Hello my Dear and Unsuspecting Victims!

Seeing as how this is my first blog-obviously, it's sorta labeled- i felt that i should introduce myself! ...but i already did that on the homepage..... hmmm.... whatever. Moving on! this site is going to be completely insane and.... wait, i already said that too. well, dang it!! i left nothing interesting to discuss in my FIRST blog entry.... humph. slag it.

well than, i guess that me and my characters are just--

Daiyori: "my characters and i."

Durithyll: (glare) oh shut up why don't you.

Daiyori: (shrug) my job as a Grammar Nazi i guess.

Durithyll: Fine. whatever. but i REFUSE to say "sneaked!" that word is just plain gross and sounds WRONG!

Daiyori: i won't argue with you there--

Durithyll: Then i can say "snuck?"

Daiyori: --but i will correct you.

Durithyll: you're a loser butt.... anyway, my dear Unsuspecting Victims--

Roake: you know, if you keep saying "unsuspecting victims" people are gonna start, you know, suspecting things.

Durithyll: shut it will you! grr! you guys all suck!! ok! i'm gonna go now! you guys just go explore the site or something!!

Jacob: but what about me?

Boredom: (clears throat)

Jacob: and Boredom! whose to "dignified" to admit that she wants to be in your Blog entries too!

Durithyll: SHUT IT! NOW! you guys can be in the next one!

Daiyori: aw slag. theres going to be more of these?

Durithyll: you betcha Daiyori!! and guess what? YOU'LL BE IN ALL OF THEM!!

Daiyori: you are one sadistic little--


(Daiyori is now a glaring, and rather unhappy, pile of ash)

Roake: (pokes Daiyori) well now, that's a pleasant way to kick off a website; the artist vaporizes one of the main characters with lighting.