okie day, in case you haven't noticed i have FALLEN IN LOVE with this awesome guy named DJ!!

ok... let's back up a bit... So i FINALLY managed to get my sleepover with Liv!! but NSYNCLOVER had PLANS!!! it's ok, girl, we love you. ; -)

anyway, so in one of Liv's blog entries she mentioned a show on cartoon network called "Total Drama Island". And i was actually interested. so, when liv came over, she was "like we have to watch it!! i haven't missed a single episode!!" so we did, and i fell in love!! for those of you who may not know, it's just one big Survivor spoof! and i LOVE IT!! PASSIONATELY!!! the last show i ever watched on Cartoon Network... was like, G-Gundam!! aka, i haven't watched Cartoon Network in YEARS!! but i absolutely  LOVE this show! it's hilarious, but not stupid hilarious!! sigh... love it...


He's one of the characters on the show (obviously) and i love him (obviously)!! this is the first episode i've seen, (obviously) but he is SO CUTE!! He's a big black guy and i LOVE HIM!!

In this episode, Chris (the HAWT host) designated the deer and the hunters. Then he gave the hunters paint ball guns and the deer cute little fake tails, antlers, and noses. DJ WAS A DEER!!! SQWEEEEEEEEE!!!! and what was so flippen adorable, was the fact that he PRANCED around on all fours like a deer!! KAWAAAAIIIII!!! 

and that was about it.

not really. you had all this twit snobby girl alliance crap tensions crap. and poor Cody got mauled by a bear!!! and then he got voted off the island.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! he was so sweet and adorable!! I (sniff)

anway, I LOVE DJ!!!


omigosh!! theres like a "D" in "DJ"!! SQWEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!