yo! as some of you may know from the "In Recent News" on the home page, my site was being funny, so i need to change the domain address to get it to register new updates and stuff. and for the record, i am so totally blaming Moolatte!!

Roake: why?

Durithyll: because i am.

Daiyori: well that's intelligent.

Durithyll: shut up!!

Durithyll: anyway (in case you haven't noticed, this is sorta my "ok, let's start talking to the unsuspecting victims again" word) i've been working on "Bureau for Mary Sue Prevention and Regulation" and finished chapter one!! in the middle of chapter two, and i will probably combine them before i post them up here.

sooooo yeah! i think that's all! if any of you start having problems with the site, PLEASE tell me. i'm serious!

see ya!