I started it this morning, skipped EVERY SINGLE ONE of my meals, and finished it this night!

I LOVE IT!!! i would like to thank my mom and moolatte for hounding me until i finally read the book!! and now i have a NEW fandom!!

....sigh.... i still can't believe i ACTUALLY read it... i disgust myself sometimes.... but hey! at least i'm hopped up on SQUEE!!




Moolatte XD
11/09/2008 07:52

yay! now we can talk about it!
so, which vamp is ur fave? mine is a tie btwn edward and alice!

11/09/2008 10:23

hm... well now, excluding Edward, i would probably say Emmett! although i really like Carlisle and Alice... Jasper's cool too! i don't know!! i just love 'em all!

is Emmett the hulking black guy in the trailers?

ps: why weren't you at Sunday School today!!

Moolatte XD
11/09/2008 12:11

Emmett NOT the black guy, that is laurent. Emmett is tall, has a buzz cut, and it SERIOUSLY buff!

as to the sunday school question: i am sick. i have been hacking all weekend, and i didn't want to go and interrupt pastor mike every five seconds with coughing fits!

11/09/2008 15:09

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11/11/2008 19:08

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