yes, i know, i NEVER post a blog entry this early in the morning... but i had to!!


i started it last night, and finished at 1:45 in the morning! I'm very pleased with it. I didn't do any fancy colouring, and not just because i was being lazy! the reason was because, personally, i thought that the banner would look better if it was done more simplistically. sigh... i love it... and i love the Residents so much!! they are like no set of characters i have! i love them so much... I swear, if i ever went insane, it'd be because i was talking to these guys like they were standing right next to me! you can ask Kete, at lunch or wherever we are, we always bring up our characters!! from something like, "Tiku would absolutely HATE this food," or "OMG!! That is so something Jacob would do!!"

again, thank you Kete! and thanks Moolatte and Nsynclover for putting up with my insanity and obsession and helping my character to grow!

You guys rock! i love y'all!!

thanks again!!