yo my freaky darlings!

can't chat for long, but i finally managed to get some time on the computer!! hallelujah!!

i knows that theres a lot i need to do, but i REALLY needed to update my blog! zanna, i'll get to your new site as soon as i can!

but just to give you a quick update on how it is back home, it's all good! i just came back from my HS band concert (our WORST one yet) and cheer practices for my school have started! it REALLY throws a wrench into my Devil Ray schedule, but i want to cheer for my school for the sake of cheering for my school. and for those of you know what i'm talking about and why it's so bad: I CAN'T GO TO THE MOUNT PARON GAME!!! seriously! i have a Devil Ray competition over that game! so i have to miss it! but not only am i missing my FIRST high school mount paron game, im my sister's LAST mount paron game!! she's a senior now!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! it makes me so sad!!

and for those of you who don't know, the reason i haven't been able to get as frequently as i usually do, is because the interent on my laptop DIED!! so now i'm having to sneak on the family computer whenever my brother's not on it!! which is practically never. oh, and to make matters worse, MY ZUNE DIED (for you losers out there, a Zune is lika an I-Pod, but way cooler)!! i think it's because i got it when it FIRST came out, so it's having problems synching with all the uber updates that the zune software has gone through over the past few months. so not only do i not have internet, i don't have music!! and i like JUST fell on love with Onerepublic!! grr! and on that note: go to youtube and look up these songs by onerepublic:

-All Fall Down
-Mercy  (this one makes me think of Roake and Daiyori,                  from Daiyori's POV)

and now my moms yelling at me to go to bed! i should probably do that!

but you guys HAVE to look up those songs! there's only three, and they're all on youtube! so go! be off! and fall in love with Onerep



10/24/2008 14:08

Hey girl! missed ya!
and yes, our concert S.U.C.K.E.D.!!!!!
but i am HOT HOT HOT!
i got an 89 on the geo quiz, and a 77 on the lit, making my grade an 89 in the class!!!!!!!
89's drive me crazy!!!!!

10/24/2008 14:25

ha ha! sucks for you!! sorry girl, you know i love you. ;-)

i was just upset cause Kristen wasn't there! it made me look like i was last chair!! (for those who don't know, i'm SECOND to last, so totally NOT last chair!!)

10/25/2008 04:40

YO!!! I listened to the first two songs!!! I loved 'em!!!

Then I listened to the Roake and Daiyori one over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and SQUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE THOSE TWO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

10/27/2008 15:52

thanks! so do i!! they make me so happy!!

ps: for future reference, I DO NOT DO SLASH. i may rant on and on and on about how john and rodney from stargate atlantis are so cute, but that's because the FRIENDSHIP is cute!! I WILL NEVER DO SLASH.

just wanted to clear that up right now!

10/28/2008 15:52

too bad...my recent addiction is draco/harry slash!

10/29/2008 14:09

...i did not just hear that... i did not just hear that... I DID NOT JUST HEAR THAT!!!

are you serious!? please tell me you're joking!!

Moolatte XD
10/29/2008 17:53

calm your jets...i didnt mean the hot and steamy romance stuff. i am reading the ones where they act like they normally do and are humorously fighting with each other!

Moolatte XD
10/29/2008 17:54

as in the ones that are only rated 15+ for mild language

10/30/2008 15:09

ok, that's a bit better. i thought you meant full out, smutty, disgusting sicko mess! slashers just tend to get, um, intimate with their writing... (shivers)

don't even get me STARTED on the megatron/starscream mess some fangirls got going!! EWWWWWW!!! FRIKKENNASTYCRAP!!

anyway, enough of that! i love Roake and Daiyori!

Moolatte XD
11/02/2008 14:25

betsy L. put up a new site! prettypink.weebly.com

Moolatte XD
11/06/2008 14:41

site update

11/06/2008 15:43



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