!!

Durithyll and Livi (Part Seven -- FINAL)
08/01/2008 09:43

(the Elementals slip back into the mystery mansion, carrying Artist Block, Boredom, and Famine)

Durithyll: you're back!! (notices the luggage) are... they ok?

Finale: yeah, they're fine. They'll all just have a heck of a head ache come morning.

Livi: Oh my gosh! What happened?

Tiku: I'm gonna go with--

Livi: (glares)

Tiku: (shuts up)

Nata: So, what DID happen?

Annoyance: They got knocked out.

Nata: We've noticed... HOW did that happen?

Annoyance: We got in a fight... a big one and--

Artistic: We'll explain later...

Daiyori: that works...

Komasu: and can “later”, involve “home”?

Finale: yeah. Artistic, help me out here. The Apartment I assume?

Durithyll: not yet!! I want to know details!! like was--

(and then they're suddenly gone and presumably at the Apartment)

Famine: (Insanity had set her on the ground and is now slowly waking up) are those crazy people gone?

Finale: (smles) the first thing you ask upon being KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS in a FIGHT is not, “did we win” or “are they ok”, but “are the crazy people gone”. I have a problem with that.

Famine: fine. Just get me an ice pack.

(starts to snow just on Famine)

Annoyance: Ask and you shall receive!!

Famine: and I take you're asking for a funeral?

Annoyance: Oh, aren't you cute... another blossoming Boredom!

Famine: i'm older thank you very much. So, how is she/them?

Artistic: Thankfully, our two warriors are still out cold...

Famine: ah. We should get them back to their rooms. And mainly out of each other's sight.

Finale: (grabs Boredom and carries her out of the room) you guys get Artist Block squared away. And make sure someone's with them when they wake up.

(Artistic carries her up to her room, Imagination and Annoyance following)

(few hours later, and Boredom and Artist Block are still out, everyone else is sitting together in the main room)

Famine: So, plan on doing anything to keep this from happening a... I forget how many times...

Finale: Not really. There's not much we can do. It's pretty much who they are.

Annoyance: So, we're just supposed to LET them destroy everything?!

Artistic: That's crazy! They're going to wind up seriously hurting each other!

Finale: of course not!! but they are always going to be opposing each other! All we can do, is be there for when it happens so they DON'T end up blowing up the entire Universe!

Imagination: So, we're gonna LET them fight so we can do it all over again?

Annoyance: I know, I'm getting the same message...

Artistic: No, he's right... those two are SUPPOSED to fight, it's who they are. We just have to make sure nothing BAD happens.

Famine: their a pain, and their frikken annoying, but we'll be there to watch dog em. Sheesh... it's babysitting or something...

Imagination: hehehe... those two sillies are always getting in sooooooooo much trouble!!!

Famine: you confuse me... anyway, i'm off to go babysit Boredom. Make sure she doesn't try to go a murderous rampage. (stands up)

Insanity: ...insanity shouldn't go, but I will. I'll go too... (follows Famine out the door)

Artistic: I'm going to go check on Artist Block--

Imagination: I wanna go! I wanna go!

Annoyance: I'm outta here! I gots some peoples to torment!!! (slips out)

Finale: (looks around) and now i'm left alone. Sigh... I guess I should go explain things to Durithyll and Livi... (slips out)


08/03/2008 10:02

Livi: Whoo-hoo!! We FINALLY finished it!

Annoyance: And you FINALLY figured out how we work!

Livi: Well, you guys could have just told us--

Annoyance: But it's more fun to watch you two be idiots! And fighting Boredom and Artist Block was pretty fun too!!!

Livi: Oh wow... And I think everyone else had fun!

Julieanna: Of course! We figured out all the elementals, finished your most epic posting yet, and saved the world-- actually... universe!

Nata: I really don't think any of us enjoyed that more than Mowo...

Mowo: Are you kidding me?! I TOUCHED Jacob!!! SQUEE!!!

Tiku: Alrighty then... it was pretty interesting with all that magic bouncing around everywhere.

Livi: There's ALWAYS magic bouncing around everywhere.

Annoyance: I know! See? (pulls confetti out of thin air and throws it in Livi's face)

Livi: (brushes confetti out of face) Yeah... like that...

Julieanna: Too bad though... now you and Durithyll don't have any new ideas...

Livi: Yeah... that really sucks...

Annoyance: Well, lets get those two all fired up again--

Mowo: (texting Artist Block) way ahead of you...

Livi: (snatches phone from Mowo) NO!! You are NOT starting them on another fight!!

Mowo: Funkiller...

Livi: But seriously! It's gonna be all BORING now... we gotta think of something...

Annoyance: IDEA!!!

Livi: Really?! What--

Annoyance: (slips out)

Livi: Honestly... why do I even TRY to talk to her?

08/03/2008 18:45

because. she's your twin sister (?), you're supposed to at least ATTEMPT at conversation.

anyway, we totally need to think of something! preferably not ABvsB, seeing as how we just did that.

but with the insanity that pops out of our heads... i don't think that'll be much of a problem. ;-)

Insanity: (slips in) it doesn't pop... pops are too loud, like... a pop.

Famine: (slips in looking rather annoyed) where is that... there you are! Insanity! come on, your supposed to tell us when you go off somewhere.

Insanity: Insanity doesn't tell! Insanity never tells! Insanity never told me! why should Insanity tell you?

Famine: come on, Finale's looking for you...

Insanity: but Insanity's not done... it never tells... doesn't pop.

Famine: (slips out with Insanity)

Durithyll: ...that was strange...

Komasu: (looks like she's about to cry) that was so pathetic. has he always been like that?

Durithyll: i don't know... He is Insanity. for all i know, just being that drove him insane.

Komasu: that's so... pitiful.

Durithyll: yeah.

Komasu: i need my Soundwave action figure...


Komasu: (hits the floor in surprise due to Durithyll's sudden outburst) y-yeah... and he's even G-1.

Durithyll: (looses it) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Komasu: (mildly weired out) ...ok--


08/04/2008 07:27

And Durithyll's nice and distracted...

Mowo: Just a bit... that girl worries me...

Nata: Wait, I'm confused... who's "soundwave"?

Livi: Dunno, really... one of the Transformers I--

Nata: Please stop talking...

Livi: Whatever...


Livi: Oh my gosh this is SO BORING!!!!

Tiku: So, let's go do something!

Mowo: Go? We never "go" anywhere...

Tiku: We did that once, but that was forever ago...

Livi: And me and Durithyll still have yet to write it all down... ANYWAY!!! We don't go anywhere because the craziness usually comes to us--

Julieanna: (screams from a different part of the house)

Nata: Like that?

Livi: Yeah, a bit... JULIEANNA!! YOU OKAY?!

Julieanna: (runs in) ohmygosh,ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh--

Livi: Yo! What's your major malfunction?

Julieanna: Out there... it... Annoyance--

Livi: Ah... I see...

Tiku: Oh my gosh, what did she do this time?

Julieanna: It's... she...

Livi: What? Will you spill it already?

Julieanna: ...

Nata: Come ON, Ju... it can't be THAT bad...

Mowo: Yeah, c'mon... what did she--

Julieanna: ... dragon...

Livi: What?!

Julieanna: Annoyance... out there... dragon...

Livi: (to the others) someone please tell me she didn't just say "Annoyance has a dragon out there".

08/04/2008 07:57

Durithyll: WHAT!?

Daiyori: well, all she said was "Annoyance out there dragon".

Durithyll: so not helpful.

Daiyori: (shrugs... in a snakey kinda way)

Jacob: hey, could be a relative of Daiyori's!! probably just a cranky, too!

Daiyori: (glare)

Jacob: (smiles a big toothy grin, just to get on his nerves)

Komasu: shouldn't we be a bit... concerned? a dragon could be really dangerous!

Jacob: (stares) just go back to reading...

Komasu: (blushes and looks embarrassed)

Durithyll: awww, it's ok! she's just not used to the insanity that comes out of this place!! (pats Komasu on the head)

Komasu: i didn't know i'd have to...

Durithyll: course you do! this place just a nut house!!

Komasu: i noticed... can i have Soundwave back?

Durithyll: (flies up to the roof in order to get out of reach) NO!!! MY TRANSFORMER--

Komasu: (flies up too)

Durithyll: ...darn! that used to work with everybody else...

08/04/2008 08:17

Nata: Oh my gosh! There's a DRAGON out there?!

Mowo & Tiku: AWESOME!! I WANNA SEE!! (Both run out door to find Annoyance)

Livi: (pounces Julieanna) Are you serious?! Does Kete REALLY have a dragon out there?!

Julieanna: Yes!! She--


Livi: NO!! We are NOT keeping a LIVE DRAGON!!!



Livi: DID EITHER OF YOU MANIACS HEAR KOMASU?! It could be dangerous!!

Julieanna: Seriously!!!

Tiku: Nu-uh! Annoyance said it can't spit fire yet and it can barely fly! It just kinda floats there!

Mowo: Yeah, and it was soooooo CUTE!!

Livi: Well, so is Tiku. You ever seen him in a fight?

Tiku: Dang it!! I HATE when she makes a good point...

Mowo: But, you met Tiku AFTER he became a warrior! It's just a little baby! We could raise it to be nice and sweet--

Livi: And a 300 mile long 20 ton fire-spitting flying death machine!! We're not keeping it and THAT'S FINAL!!! (turns to Nata) You're smart!! Tell 'em how STUPID that is!!

Nata: Dragons are mythical, meaning they're not supposed to exist, meaning this makes NO sense, meaning I'm staying out of it...

Livi: Gee, thanks, aren't you helpful...

Annoyance: (walks in, carrying a large orange-and-red and heavy-looking backpack) Oh THERE you are! I've been trying to find you for--

Livi: What did you do?! Where is this "dragon" everyone is so fired up about?! Annoyance, I swear if you've--

Annoyance: (nods to backpack) he's right here. Wanna meet him?

Livi: NO!! I do NOT want a DRAGON!! Annoyancfe, those things are DANGEROUS!! It could kill us all!!

Annoyance: So could Tiku, or even me. But we don't. Maybe he's just the same, sweet and innocent--

Livi: Or maybe he's like Daiyori and is going to wind up getting himself or ME killed...

Annoyance: Come ON!! You wanted epic, didn't you? I'm TRYING to help you!!

Livi: I don't care what you're TRYING to do!! This is no place for a Dragon!!

Annoyance: Well, let's find out...

Livi: What?! Annoyance, don't you dare--

Annoyance: (opens backpack) Come on out, little guy... meet your new best friend!

08/04/2008 09:19

Durithyll: (cowers behind couch) EEK!! don't die Liv!! I love you!!

Daiyori: great. so now Annoyance is taking on an apprectice or something. just something else to annoy us to death.

Roake: (holding back jacob from attacking the computer)


Roake: (sigh)


Durithyll: DON'T CUSS!! how many times do i have to tell you!?

Komasu: (covering ears with hands/wings) does this never stop!?

Roake: (grunts) actually, no. Jacob!! will you calm down!?

Komasu: (whimper)

08/04/2008 15:01

(cute little lizard head pokes out of backpack. Ligt purple with yellow eyes, dark blue claws and ridges running from head to tail.)

Nata: WHAT?! A real dragon?! But, they don't exist!! How is that possible?!

Livi: Oh my gosh... it's a real dragon...

Annoyance: Course it is!

Julieanna: (cowers behind Livi) That thing won't hurt us, will it?

Annoyance: I dunno... let's find out!

Livi: No! Don't--

Annoyance: (tosses bag lightly up, allowing dragon to break out and fly around the room)

Tiku: That thing is so crazy awesome!

Livi: No it's not! Annoyance, get rid of it before it hurts someone!!

Annoyance: Aw, but he just wants to play with you guys...

Livi: No, he--

Mowo: EEK!!!

(Dragon tackles into Mowo, sending both rolling across floor in a heap)

Julieanna: Mowo!

Livi: You see?! She could be hurt now--

Nata: Jacob is sooooo going to kill us...

Mowo: (squirms out from under dragon-glomp) But, I'm fine! He's just trying to play!

Livi: Well, his "game" almost took your head off!!

Mowo: (eyes dragon nervously)

Tiku: C'mon. Look at him! He's barely bigger than Mowo! How dangerous could he really be--

Mowo: OW!!! (Falls to the ground after attempting to free herself)

Livi: (runs over to Mowo) What happened?

Mowo: I dunno... it hurts...

Livi: What hurt-- (smacks dragon on the nose, causing it to fly off) OH MY GOSH!!

Mowo: What-- EEK!! (moves paw from her side, revealing a bleeding and decent-sized scrape down her right shoulder)

Livi: (death glare to Annoyance)

Annoyance: ... oopsie... that wasn't supposed to happen...

08/04/2008 16:37

Jacob: (stunned for a moment) (is now quickly over) YOU--YOU-- YOU ARE SO TOAST!! (lunges for the laptop, yeah, like that'll accomplish anything)

Roake: (lunges too, ramming into Jacob and knocking him to the ground)


Roake: (pinning him down with little success) no it --(grunts)-- didn't!! it was an --(grunts)-- ACCIDENT!!


Durithyll: (jumps on top of jacob to help keep him down) don't cuss! and stop squirming! you're hurting Roake!

Daiyori: yeah right. he's just hurting you, pansey.


Durithyll: ...(looks to Roake) zapping him would keep him calm.

Roake: but he's Jacob. Daiyori's he lighting rod, not this love-sick little furball here.

Durithyll: true...

Komasu: (perched on the kitchen counter holding Soundwave, and trying to stay as far away from the insanity as possible.)

08/04/2008 17:51

Julieanna: (treating Mowo's battle scar)

Mowo: Jacob, calm down! I'm fine, really-- OW!!!

Julieanna: If you'd stop squirmming, this'd be so much easier...

Tiku: Technically, you're not fine...

Mowo: Yes, I am...

Tiku: No, you're--

Mowo: (death glare and hissing through teeth) Yes... I... am...

Tiku: I think she's fine!

Nata: No! She got clawed by a DRAGON!! It could be venomous, or maybe it WAS trying to eat her, or it could be like a vampire and--

Tiku: Oh my gosh, Mowo's gonna turn into a dragon!!!

Mowo: You two REALLY aren't helping!!

(In the kitchen (others were in living room) dragon is tethered to the fridge with a white balloon string around his neck and Annoyance and Livi are whispering so the others won't hear...)

Livi: Look, I don't care! It almost killed Mowo! And Jacob almost killed us for LETTING it!

Annoyance: But, it was an accident! He didn't mean to hurt her, honest!

Livi: How do you know?! How do you know it's not just another death machine and it's only a matter of time before it puts her on her death-bed!?

Annoyance: But he wouldn't do that! He's so sweet, I really can't belive he did that to her!

Livi: Annoyance...

Annoyance: He's really just like a little lost puppy dog...

Livi: Annoyance, it's a DRAGON!! It kills, eats, and hurts innocent people and it only a matter of time before it happens to US!!

Annoyance: No! I've known him too long! He would never do anything like--

Livi: (motions to commotion in other room)

Annoyance: That was an accident! He wouldn't do that on purpose! Maybe he's just not used to someone that small--

Livi: Why would he be used to ANYONE?! Dragons are solitary animals, and you just brought it here to annoy me to no end!!

Annoyance: No, I really didn't! I...

Livi: Then why IS it here?! You just so "happened" to have a dragon bent on killing one of my favorite characters?!

Annoyance: No, I--

Livi: Then what's it doing here?! Why did you have it?!

Annoyance: (looks away) ...

Livi: ... fine then, don't talk.

Annoyance: ...

Livi: Look, I'm not saying this as your sister, I'm saying it as Queen of my reality... Give me one good reason to keep it or GET RID OF IT... (starts to walk to others)

Annoyance: ... one good reason...

Livi: (stops walking and waits) ...

Annoyance: ... I couldn't hide him from Finale any longer...

08/04/2008 19:27

jacob: whoa whoa wait, you're dumping you're PET on MY GIRLFRIEND!? because finale wouldn't let you keep it!?

Durithyll: awwww... now i feel sorry for it!! you should totally name him Lockheed!!

Jacob: uh, does that mean, "vile lizard from the depths of Hell"?

Durithyll: uh... no... it's the name of the ADORABLE little purple dragon from X-Men!!

Komasu: or you could with the obvious "Spryo".

Daiyori: or you can give the guy an original name. (glares at Durithyll) cause names are IMPORTANT. I'M SURE IT WOULD SUCK TO NOT HAVE A REAL NAME!!

Durithyll: hey!


Durithyll: ok, come on! you have a pretty awesome name now!!

Daiyori: 1) it took you HOW long to come up with a THREE syllable name!? ans 2) THE NAME IS JAPANESE!! I COME FROM AN AFRICA-LIKE COUNTRY!! WITH TRIBES!!

Durithyll: SHUT UP MAN!!

08/05/2008 05:53

Mowo: Oh my gosh we're keeping him?!

Julieanna: Oh my gosh no!!

Tiku: Yes! That'll be soooooo cool!

Nata: Shut up! It's not for us to decide, anyway...

Tiku: Whatever...

(Back to whisper conversation)

Livi: You were hiding that thing from Finale?!

Annoyance: Well, I knew if he found out he'd react worse than you!

(dragon): (hovers next to Livi's shoulder with his body in a sort of "egg-shaped")

Livi: Where did you even get it?!

Annoyance: ... When I was slipping through a bunch of different worlds one day...

Livi: Okay, um... (bats dragon away with hand. Pauses in shock as he floats right back) ... WHAT world?

Annoyance: ...

Livi: Annoyance?

Annoyance: I can't say... you'll be mad at me...

Livi: If you can't give me the WHOLE truth, he's goin'... so--

Annoyance: Your world...

Livi: What?!

Annoyance: sigh... I was in your real-world bedroom, and there was one of those balloon things tied to your bed. It was so cute, I... I made a duplicate and brought the real one to my room in the Mystery Manion...

Livi: (eyes dragon nervously) ... and?

Annoyance: Well, I dunno... I guess there was too much magic there or something but... It wouldn't float, and it was getting heavier and heavier and... one day it just... popped, and there he was (motions to dragon)

Livi: (holds dragon) ... so, let me get this straight... you kidnapped the cute balloon that has a crush on me, and it hatched like an egg into this lil cutie?

Annoyance: (nods feircly) Yes, exactly! But I stay here too often, so I can't make sure no one finds him! So, I was hoping--

Livi: I'd find him a decent home?

Annoyance: Yes! Even if we take him to Kabuchie and leave him in the mountians, I don't care! Just so long as we can find a good place for--

Livi: How 'bout here?

Annoyance: (takes a moment to register) ...what?

Livi: (smiles) this IS my balloon, isn't it? The one that has a crush on me?

Annoyance: Uh-huh...

(dragon): (kisses Livi on the cheek to prove the point)

Livi: Yeah, that's him alright... If he really is like that... maybe it wouldn't be so bad to--


(commotion errupts and fades from other room as others carry on conversation with Durithyll and co.)

Livi: ...Just how do we keep Jacob from slaying it?

Annoyance: Naw... as long as we keep him away from Mowo, we should be good.

Livi: Yeah, how hard can it be to tame a balloon?

Annoyance: So, you're really going to let him stay?

Livi: Yup... looks like we've got a new crew member...

08/05/2008 09:31

Jacob: WHAT!? that thing is worse than Zatannii!!

++Hey! at least i never mauled anybody++

Durithyll: quiet!! (turns to the computer) liv, we're happy for you! (glares at jacob) ALL of us are.

Jacob: i can't believe you!! that thing tried to EAT her!!

Durithyll: Jacob. calm down. NOW.

Jacob: hey! don't tell me to calm down!!
(grabs his belt, which has an assortment of wrenches, ratchets [SQUEEEEEE!!], and other tools) you don't want to fix it, fine! but i will! (walks out and slams door)


Durithyll: (sighs) Roake... go clean him up or something.

Roake: (grabs nearby dustpan and hand broom)

Komasu: why did...

Durithyll: he was going to go off and murder the poor dragon.

Komasu: oh.

Durithyll: yeah. anyway, liv, congratulations!! give that little dragon a hug for me!! and please, PLEASE, don't get eaten. we sort of like you.

08/05/2008 10:52

Livi: (hugs dragon for Durithyll) Oh my gosh! He's so cute!

Annoyance: He is isn't he?!

Nata: So, what's his name?

Annoyance: (looks to Livi)

Livi: ... what?!

Annoyance: What's his name?

Livi: ...You didn't name him?

Annoyance: I thought you did...

Livi: Last I saw him, he was a BALLOON...

Annoyance: Yeah, well... um...

Tiku: Well, he needs SOME name!

Livi: Yeah, I really don't think any of us want to repeat the whole "Nameless" ordeal...

Nata: Where's Mowo? She's good with names.

Livi: Somewhere spazzing over how "cute Jacob is when he's over-protective"

Nata: Ah...

Tiku: And Julieanna?

Livi: Scared of cutie...

Tiku: We're NOT naming him "cutie"!!

Livi: (sticks toungue out) I wasn't going to... but we need to call him something until we CAN find a name.

Nata: Okay... let's TRY (and fail) to approach this logically... what's his personality like?

Livi & Annoyance: Dunno

Nata: Okay... Behavior patterns?

Livi & Annoyance: Dunno

Nata: (Holds head in paw) Do either of you know ANYTHING about him?

Livi: You kiddin? I just met him! Annoyance-- is gone... SO NOT HELPFUL!!!

Tiku: We could try asking him...

Livi: Good idea! (turns to dragon, sitting in her arms) So, what are you like?

(dragon): (opens mouth and makes cute sqeaking noise, but no words come out)

Livi: Duh... he's just a baby, he can't talk yet!

Nata: Well, they mature fast, don't they?

Livi: ... I think...

Tiku: Then we just wait for him to grow up.

Nata: I'm sure we could have observed him plenty by then...

Livi: What would be a good Dragon name, though?

Tiku: Do like you did with us. Just throw together a buncha letters and see what happens!

Livi: But I always wind up with a FOUR LETTER NAME... I want a longer, better name...

Nata: Are you saying there's something wrong with our names?

Livi: No, and don't start. I need to find a good name for him!! Durithyll? Any ideas? (No, I'm not naming him after one of your fandoms)

08/05/2008 13:20

Durithyll: WHAT!? but Lockheed is so cute!! and he' always hanging around Kitty's neck!!

Daiyori: NO, Durithyll. you are NOT naming him after some purple lizard from X-MEN.

Durithyll: (crosses arm and huffs) well fine then! i won't help!

Roake: Durithyll...

Durithyll: (no response)

Roake: Durithyll...

Durithyll: (no response, but the resolve is slowly weakening)

Roake: Durithyll--


Daiyori: (confused) what just happened?

Roake: oh nothing... (goes back to painting)

Durithyll: jerk. anyway, how about, Jhereg?

Daiyori: that's the name of a dragon from ANOTHER book.

Durithyll: FINE!! then a how about--

Daiyori: you can't name him Temeraire either.

Durithyll: how did you...?

Daiyori: please. you are such a fangirl, and a stupid one at that. it's not hard to get you figured--


Roake: (eye twitch) There's no way that he doesn't KNOW that that's coming.

Durithyll: no idea...

Jacob: (still zapped)

08/06/2008 06:10


Livi: (shoves Mowo out of the way) That was so incredibly not helpful...


Nata: Daiyori's not stupid!! He's the only one in that group with half a brain--

Tiku: What about Komasu?

Nata: Yes, but she's apparantly scared of them... and personally, I don't blame her...

Livi: ANYWAYS!!! What are we going to name dragon?

Annoyance: How bout Dragon?

Livi: NO!! But we better hurry, cause that's startin' to wear off on me...

08/06/2008 08:50

Durithyll: yeah, you better hurry! names, uh, have a tendency to stick... (gives a sheepish grin to Daiyori)

Daiyori: jerk.

Jacob: gack!

(crashing sound as the trash can tumbles over and hits the ground, spilling jacob out onto the floor)

Jacob: (rubs head) ooooow... Roake! did you have to put me in the TRASH CAN!? isn't a BIT OBVIOUS that this would happen when D FINALLY decided to un-zapp me!? oi! (rubs the pack off his head and pulls his hand back to look at it, revealing have a eaten candy bar stuck in his fur)

Daiyori: (snickers at him)

Jacob: oh shut it! (crawls away from the trash can and into a standing position) aw maaaaan... (picks a banana peel off his shoulder, and other assortments of rotten fruit leftovers) dang it man!! who eats all this fruit!?

Komasu: uh, fruit bats tend to.

Jacob: (glare) i'm taking a shower. (storms off to the bath room)

Daiyori: what about--

Jacob: (door slams open) I'M COMING MOWO! THAT STUPID LIZARD--


Durithyll: (yells at the ashes) SHE'S FINE DUMB NUTT!! SO BACK OFF!!

08/06/2008 10:25


Livi: Mowo, please don't let your boyfriend kill my dragon--

Annoyance: MY dragon...

Livi: (glare)

Annoyance: Fine... whatever...

Livi: Okay, Durithyll? I had a random idea out of nowhere... what's the Japanese word for "forever"?

Julieanna: Oh, that would be good.

Livi: I know, right? How smart am I?

Annoyance: Well--

Livi: DON'T... START...

Annoyance: (doesn't start)

Nata: Well, this has spiraled--

Livi: I like that word...

Julieanna: What?

Livi: I liked the name "Spiral", but is it too close to "Spryo"?

Julieanna: I don't think so... Nata? You were saying?

Nata: That this has spiraled into quite the conflict...

Livi: Huh?

Tiku: She's right. The dragon almost killed Mowo, so Jacob has become its mortal enemy and wants to kill it, so Durityll keeps zapping him because she doesn't want him to kill it, and now Mowo's mad at Durityll and wants to kill her...

Livi: Oh no she won't--

Nata: She's already on her way out the door...

Livi: MOWO!!! KNOCK IT OFF!!! (throws dragon (who was sitting in her lap) off and into the air and runs out) YOU ARE NOT KILLING DURITYLL!!!!!

Mowo: (from different room) TRY AND STOP ME-- ACK!! NO, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

08/06/2008 19:08

Durithyll: she'd better not even try to come in here, or i'll zapp her so fast, her kids will be sizzling!

Daiyori: please. like she's get by the crazy lady who loves next door.

Durithyll: hmm... good point.

Komasu: what crazy lady?

Durithyll: there's a crazy old lady who lives next door. She's always complaining about how we're too loud, or that Roake's spray paints are going to give her cancer.

Roake: (stops painting for a sec) and then she started beating me with her cane... i've never seen any women cuss so much.

Durithyll: she's an... interesting character. let's just leave it at that. and i'll get to looking up translations, liv!

08/07/2008 11:57

Durithyll: okie day!! i ran those translations, and, like a lot of japanese words, some of them have multiple translations.

-itsumademo, (i-su-ma-day-mo)
-eiei, (ee-yay)
-matsudai, (ma-su-dye)
-suenagaku, (soo-en-na-gay-ku)
-sueshijuu (soo-en-shi-ju)

-rasen, (rah-sen)
-neji, (nay-jhee)
-supairaru, (su-pye-rar-u)
-kajou (kah-ju)

Some of these may or may not be accurate. remember that! anyway, i tried to spell out the pronunciations as best i could, but if it doesn't make sense, just tell me!

08/07/2008 13:43

Livi: Thanks on the translations! I'll look over 'em and try to find a good one. Thanks!

Annoyance: So what are we gonna name him?

Livi: I dunno... um...

Juieanna: Which names did you like?

Livi: Um... I like Kajou, Matsudai, and Sueshijuu...

Annoyance: You're never gonna be able to spell that last one

Livi: No, I'm not.

Julieanna: So, that leaves Kajou and Matsudai.

Livi: Yeah... Duri? What do you think?

(Response to first message)

Nata: Aw, man PLEASE don't get Mowo started on KIDS...

Tiku: I know... she acts stupid enough around Jacob...

Mowo: I DO NOT!!!

Tiku: OH COME ON!! You're the biggest retard I've ever met!


Nata: Yeah, ya kinda are...

08/07/2008 19:00

Durithyll: personally, i like Matsudai!! it's a nice, pretty purpleish-blue name! Kajou's cool and all, but it's too green. he's certainly NOT green! so--

Daiyori: woah woah wait. you did NOT just give NAMES COLOURS!!

Durithyll: course i did! when i hear a name, number, word etc. a colour always pops into my head! it's a very important factor whenever i'm choosing names.

Daiyori: and this relates to our names?

Durithyll: duh. "Daiyori" is rectangular and very black. "Roake" is a round, red name. And "Jacob" is VEEEERY green!

Daiyori: oh. and you assign shapes too?

Durithyll: sometimes. like Jacob doesn't really have a shape.

Daiyori: wow. you know, these are the kind of things you DON'T tell people.

Durithyll: oh shut up. anyway, i gave my opinion, but go with whatever name you think fits the cute li'l guy best!!

-----response to Liv's Mowo response-----

Daiyori: don't worry. Jacob acts like a total retard too. a protective, moronic, retard.

Jacob: I DO NOT!!

Daiyori: see? they even over-react the same way! (very sarcastic) they were meant for each other...

Jacob: SHUT UP!! (jumps Daiyori. for the fourth times or something)

Roake: sigh... (goes off to split them up. for the fourth time or something)

08/08/2008 13:33

I really like Matsudai too! And your right, it IS very purpleish!!

We love you, Durithyll, regardless of what Daiyori says!

Annoyance: So... his name's Matsudai?

Livi: Yeah, is that okay?

Annoyance: (stares at Dragon across the room) ...yeah... I like that... Forever...

Livi: Awww... Annoyance is having a fuzzy moment!!

Julieanna: (whisper) I didn't know she could do that...

Livi: (whisper) Yeah, me neither...

--(response to lovey-dovey something)--

Nata: Awww! Two over-protective idiotic retards... a match made in heaven...

Mowo: SHUT UP!! You guys are makin' fun of me!!

Tiku: No, we're not...

Mowo: YES... YOU ARE!!!

Tiku: No, we're making fun of Jacob too...

Nata: (in lovey-dovey voice) And how two over-reactive-idiots fit so perfectly together in a pairing-- ACK!! (gets jumped by Mowo)

08/08/2008 17:07

Durithyll: yay!! Matsudai it is!!

----response to the the crazy love thing----

Roake: (trying to pry Daiyori away from Jacob)

Daiyori: get... OFF ME!!

Jacob: (still fighting with Daiyori) leave me... ALONE!!

Daiyori: Not if you don't get off me!!

Jacob: Fine then!! (bites him behind the head)

Daiyori: Ow! you want to play it that way!? FINE!! (twists around and sinks his teeth into the back of his shoulder)

Jacob: OW!!! (struggles to get Daiyori's jaws open, but eventually manages to throw him off after a few seconds)

Roake: whoa!! (catches Daiyori)

Jacob: what was that?! (holding his shoulder, trying to stop the bleeding)

Daiyori: (shakes his head in order to clear it, then glares at jacob) you bit me first!!

Roake: (drops Daiyori rather ungracefully)

Roake: it uh... wasn't smart to bite a SNAKE. with nothing else to use, they tend to have rather strong jaws.

Daiyori: moron.

Roake: (hits him on top of the head)

Daiyori: hey!! (rubs head with tail) what was that for.

Roake: you're a moron for biting that hard.

Daiyori: hey! he--

Roake: Do i HAVE to act like the MOTHER around here!? honestly! you guys are all immature little kids half the time!

Jacob: hey, D is protective enough to be the mom. she's just not the reasonable, responsible, keep-the-kids-from-killing-each-other type.

Daiyori: you do know that you just confirmed the fact that we're a bunch of kids right?

Jacob: ...what? oh! no!! totally not kids! i've been through high school, and i am DONE with it!! Hey, Daiyori... you weren't born here, right?

Daiyori: yeah?

Jacob: do they have colleges and stuff back there?

Daiyori: no. they don't have any type of organized school system. SOME of the larger villages have your equivalent to elementary school, but other than that, nope. No college, no high school.

Komasu: (comes out of the safety of the closet) what?

Daiyori: (gets kind of ticked off) uh, yeah. i can read and write very well; and i can do some higher mathematics from watching other people, but i can't do much besides that.

Roake: really? oh...

(awkward silence)

Jacob: who wants pizza?

Daiyori: sounds good.

Roake: i'll get the phone.


aint it crazy who we have a habit of changing topics like mess?

hm. weird.

08/09/2008 06:14

We do change topics crazy much... well, now...


Livi: Alrighty then!! Where's cutie?

Tiku: Stop calling him that! Poor guy's gonna wind up worse than me!

Nata: You really think that's possible?

Tiku: (death glare)

Nata: I'm just sayin'...

Julieanna: ANYWAY!! Could we get back on topic maybe?!

Livi: Yeah, um... DRAGON!! Where is it?

Mowo: He.

Livi: Huh?

Mowo: It's a "he"... not an "it"...

Livi: Oh, yeah! My bad... where is he?

Annoyance: (steps in carrying dragon) I've got him!!

Livi: Awesome! (Takes dragon and plops him down in her lap) Okay... By the powers of StarClan--


Livi: Why can't I name him Matsudai?

Annoyance: Yeah, we like that name...

Mowo: No, STARCLAN!!! You are NOT naming him according to that stupid book!!!

Livi: I know, I know, I was just kidding!

Tiku: (whispers to Nata) I don't get it, what happened?

Nata: (whispers back) Not a clue...

Livi: Okay...

From this day forward, now and forever, this dragon is a crew member, and will be forever known as...


Annoyance: Yay!! (scoops up dragon into hug)

Matsudai: ...forever?...

Annoyance: (hugs tighter) Yeah... forever...

Julieanna: Oh my gosh!! He spoke!!

Livi: Awwww! His first word!

Mowo: And you tried to name him after the Warriors...

Livi: Shut up I wasn't serious!!!

Nata: hm. Matsudai... now he's a crew member...

Tiku: I pity that poor dragon, I really do...

08/09/2008 08:29


jacob: uhhhh... what?

Durithyll: NOTHING!!

Daiyori: (whispers to jacob) it was a fangirl thing gone bad. led to a whole lot of drama and frayed friendships due to a lot misunderstandings and overreacting annoyances.

Jacob: (whispers back) oh. i see.

Daiyori: (whispers) yeah.

Jacob: (whispers) you know, you can be, uh, harsh sometimes.

Daiyori: (whipsers) nope, just honest.

Jacob: (whispers) and the difference is?

Daiyori: (whispers) to small for you to comprehend. but it's there.

Jacob: Hey!!

Durithyll: anyway, congratulations Matsudai!! and welcome to insan--

Famine: (slips in suddenly and covers up durithyll's mouth) shh! you morons have GOT to stop saying that word!

Jacob: what word?

Famine: (still covering Durithyll's mouth) the word!

Jacob: and what word is that?

Famine: the word this moron almost said!

Durithyll: (pries Famine's hand off) i have a name you know!

Famine: whatever. just stop saying the "I" word.

Durithyll: what? Insani--

Famine: (covers up Durithyll's mouth) yes!

Jacob: why?

Famine: just stop, ok? (slips out)


Jacob: ...ok i'm confused.

Boredom: (slips in) she means--

Durithyll: BOREDOM!!! (Glomps Boredom before she can slip away)

Boredom: gyack!! (tumbles to the ground)

Durityhll: omigoshwemissedyouareyouok!!!

boredom: (slips out and slips back in, free of Durithyll's glomping, and brushes her dress to get the wrinkles out) does someone feel like translating?

Daiyori: "Oh my gosh we missed you are you ok."

Boredom: ok. that's weird. and yes, i'm fine. i just got a bit... carried away.

Daiyori: (sarcastic) really?

Durithyll: well i'm glad you're back!!

Boredom: thanks. and the reason for Famine's brusk visit, is that it seems that whenever people say "insanity", he sometimes shows up at the reality where they are.

Durithyll: oh.

Boredom: and he's been acting strange lately, so where trying to keep him in the Mansion as much as possible.

Daiyori: you mean stranger than usual?

Boredom: (glares) yes. and you need to back off. You're already on Finale's bad side, and although Famine would never admit it, you're ticking her off too.

Daiyori: forgive me if i don't care. if he's the man who gives out insanity, he needs to back off.

Boredom: (icy death glare) it's not your right to question. he's does what he's does for a reason. (slips out)

Daiyori: whatever. (turns around and stalks out the door)

Durithyll: Roa--

Roake: yeah. (follows him out the door)

Durithyll: (huffs) selfish snake... anyway, CONGRATUALTIONS MATSUDAI!! YOU'VE LOVE IT!!

Komasu: if you can take the insa--craziness that is.

Durithyll: don't mind her, she loves us!

08/09/2008 09:43

Livi: Yay! I gots a new Crew Member!!! (And sorry... couldn't resist...)

Mowo: This is going to be fun!! We have our own little mini-dragon now! (hugs Matsudai)

Nata: Mowo! What would Jacob--


Tiku: Wait a minute... is there a such thing as a "mini-dragon"?

Julieanna: Eep! That things not going to get any bigger, is he?

Annoyance: I dunno--


Annoyance: Well, I don't! He could get bigger but--

Matsudai: Balloon goes POP!!

Nata: He's going to explode?!

Mowo: Not if he doesn't get any bigger!!

Matsudai: Don't grow, don't pop.

Mowo: See?

Livi: But, he WON'T grow, right?!

Annoyance: He's a balloon!

Livi: Okay, good...

Tiku: So, just to be clear... he's not going to explode, and he's going to stay that size?

Livi: Um...

Matsudai: Yup-yup! Mini-dragon!

Livi: (gestures to Matsudai) There ya go.

Annoyance: So, his name's right! He's going to be around forever!

Julieanna: (slumps in seat) Oh joy...

Livi: Aw, I love him!

Mowo: Me too!

Nata: (snickers)

Mowo: SHUT UP!!! You KNOW I love Jacob a zillion times more than anyone else in ANY world!!!

Tiku: You know the computer's still recording this, right?

Mowo: (turns 3 shades of red) Nu-uh!!

Nata: Too late! (hits "submit")

08/11/2008 13:29

Durithyll: OMIGOSH!! that is so SWEET!! awwww...

Komasu: it really is! so, (turns to Jacob) how long have you two been going out?

Jacob: (blushes) ...since July 5, 2008.

Durithyll: you remember it down to the DAY!? THAT'S SO INCREDIBLY ADORABLE!!! (glomps jacob. like, SERIOUSLY glomps jacob)

08/12/2008 14:49

Livi: Awwww!! That IS sweet!!!

Mowo: (blushing) That is so sweet Jacob!! Most guys wouldn't remember that!!

Annoyance: Hang on...

Livi: What?

Annoyance: A thought occurs to me... Have Jacob and Mowo ever been on a date?

Livi: They've had their share of fuzzy moments if that's what you mean--

Annoyance: It's not... I mean, have they ever gone on a DATE?!

Julieanna: You mean like a romantic dinner, just the two of them?

Livi: Glomped to death with fuzzy adorable pairing moments?

Annoyance: Yes, EXACTLY like that...

Livi: Are you phycic or something? Me and Shannon were talkin' bout that today!!

Annoyance: Really now?

Julieanna: Oh my gosh!! If you and Annoyance agree, then we HAVE to do it!! That would be so cute!!

Livi: I KNOW!!! Hey, Mowo, what-- Mowo? (looks around and finds no trace of Mowo)

(In the Game Room (as others were in Bedroom) Tiku's playing video games while Matsudai and Nata watch)

Tiku: (Gets glomped by something and hits the floor rather roughly) ACK!!

Nata: Ohmigosh!! Are you okay?!

Matsudai: Mowo! Mowo!

Tiku: (Rolls over, as Mowo gets off) Oi!! What the heck was that for?!

Mowo: I need help!! Go shred Livi!!

Tiku: Wha?

Nata: Mowo, are you feeling okay?

Mowo: NO!! Livi's trying to set me up on a DATE with Jacob!!

Nata: And this is a bad thing?

Matsudai: Jacob?

Nata: Her boyfriend. The weasle mechanic that lives with Durithyll?

Matsudai: (nods fiercly)

Tiku: I thought you LOVED him? Why are you so scared of a date?

Mowo: I Don't Know!!! I've never been on one before!!

Nata: (hops off couch and next to Mowo) I think it's adorable!! You should totally do it!!

Mowo: ...really? Ya think?

Nata: Of course!! If you really love Jacob, this a chance to get him all to yourself for a whole night!!

Mowo: (blushes) I dunno... we've never done anything really ROMANTIC...

Nata: Well, this is your shot at it!!

Mowo: But it'll be all... weird...

Nata: Oh, come ON!!! Jacob's your BOYFRIEND!! You two are IN LOVE and need to go on a DATE!!! It'll be just the two of you, without any of us there to poke fun at you!! No Tiku, or Me, or Daiyori, or Livi and Durithyll being spazzes...

Mowo: (smiles and still blushing) ...yeah... that does sound cool...

Nata: So...?

Mowo: (pauses)...I dunno... what would Jacob think?

08/13/2008 16:45

Durithyll: (looks over at jacob)

Jacob: will you guys QUIT butting into my love life!?

Daiyori: oh please. we all know that you'd never get serious with this if we weren't here to push you along.

Jacob: i would too!

Daiyori: no you wouldn't! you're to shy and nervous as it is! you'd want to, but you'd NEVER ACTUALLY DO IT.

Jacob: shut up!

Durithyll: sooo?

Jacob: ...i would love to.

Durithyll: Yes!! (glomps)


(Roake and Jacob are relatively alone on the couch, with no one listening in on them)

Jacob: sigh...

Roake: (looks over from his sketch pad) want to tell me whats wrong?

Jacob: nothing!

Roake: (gives him the look)

Jacob: ...fine! just stop doing that!

Roake: (smiles, rather pleased with himself) so, start talking.

Jacob: it's Mowo.

Raoke: obviously.

Jacob: just lemme talk, ok? anyway, i love her! i do! but, i'm just so nervous!

Roake: understandable.

Jacob: what if i screw this up! what if i do something totally stupid and and totally me, and end up messing up this whole relationship!

Roake: Jacob, she loves you for who you are. yes, it's been said in every love conflict a thousand times over, and that's because 93% percent of the time, it's true.

Jacob: and the other 7%?

Roake: money and fame. but that's obviously not the case here.

Jacob: yeah. we're dirt poor. heck! that's another thing! she's used to living RICH! i mean, one of her best friends is ROYALTY! i'm a MECHANIC!

Roake: and you think she doesn't know that? please. there are NO secrets between us and the Crew. seriously.

Jacob: yeah, but... still. what if i screw this up?

Roake: you won't. You'll be nervous as heck when you walk up to her front door, and even on the drive there, but once you arrive at the restaurant, everything will fall into place. honest.

Jacob: (looks over at Roake) thanks Roake. i guess theres a reason that you're the go-to guy for advice.

Roake: (slightly offended) you guess?

Jacob: oh come on. i complimented you! now... uh, how do you, uh... organize a, uh... date?

08/14/2008 18:01


Tiku: (covers ears) Oi! Could you be any more SPASTIC?!

Nata: Oh shut up!! This is a big deal for Mowo!!

Mowo: (collapses on the ground and nearly faints) Oh my gosh... this is soooo cool...

Matsudai: (cocks head to the side) Mowo?

Nata: Oh yeah, she's fine...

Tiku: She just tends to be an idiot when she's nervous--

Mowo: SHUT UP!! I'm not nervous!!

Tiku: Yes, you are!!

Mowo: No, I'm NO--

Tiku: (clamps paw over her mouth) Mowo, I raised you from kithood... I think I know when you're nervous...

Mowo: (moves his paw) shuttup...

Nata: So, what do you have in mind for your FIRST DATE?

Mowo: OH MY GOSH!!! It's my FIRST DATE!! And with JACOB!!!

Tiku: Just figure that out, did we?

Mowo: Shut up!! What do I do?!

Livi: (from different room) Guys!! What is Mowo spazzing about?!

Nata: Livi!! She's the creator!! She'll know what to do!!

Mowo: Great idea!! LIVI!! (scampers off to fiind Livi)

Durithyll and Livi
08/31/2008 15:24

First off, me and Livi would like to apologize

ok, maybe she would, but i want blame Boredom first!! she's being a meanie butt and the only inspiration she feels like giving us is of the epic kind!! aka, not cute and fluffy!!

sigh. ok, NOW im ready to apologize.

Because of lost inspiration, me and liv have decided to put this Epic Comment Posting on Hiatus. Dont worry though! we will continue to work on it, just not on the Playground. Once we have finished it, it will be posted in full on Here.Weebly.

And because of this epic inspiration, we accidentally started an Epic Comment Posting on the blog! the second to latest blog entry to be exact. anyway, i'm currently working on transfering that ECP, to the playground, where it belongs.

again, i apologize for the inconvenience.

-D and Livi

08/31/2008 16:05

Weebly field (10 bucks i spelled that wrong...) trip?! SQUEE!!! OH MY GOSH HECK FLIPPIN YES I'M GOING!!!

(reads over comment 6 or 7 times) ...bleah... that doesn't look nearly HALF as spazztic as I am...

isn't there any funny font stuff? Can I turn it green or orange or something? (bangs repeatedly on the keyboard)

Mowo: (watches for a bit) ...what... are... you doing?

Livi: Trin' to make the letters up there (points to field trip almost-spazz) do a funny...

Mowo:...so to fix the problem you're imitating Daiyori...

Livi: (pauses in banging) ... what?

Mowo: Remember when Durithyll was at the computer and she ran to the downstairs computer in a rather violent spazz-attack?

Livi: Yeah, of course...

Mowo: Daiyori and Roake had to tell us she was okay, but Daiyori couldn't work the keyboard so--

Livi: (starts banging on the keyboard again) --so he was just slapping his tail on the keyboard like an idiot!!

Mowo: Yup.

Livi: Which is what I'm doing!!

Mowo: Yup.

Livi: Oh... (stops banging... looks to the computer) Wait, who's site are we on?

Mowo: (you're-an-idoit-expression)Durithyll's...

Livi: Are you sure?

Mowo: (points to "crazedmindofthefangirl.weebly.com")

Livi: Oh duh! Ignore that rambling! We love you Daiyori!! Really!!

Mowo: Even if you can't work a keyboard!!

Livi: You shut up!! You're the one dating a weasle mechanic!!

08/31/2008 16:06

Jacob: hey! is there a problem--

Daiyori: HEY! its not my fault that the keys are too small for a TAIL!!

Roake: but you didnt have to smash it with your tail. repeatedly.

Daiyori: and what do you suggest?

Raoke: use the TIP of your tail.

Daiyori: ...whatever. at least im not banging my HEAD against it when i want to the font to do a "funny"!

08/31/2008 16:08

Livi: No, Jacob, we don't have a problem with JacobxMowo!! And it's not my fault the comments hate me!!

Mowo: What?

Livi: The comments won't do a funny... And yeah, that seems to be the term for "doing something unusual or retarted" or something along those lines...

Annoyance: Kinda like your brain?

Livi: Yeah, kinda like--HEY!!!

Annoyance: Idiot...

Livi: Yeah, I'M the idiot...

Annoyance: Just a bit...

Livi: Shut up!!

Mowo: (while their arguing, looks up the email files) ...haha... (to Daiyori) you were still Nameless in that conversation--

Livi: (notices Mowo) what are you doing?

Mowo: (switches to a different email) lookin'...

Livi: (leans over her shoulder) At what?

Mowo: It took her HOW long to find him a name?!

Livi: I dunno, but... (clicks on "names") it took her THAT long to make it official...

Mowo: Hah! Loser!

Livi: Aw, I love Daiyori! And Nameless!!

Annoyance: Wait, wait, wait... Nameless?

Livi: When we first met Daiyori, he didn't have a name... so we just called him "Nameless"...

Annoyance: ... Nameless?

Livi: Yeah! (opens Archivies->Issue 1 and points to screen) Right there!

Annoyance: "nameless snake guy"?

Livi: Yeah...

Mowo: Aw, poor Daiyori...

Annoyance: And yet he DARES to call JACOB pathetic?!

Livi: It's not pathetic!! It's me and Durithyll lacking the ability to come up with a fitting name!!

Mowo: Why you?

Livi: Are you kidding? I changed Nata's and Tiku's names six or seven times before they became canon.

Annoyance: THAT'S what you ment on the Matsudai thing!!

Livi: Yeah!! We didn't want finding his name to take as long as finding Daiyori's!!

Mowo: Or finding Boredom!!

Livi: Oh my gosh yes!! (and don't forget to bring that, Duri!!)

08/31/2008 16:09

Durithyll: yes yes yes yes yes... i know! i wont!

Daiyori: yeah, right.

Durithyll: shut up!

Komasu: wait, Daiyori didn't have a name? what?

Daiyori: sigh... its customary among my people to gain a new name when you travel.

Komasu: that's sad!

Daiyori: not really.

Boredom: (sarcasm) thats strangely sentimental of you.

Daiyori: (glares) its custom.

Komasu: wait... so how do you get a new name?

Daiyori: someone else gives it to you! and that happened to be Durithyll! she just took her her sweet time (glares). now can we please move on from me!

Durithyll: jerk. and fine! so, uh yeah! i'll make sure to remember the Boredom fic!

Boredom: yeah right. im sure she thought about finding me BEFORE FOUR WEEKS!!

Durithyll: (cowers) i'm sorry!!

Boredom: I DONT CARE!!

Zatannii: i'm going to end this comment now! I dont think getting a detailed description of how an Elemental as creatively sadistic as Boredom can kill some one for the sake of exacting revenge would be very good for Mastudai! Bye!

08/31/2008 16:10

Matsudai: (pokes out from under desk) Matsudai what?

Livi: Ack!! How long have you been down there?! (kicks at Matsudai) Get out!!

Matsudai: (yelps in surprise and flutters in the air in a desperate attempt to get out of Livi's reach)

Annoyance: LIVI STOP IT!!

Livi: (stops it)

Annoyance: (grabs a panicked Matsudai and holds him tight, trying to calm him down) Shhh, shhh... it's okay, calm down...

Matsudai: (panting for breath, but starts to chill out...)


Livi: Didn't you hear Zatannii?! It really can't be too aweful good for him to be sitting here litsening to us!!

Annoyance: I don't know what you're talking about--

Mowo: About us sitting here poking fun at Daiyori and picking fights at every availible point, maybe?

Livi: Exactly!! You know how resistant I was to keeping him in the first place. Dragons tend to be a bit reckless, so I intended to raise him with SLIGHTLY high moral values at LEAST!!

Annoyance: Oh like you lot can talk!!

Livi: What?!

Annoyance: You KNOW you're exactly like me!!

Livi: Nu-uh!!

Annoyance: Yeah-huh!!

Mowo: How so?

Annoyance: Picking fights, poking fun, annoying the heck out of each other--

Livi: That's YOU--

Annoyance: And you've done my job FOR me in the past FIVE COMMENTS!!!

Livi: All the more reason for him to GET OUT!!

Matsudai: (shrinks back into Annoyances arms, and looks quite pitiful)

Mowo: (overtaken by cuteness) Aaaaawwww!!! C'mon Liv, let him stay...

Livi: NO!! I don't want him to get all this fighting and stuff in his head!! (turns to Annoyance) Put... him... out...

Annoyance: Fine... (pauses) ...Tiku!!

Tiku: (from Game Room) What?!

Annoyance: Come teach Matsudai how to play your game--


Annoyance: Don't you want Matsudai to--

Livi: (hissing through teeth) You know darn well Tiku's in there playing the most violent game he can get his hands on!

Annoyance: (also whispering) And...?

Tiku: Liv, What is Annoyance talking about?!

Annoyance: (smug look)

Livi: (hissing) i hate you... (screaming at Tiku) Nothing!! Nevermind!!

Annoyance: (smiles and hugs Matsudai)

08/31/2008 16:11

Daiyori: someones a bit protective of their lizard...

Jacob: well now! lookit that! so is Durithyll!

Daiyori: (evil death glare)

Jacob: (friendly sneer) what.

Durithyll: (doesn't notice) aw! trying to keep Matsudai innocent huh? how sweet!

Roake: (sighs, sitting on the couch) she is so oblivious.

Boredom: (standing behind the couch leaning on it in between Roake and Komasu) just a bit.

Roake: we've had entire conversations about her before and she hasn't noticed.

Komasu: (sitting on the couch as well) really?

Roake: yeah. mainly when she's talking to someone, reading, writing, or drawing.

Durithyll: (still doesn't notice) How do you plan on keeping Matsudai out of all the mayhem? i mean, we just seem to be apocalyptic-universe-threatening-events-of-doom magnets!

Roake: Once, Durithyll was reading on FF, and Daiyori was sitting there on the couch right behind her, insulting her.

Komasu: how long did this go on?

Jacob: 8 minutes and 43 seconds. Jacob timed it.

Komasu: oh. does Durithyll know this?

Roake: oh, Daiyori's tried to use it against her when they're in one of their arguments, but she never believes him.

Boredom: now thats just sad.

Roake: mmm...

Durithyll: (has yet to notice) You know, liv, whenever you say, "GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!" he may think that you dont love him anymore, and try to run away. just saying! i HATE it whenever sad stuff like that happens just because of misunderstandings.

Komasu: when is she going to notice?

Roake: she may never notice.

Durithyll: just saying!!

Boredom: she wont.

08/31/2008 16:17

Livi: Naw, I wouldn't worry about it!

Julieanna: Seriously... with Annoyance around, I really don't think the "un-loved" issue is ever going to arise.

Mowo: I know! She spoils him frikkin' rotten!! And like NO ONE is allowed within 3 MILES of him or else!!

Nata: Kinda like your boyfriend?

Mowo: Shut up!!

Livi: Aw, quit makin' fun of Mowo! She's too lovesick to put up with that kind of stuff!!

Mowo: Was that seriously supposed to be helpful?!

Julieanna: Not really...

Tiku: Hey, where's Annoyance and Matsudai?

Livi: (waves toward door) Out there somewhere...

Tiku: oh... (stares blankly in that direction)

Nata: Tiku? You okay?

Tiku: (doesn't hear) Hey, Liv?

Livi: Yeah?

Tiku: Didn't you say Matsudai has a crush on you?

Livi: Yeah!! The cute lil' balloon that followed me home!!

Tiku: (slightly worried) and you said WHAT to him?

Livi: (freezes)

Julieanna: Calm down, Liv--

Livi: (reads over Durithyll's comment) Oh my gosh!! What if he DOES run away?! What if I broke his heart or something?!

Julieanna: Livi! Calm down! I'm sure Annoyance will take care of any missunderstandings...

Livi: It's ANNOYANCE!!!

Julieanna: I know, but she loves that dragon more than she loves herself! She won't let anything happen to him...

Livi: (calming down a bit) yeah... yeah, I guess you're right... I just don't know if-- ACK!!! (gets nailed in the head out of nowhere and hits the ground roughly)

Julieanna: Oh my gosh!! (helps her up) Are you okay?!

Livi: (sits up, rubbing her head) NO!! What the heck was-- Annoyance?!

(Annoyance is standing a ways off, tears streaming down her face)

Annoyance: He's gone.

Livi: ...What?


08/31/2008 16:23

Daiyori: well now. this is cliched.

Durithyll: OH NO!! MATSUDAI!! what are we going to do!? is there anything that we can do? we'll start looking! (turns around and kicks jacob, who was sleeping on the couch)

Jacob: hey! i was--

Durithyll: shut up!! we need to go find Matsudai!

Jacob: uh, what? whats going--

Durithyll: SHUT UP! (pulls him to a standing position and pushes him towards the door)

Jacob: but, can you--

Durithyll: NO!! START WALKING!!

(Durithyll slams the door closed after she pushes jacob out)

(group silence)

Komasu: what just happened?

Roake: ...i think that Durithyll just shanghaied jacob into the search for Matsudai.

Komasu: and not the rest of us?

Daiyori: Durithyll tends to get stupid when she spazzing. Jacob was the first person she saw, so she kind of zeroed in on him.

Komamsu: oh. so what do we do?

Zatannii: watch all the explosion scenes from "Die Hard" on repeat! don't you love to see the brilliance of the explosions, knowing that they can cause such mass destruction?

Komasu: ...Zatannii, are you always this sadistic?

Zatannii: not sadistic, just seeing the brighter side of life! When you spend your entire life dealing with the crimes of the truly sadistic, its all you can do to see the brighter side of something.

Daiyori: you just... told us something about yourself.

Zatannii: did i? hm. i guess i'll just have to kill you now!

Komasu: wha-what!?

Zatannii: i'm just joking! see? (pulls out his standard issue pistol from his side holster) not shooting anyone!

Komasu: (dives behind the couch) put that down!!

Zatannii: what? oh, ok! (holsters it)

Komasu: (quietly) what have i gotten myself into!?

Roake: (crouches down beside her) a whole of mess of insanity.



Jacob: can we PLEASE go home? what are we--

Durithyll: NO!! NOW KEEP LOOKING!!

Jacob: (whimpers)

08/31/2008 16:24



Livi: MATSUDAI, ANSWER US!! Aw, man... where could he be?

Annoyance: MATSUDAI!! Matsudai-- (voice cracks)

Livi: Annoyance? Are you okay?

Annoyance: (sniff) no... how are we ever going to find him?

Livi: I don't know, but we will; don't worry!

Annoyance: (sits down against some random building) This is hopeless... As big as this place is, and with all the trouble he could get into... He... He's not... (starts to sob)

Livi: (cringes) C'mon Annoyance, don't think like that!

Annoyance: (continues sobbing)

Livi: (deep sigh) (sits down next to Annoyance) Look, Annoyance, I miss him just as much as you do--

Annoyance: (glares daggers through tears)

Livi: ...okay, maybe not QUITE as much as you... but he's one of us, and I'm not gonna lose him this easy...

Annoyance: (sniff) Yeah right... you're the one who scared him off...

Livi: By accident! I was trying to protect him! Had I known this would happen I never would have said anything!

Annoyance: (still crying; pretends not to hear)

Livi: (sigh) But, you're right...

Annoyance: (takes a moment) ... I am?

Livi: (nods sadly) I shouldn't have said that to him, regardless of my intentions... I'm sorry, Annoyance...

Annoyance: (looks away) don't apologize to me. I'm not the one lost and alone without a clue in this place...

Livi: (turns away)

Annoyance: (sob) ...we're never gonna find him... (looses it, and starts to cry uncontrolably)

Livi: (puts her arms around Annoyance's shoulders) Annoyance, I can't stand to see you like this... (tears start to form) please stop crying...

Annoyance: I can't! Wha-what if Matsudai gets s-sick or something?!

Livi: Then he'll get better; I'll make sure of it...

Annoyance: But, what if we c-can't find him? What if I n-never see him again?!

Livi: You will see him. I'm gonna find him if it's the last thing I do...

Annoyance: (sniff) ...really?

Livi: (wipes away Annoyance's tears) of course... you're my twin sister... you're closer to me than any of the others, even Mowo and Julieanna!

Annoyance: You're just saying that...

Livi: No, I'm not... We're sisters; and that means we're there for each other, no matter what... I don't like to see you hurt, and I want to make it better...

Annoyance: (smiles)

Livi: (stands up and offers hand) well? sisters?

Annoyance: (takes Livi's hand, pulls herself up, and hugs her tight) I don't thing there's a person in the world luckier than me right now...

Livi: (smiles) right... now, c'mon, we've got a dragon to find!

Annoyance: (smiles)(runs off into the city, pulling Livi behind her)

08/31/2008 16:26

Komasu: aw, that's so sweet! i guess that there really is more to Annoyance.

Daiyori: yeah, sentimental stupidity.

Komasu: hey! what was that? you'd care if one of us went missing!

Daiyori: you guys are a bit more competent then a helium inflated dragon.

Roake: you dont even try to hide your distaste for the Elementals do you?

Daiyori: obviously.

Roake: (semi-glares, more in a "explain this to me" way, not in an angry way)

Daiyori: how are we even able to keep track of Livi and and even Jacob and Durithyll while they're away from the computer anyway?

Zatannii: (from the laptop) oh! i can answer that!

Daiyori: (groans) its a good thing Jacob isn't here.

Zatannii: Boredom's always out watching you guys act incurably insane, and then she forwards the information to me! i add them to the comment, and voila! instant intel!

Daiyori: least it makes sense.

---------- elsewhere (the park) ----------

Jacob: Durithyll... we've searched the park eight times already... shouldn't we move on?

Durithyll: shut up! do you not watch the movies? every time someone runs away in a city, they ALWAYS end up at the park.

Jacob: or dead in an alley.

Durithyll: WHAT!? who are you, Zatannii!?

Jacob: NO! don't ever compare me to that psycho!!!

Durithyll: (pulls out uber walkie-talkie that livi SHOULD have with her) hey, liv, we searched the park and he's not here. we're gonna check the back sections of the city now. (waits for a response)

Jacob: shouldn't we get the others? Komasu could fly around and stuff...

Durithyll: (smacks herself) of course!! i got so caught up in all of this i forget the others!!! (puts down the walkie) HEY!! PEOPLE!! GET OVER HERE AND HELP US FIND MATSUDAI!!

---------- back at the Apartment ----------

Daiyori: does Durithyll know that we can "hear" her?

Roake: she shouldn't...

Daiyori: well then... (sinks back into the couch)

Roake: (grabs him and tosses him over his shoulder) dont even try convincing me that you're not worried about Matsudai. 'cause i know it's not true. (walks out the door with Komasu close behind)

Daiyori: (grumbles) put me down, flea-bag.

Roake: komasu, fly ahead and tell D we're on our way.

Komasu: gotcha! (takes off toward the park)

---------- the park ----------

Durithyll: dang it. we should probably head back to get the others. but i don't want to stop looking! (picks up the walkie) hey, liv, not sure if you heard me, but we're heading for the back sections of town. (waits for a response)

08/31/2008 16:31

Livi: (stops walking)

Annoyance: Liv? You okay?

Livi: Um... uh... (looks around)

Annoyance: What's wrong?

Livi: Not sure... I think it might be squeelepathy--

Annoyance: Squee-lepathy?

Livi: --Fangirl-telepathy... Man! I wish I'd remembered my-- (something large nails her in the head)

Annoyance: Don't look at me! I didn't do that!

Livi: I know! YOU make the air explode, that was... (looks around for object that was hurled at her)

Julieanna: (walking up) Looking for this? (hands her--)

Livi: My Walkie Talkie!! (snatches)

(others scamper up behind Julieanna)

Tiku: Yeah, REAL smart to leave your only contact with Durithyll at home.

Mowo: She's been trying to call you for a while.

Livi: She has? (tries to radio Durithyll)

Nata: Yup. She said something about "the back section of town".

Julieanna: She and Jacob already searched the park, and the rest of the Residents are coming to help look--

Nata: Daiyori against his will...

Livi: And yet, Matsudai ran away because he didn't feel LOVED?!

Tiku: Speaking of LOVE, know who else is lookin' for Matsudai?


Nata: You know Durithyll just dragged Jacob out here, right?

Mowo: Yes, and I also know Jacob's fully capable of leaving, but he DIDN'T!! SQUEE!!!

Annoyance: Maybe we should head back that way too... we've covered this area pretty good already...

Livi: Good idea. (presses buttons on walkie 'til she gets Duri's signal) Hey, Duri? We're gonna head back towards you guys, 'K? (waits for reply)

Annoyance: Well, let's get goin'! (grabs Livi and pulls her along)

Julieanna: (giggles) C'mon guys, we better keep 'em out of trouble. (runs after the two, Nata perched on her shoulder)

Tiku: (starts to run, but stops when Mowo doesn't follow) Mowo? You alright there?

Mowo: ...

Tiku: (puts arm around her shoulder) Hey, what's wrong?

Mowo: (snaps out of it) Nothing. I... just don't have a good feeling about this...

Tiku: There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just Here...

Mowo: I know, but...

Tiku: (looks uncertain, then smirks and whispers in her ear) If we DO get into trouble, I'm sure you're BOYFRIEND will protect you...

Mowo: (smiles) Ohmygosh!! JACOB!! SQUEE!! (runs off to catch up with the others)

Tiku: (smiles and shakes head) Same old Mowo...

08/31/2008 16:33

Durithyll: (here's liv over the walkie) okay, we'll wait for you at the park then. it'll be easier to find us. We'll be standing in front of the fountain. over and out.

Jacob: i'll head back to the apartment to get the others.

Durithyll: yeah, you do that. i'll wait here--

Komasu: (lands right on front of them) hey! (breaths heavily) sorry to keep you waiting. Roake and Daiyori are on their way here, Roake just wanted me to fly ahead and tell you two.

Durithyll: oh! ok. we're waiting for Livi and the others to arrive. that way we can organize a search pattern or something.

Komasu: all right. Roake and Daiyori cant be too far behind.

---------- elsewhere ----------

(Roake and Daiyori are running down the street, and getting many strange looks along the way due to the fact that Daiyori is slung over Roake's shoulder)

Roake: Daiyori! will you quit squirming!? i'm going to drop you!

Daiyori: then drop me!!

Roake: no! you are way to slow!

Daiyori: am not!

Raoke: can we have this argument LATER!?

Daiyori: (huffs angrily but doesn't argue)

09/01/2008 05:33

Livi: (hears Durithyll) Sounds like a plan! (stops running, tearing her from Annoyance)

Annoyance: (stops a few feet ahead) What's wrong?

Livi: Duri said she'd met us at the park.

Julieanna: Did she? Are the others there?

Livi: I think so. C'mon. (starts for alleyway)

Annoyance: Where are you going?

Livi: (sticks head around corner) Uh... the park maybe?

Nata: We already established that, didn't we?

Annoyance: (takes a step backwards down the sidewalk) But... I thought...

Tiku: For an elemental, you sure do get lost easy...

Mowo: (points towards Livi) The Park's THIS way, sweetie...

Annoyance: (throws confetti-bomb at Mowo) Don't talk to me like that. We can get to the Park from either way.

Livi: Yeah, but this way's a shortcut...

Mowo: (Coughs out bits of confetti) Besides, it's YOUR dragon's time we're taking up.

Tiku: Lovesick has a point. We're wasting enough time by standing here and arguing about it.

Annoyance: (crosses arms) Well, look... I don't care how quick that way is, I don't have a good feeling about any of this...

Mowo: (whispers to Tiku) That makes two of us...

Tiku: (whispers back) You'll be fine, chill out...

Annoyance: As an all-powerful Elemental, I say we're going THIS way...

Livi: (smirks) And, as Queen of my reality, a.k.a. (grabs Annoyance's wrist) The Boss of You, I say we're going THIS way. (pulls Annoyance towards the alley)

(Annoyance stares down the alley. The park is visible and Komasu, Jacob, and Durithyll can be seen near the fountian)

Annoyance: (goes pale) Liv, I REALLY don't think we should be doing this...

Livi: But, they're just right there.

Mowo: (spots the park) JACOB!!!! SQUEE!!! (takes off, no doubt to glomp him)

Annoyance: No, Mowo!! Get--Grrr...

Livi: (whispers as others follow Mowo) Hey, what's your problem?

Annoyance: I just... Do we really NEED the Residents help?

Livi: (cold glare) YES, we need the Residents help...

Annnoyance: (no reply)

Livi: Even if we didn't NEED it, we'd WANT it... they're our best friends (and boyfriend in Mowo's case) and they could help us...

Annoyance: I don't know... Hey, isn't this the place you guys first started to look for BOREDOM when she got GOT?

Livi: (uneasy look) Yeah... but, don't worry!! We're not even looking around the park! We're just organizing a search for the back end of town, 'k? (runs off towards park, rather than waiting for reply)

Annoyance: (stares after her) The... BACK end of town...? (looks up towards sky) Good heavens, Finale, what have they gotten themselves into?!

Durithyll and Livi (zey ar wurking on dis togeder)
09/09/2008 18:12

Jacob: so, when do you think -- (something grey and furry crashes into jacob)

Mowo: (from glomp) Hey, Jacob!!

Jacob: oof! hi Mowo! is everyone else with you?

Mowo: yu[, they--

Tiku: Mowo, cant you leave the poor guy alone for three seconds?!

Jacob: (struggles to get Mowo off) apparently not...

Durithyll: whoa wait, where's Annoyance?

Livi: huh? oh, she's... (looks around)

Julianna: not here...

Durithyll: should we go look for her?

Nata: we should probably find Matsudai first.

Livi: yeah, Annoyance can handle herself. I'm worried about Matsudai...

Durithyll: ok, so -- oh! Roake and Daiyori! (looks around) where are they...

Komasu: (looks around) there they are! (points)

Roake: (runs over with Daiyori still slung over his back) (pants) hi, sorry... we had to run... (slides a very cross looking Daiyori off his shoulder and onto the ground)

Daiyori: Roake, never do that--

Livi: (hurls her walkie-talkie at Daiyori and nails him in the head) I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT MATSUDAI!!!

Daiyori: (on the ground due to the impact) hey!! what was that for!?

Livi: cause you're a JERK about Matsudai!!

Daiyori: what -- oh! the whole "heliem-inflated lizard" thing?

Durithyll: what!? you called him that!?

Daiyori: yeah, your point?

Livi: (kicks him rather roughly) MY POINT IS YOU'RE A JERK!!

Nata: (whispers to Julianna) is it just me, or is that anti-productive...

Daiyori: (over heard) yes --ow!-- it is. --ow!-- in fact --ow!-- we should --OW!! WILL YOU QUIT!?

Livi: (hadn't stopped kicking him) TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT--

Tiku: (drags Livi off Daiyori) Leave the poor snake alone...

Livi: but he--

Julianna: BACK ON TOPIC... how should we go about finding Matsudai?

Durithyll: ok, we covered all the areas of town except the back sections. we should probably start there.

Livi: (glaring at Daiyori) alright... sounds good.

Durithyll and Livi
09/29/2008 19:11

(Everyone splits up into teams of two: Jacob and Mowo, Roake and Daiyori, Livi and Julieanna, and Tiku and Nata, with Durithyll and Komasu flying above the city.)

Jacob: Mowo. Mowo, you need to let go of my arm.

Mowo: (Death grip on Jacob's arm) aaaaaw... do i have to?

Jacob: yes. (sees how she's not letting go, sighs) Matsudai! where are you!

Mowo: Matsudai! please answer us!!


Nata: Matsudai! Matsudai!

Tiku: Mats! where are you!? (kicks a random trash can over) where is that stupid lizard...

Nata: you shut up! MATSUDAI!!


Roake: you shouldn't have said that.

Daiyori: what> the balloon thing? not you too! come on! do you really feel the need to ALWAYS act as my conscience?

Roake: obviously, i have to.

Daiyori: (mumbles)

Roake: Matsudai!


Livi: Matsudai!

Julieanna: Matsudai! Where are you hiding at!?

Livi: (stops)

Julieanna: you okay?

Livi: i'm worried about Annoyance... where'd she go>

Julieanna: (shrugs) dunno... Maybe she's looking on her own...

Livi: maybe... Matsudai!!

-----Above the city buildings-----

Durithyll: (with binoculars) come on Matsudai... where are you?

Komasu: (flies over to Durithyll) Durithyll! i just asked Roake and Daiyori, they haven't found him yet.

Durithyll: dang it... go ask Jacob and Mowo. I'll go check in with Livi and Julieanna. (flies down to try and find Livi and Julieanna)

10/21/2008 15:51

Black Kitten: *sigh* If you havn't heard from Molatte..... It's true. I am Zanna aka Dark Vampire Kitten aka Kikyo meomeow...... Sorry for all the name changes....

Akira: Yeah. Ya should be. *Chugs down Coke*

Black Kitten: GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!


Black Kitten: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *hiss* *claws come out*

Akira: OH S***! *runs for life*


Black Kitten: *turns on Fumika, claws out*
Fumika screechs out of room, Black Kitten in hot pursuit

Macharu: DON'T YOU PUT A CLAW ON MY WOMAN! *slaps hands on mouth*

All except Fumika: YOUR WOMAN!!!!

To Be Continued.....

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05/28/2009 17:13

Kallin: Waaaaah! Where is Matsudai?!
Y.A.A.02: Aww...it's all right...they'll find him!
Itachi and Sasuke: ....who cares?!
Y.A.A.02: (smacks both across the heads) SHUT UP! OR YOUR OUT OF HERE!

03/28/2011 01:36

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what is going on? I don't get what everyone's doing!


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    It seems that Boredom just can't leave well enough alone. So when she challenges Artist Block, both contestants run off! what is going on!? And is this going to end just as badly as the last time Boredom did something half-cocked? or possibly even worse? not mention that one of Livi's characters turns out to have been  an Elemental all along!

    -When Annoyance shows up at Livi's place with a Dragon, well, we begin to see that her name just may be an understatement. Especially seeing as how she's trying convince Livi to keep the thing!

    Works in Progress:

    -When young Matsudai gets the impression that Livi is angry with him, he disappears without a trace. Now Livi's Crew and the Residents must go out and find him before disaster strikes! but it seems that they're already in too far over their head. The danger that surpasses all that they've come across is just beyond the horizon. A danger more personal then they could ever imagine.

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