yo! in case you haven't noticed, i revamped the Archives page! see, if i was sure that you guys READ the "in recent" new box on the homepage, i wouldn't have to dedicate an entire blog entry to telling y'all these things! but since i've already started, might as well keep going.

so... what to talk about... i don't know! let's see... um... hm... what happened today...

Daiyori: woah woah wait... DURITHYLL has NOTHING to talk about? this can't be right...

Durithyll: what? this has happened before--

Daiyori: no! it hasn't! you wait two seconds and then start praddling on and on about something.

Roake: i believe the proper term is "rambling".

Daiyori: yeah yeah yeah. anyway, you ramble for a while and then you start ranting!

Durithyll: oh... i didn't know that!

Roake: see? told ya. you DO know Durithyll the best...

Daiyori: shut up!! it's scary half the time! you want it? you can have it!!

Roake: no...i'm perfectly fine with having you pegged...

Daiyori: no really, you can have her!

Roake: why change things? you can keep her.

Durithyll: hey!! i take offense at th!!

Daiyori: you're supposed to. we're insulting you.

Roake: (steps away from Daiyori)


Durithyll: humph. jerk. had it coming.

Roake: sigh... i'll go get the dust pan...

Jacob: (walks in the front door) yo. (spots Daiyori's ashes) you know, Durithyll, you and Daiyori should really go to couples counseling. all the zapping can't be good for the x-box's circuitry--


Durithyll: (yells at jacob's remains) don't you EVER --EVER!-- SUGGEST SOMETHING SO STUPID!! EVER!!

Roake: it's not that stupid--


Durithyll: huff... huff

Boredom: (slips in right behind Durithyll) congratulations Durithyll. you just zapped your entire cast of characters.

Durithyll: (eye twitch)


Boredom: (slips back in) you know, you can't hit me. I'll just slip out of this reality and right back in! it's just not--


Boredom: (slips back in behind the couch) --going to happen. so--


Boredom: (slips in behind the kitchen counter) you should just give up already. really--


Boredom: (slips in write in front of Durithyll) --you should.

Durithyll: (panting heavily) just... go away... alright?

Boredom: (smiles) fine. i think i satiated my boredom, plus Artist Block's on the move again. but, before i leave... (snaps fingers)

(roake, jacob, and daiyori are all back. and the charred marks on the floor from Durithyll's attempts at zapping Boredom are gone)

jacob: --and i can't have you guys breaking the-- (realizes he just got zapped) what!? i can't believe you zapped me!!

Roake: hey, she zapped me too.

Jacob: woah! seriously!? i didn't know she could do that...

Daiyori: hey, she zapped me too!!

Jacob: yeah, but that always happens.

Daiyori: hey!! it does not!!

Boredom: people!! break it up!! (roake, daiyori, and jacob stop talking when they finally notice Boredom) ok, with that begin said... (snaps her fingers and slips out)

(group silence)

Roake: is it safe to assume that Boredom un-zapped us?

Durithyll: uh yeah.

Jacob: weird.

Durithyll: anyway, (back to the Unsuspecting Victims) please tell me if you guys actually read the Recent News on the homepage!

see ya!