yo! i exist! well, i do, just not so much on this site. sorry about that...

anyway, this is what i've been up to!

StarTrek and Neopets!

no joke!

okie day, about the Star Trek part... ok, so me and my sister are avid Sci-fi FANATICS!! seriously! but we recently realized that we hadn't watched the original series of StarTrek! how sinful! here we are, CLAIMING to be sci-fi fangirls, when we hadn't even watched the show that started the entire genre! come on! but the REALLY funny thing, is that StarTrek started practically EVERYTHING! not just Sci-fi!

ok, get this: the first slash fanfic to EVER be published was Kirk/Spock. i am NOT a slash fan! don't get me wrong! i HATE it the passion of a thousand suns! but, come on, that's hilarious! the slash term came about with StarTrek too! oi!

another thing that StarTrek started, was the plague many have come to know as "Mary Sues." that was another thing! the term "mary sue" was dubbed for the stereo-typical, perfect, beautiful, 15 year old, female OC's found in Trek fanfiction!


anyway, the second part of this blog post is to say that i have recently become re-addicted to Neopets! i used to get on Neopets when i was littler, but after a while, i just sort of stopped. now, who knows how many years later, i've gotten back to it! i started a new account -- i had NO idea what my old one was -- and accidently adopted twins! don't ask.

but it's true! i have TWINS! they're both boys, and they're AMAZING! they're names are Ayushin and Ayumouro. i love them so much! the picture i just posted in the FanArt section is off Ayushin.

anyway, that's all for now!