Komasu: (holding multiple rolls of streamers) Where do i put these?

Durithyll: (going through boxes sitting on kitchen counter) just set 'em over there.

(The Apartment is filled with party supplies and decorations. Rolls of streamers and bags of confetti dot the floor and cover every available space on the furniture. Durithyll and Komasu are currently the only ones in the Apartment.)

Komasu: (stacks the rolls on the floor next to the bar stools.) when's Jacob getting back with the ---


Durithyll: that's probably him. get the door will ya?

Komasu: (walks over to the door)


Komasu: (covering her ears) i got it!! will you quit kicking the door!? (quickly opens the door with a slight vexed expression)

Jacob: (has his leg pulled back and ready for another kick) oh. sorry. wasn't sure if you heard.

Komasu: (sighs and moves out of the way, allowing Jacob to come in)

Jacob: special delivery! one cake for an Armless Nazi?

Durithyll: (smacks him in the back of the head) not on his birthday. (grabs the cake from him) oh!! i love it!! it's huge!

Jacob: exactly! which means there'll be more for me!

Durithyll: (glares)

Jacob: i mean Daiyori...

Komasu: i'll put the cake in the fridge... (takes it from Durithyll) Is Zatannii going to show up?

Durithyll: yeah! he just has to come a bit - -


Durithyll: because he's  a friend?


Durithyll: (tosses a roll of streamers into Jacob's arms) put these someplace nice.

Jacob: (glares and mumbles as he stalks off to the closet to find the ladder) stupid computer...

Durithyll: (reaches into one of the boxes and pulls out two rolls of duct tape; tosses one to Komasu) here. we can go ahead and start on the streamers too.

Komasu: (fumbles the catch but doesn't drop it) o-ok.

Durithyll: (grabs a roll of streamers and flies up to the roof) i was thinking we could wrap it around the pole of the fan and then tape it the roof in intervals so it droops and stuff, and then just let it hang down the walls. sound good?

Komasu: sure. (flies up after Durithyll and starts wrapping the streamers around the pole)


Daiyori: what was the point of going to the grocery store? We just went a few days ago.

Roake: something about Jacob eating everything. wouldn't put it past him.

Daiyori: hmph. porker.

Roake: maybe.

(Roake and Daiyori are just coming back from the grocery store, Roake carrying two bags in each hand.)

----------Back at the Apartment----------

(Everyone is almost done getting everything ready)

Jacob: (straightening up random furniture from when it got shifted during the preparations and such) you know, i really didn't think it would be that easy to get Daiyori out of the house. I figured we'd have to pretty much bribe him and end up spoiling the entire thing. i mean, come on! we didn't even have to ask him! All we had to do was ask Roake to go the grocery store and Daiyori just tagged along!

Durithyll: (smiles) just makes my job easier. i couldn't properly lie if my life depended on it.

Jacob: boy aint that the truth.

Durithyll: (glares)

Jacob: sorry. i guess Daiyori's just a bad influence.

----------Inside the apartment complex----------

Roake: (punches the button for the elevator and waits for the doors to open)

Daiyori: (pokes his head in the bag to try and see what's inside)

Roake: (pulls the bag away quickly)

Daiyori: hey!

Roake: (shrugs)

Daiyori: hmph. what was up with the tenderloin? isn't that  a bit expensive?

Roake: (sends up a silent prayer as the doors open) come on.

Daiyori: (looks at him suspiciously but follows him inside the elevator)

Roake: ("There is no way he doesn't suspect a surprise birthday party... Durithyll's not very good at hiding her excitement. at all.) sigh (For someone whose so good at reading other people... he can be so oblivious...")

Daiyori: ("He's hiding something...")

(the Elevator doors slowly open to their floor)

------------Inside the Apartment----------

Komasu: i think i heard the elevator doors...

Durithyll: HIDE!! (runs to the light switch and flicks it off)

Jacob: hey! (stumbling around in the dark) couldn't you at least given me a chance to hide fir - -

Durithyll: (grabs his arm and pulls him behind the couch)

----------Right outside the Apartment door-----------

Roake: (rattles the keys inside the lock very loudly, trying to give Durithyll as much of a heads up a possible)

Daiyori: (glances over at Roake)

Roake: (turns the key and opens the door)

Daiyori: (pokes his head inside) hey... why are the lights off? (slithers inside)

Roake: (smiles, and step inside behind him)

Daiyori: hey! what's going--

Durithyll, Jacob, and Komasu: SURPRISE!!!

Daiyori: (completely taken back)

Roake: (pats him on the head) Happy Birthday Daiyori. From all of us.

Daiyori: what... wha...

Durithyll: (leaps over the back of the couch) you didn't think we'd have forgotten did you?

Daiyori: I'd almost forgotten... how did you find out anyway?

Durithyll: (looking very smug) well... i have my ways...

Jacob: she begged Boredom. a lot.

Daiyori: and she actually told you?

Durithyll: no... i had to ask Finale... but i still found out!!

Daiyori: i can't believe you guys did all this... i...

Jacob: don't get all mushy on us here. it'd be freaky.

Daiyori: hey! - -

Durithyll: yo! we're here to celebrate, remember!? lets get this party started!!

Zatannii: (walks in the still open door) without me?

Durithyll: Zatannii! i almost though you weren't---

Jacob: ZATANNII!!!

Boredom: (slips in) and what about me?

Durithyll: Boredom!!

----------A few hours later----------

After a few... interesting rounds of twister, Halo (which Zatannii was dominating at), and completely stuffing their faces full of food, the party began to wind down. It's now around 3:00 AM and everyone has completely crashed, except Daiyori.

Jacob is sprawled over the floor in between the coffee table and the couch. Durithyll is sleeping on her side facing the back of the couch; wings open and all over Komasu. Zatannii is sitting up and leaning against the wall, arms folded over his chest and legs splayed out in front of him, currently in an "inefficient form of recharge."

Boredom hadn't stayed the night. She had left a few hours prior, and while she would never admit it, had enjoyed herself. Especially when Zatannii brought out the karaoke machine.

Daiyori had sprawled himself over about two thirds of the couch, Roake neatly taking up the rest. Roake slept in a sitting position, his head resting on his fist, which was in turn being supported by the arm of the couch. Daiyori smirked to himself when he thought of the horrible crick Roake would have come morning.

Daiyori found the silence comforting. Surrounded by the people he loved, although he would never admit it, was nice. He honestly had forgotten his birthday. It just wasn't something that was really important with his tribe. Manhood wasn't determined by number of years, but by how well you flew.

Daiyori winced at the thought of flight, but didn't linger on it. Looking around at the people he was surrounded by, he let an honest smile grace his lips. It felt good to smile, not to smirk or smile condescendingly, but to smile out of sheer happiness.

That was what he was - - happy. For the first time, in a long time, he was truly happy. He felt that he could take anything fate could throw at them, so long as they were together.

Daiyori stretched to his full length, he tail resting on top of Roake's foot. Relaxing, he sunk down further into the couch, and allowed sleep to take him. He smiled, one more time, knowing full well that he'd have to be a jerk again come morning.

But it was alright. Because they understood. They were his friends. And they'd always be there.