(talking REALLY fast)

I JUST SAW A PREVIEW FOR THE NEXT SEASON OF STARGATE ATLANTIS!! and i saw my first episode of Dr. Who, which was actually really good! i love SG-1... i'm currently watching it on TV! and on the subject of SG-1, i am proud to say that i have managed to snare another unsuspecting victim!! one of my best friends, Ben, has ADMITTED to becoming obsessed! SQUEEE!

(deep breath) ok./

ok... SGA preview... it was amazing!! okie-day, quick recap: the last episode of season four --aka, the most recent episode aired-- ended with the building that Sheppard's team + plus Lorne collasping. GASP!! well, in this preview, you saw Sheppard and Ronon, after the building had collapsed of course. apparently, Sheppard didn't fare to well when the building collapsed. He's pinned. under a really big, really heavy, metal beam. Well, Ronon, being the good friend and soldier he is, is trying to lift the beam off of Sheppard; sheppard's response? like any true hero, "get out of here." or something along those lines. and Ronon's response? like any true friend, "No. Would you leave me if i was stuck under there?" and this is the part that kills me... Sheppard only hesitates for a moment, but his response is, "Yes." what's up with that!? but before Ronon could respond, he's hears someone digging through the rubble... and the it cuts.

dang it!! why would he say that!? and where's Rodney!? and what happened to Michael!? WHY WOULD THE PRODUCERS BE SO SADISTIC AS TO HAVE THE PREVIEW SO SHORT!? so you have to watch it, duh. GRRR!! so many questions!! but i still have to wait TWO WEEKS or something before i get my answer!! *sniff* why does the season premier have to be so far away?

sigh... onto my next subject... i saw my first episode of Dr. Who! and i gotta say, it was a lot better than i was expecting! i'd seen previews for episodes of course, but really only pointed and laughed. i guess that British drama is an... aquired taste. but i'm sure they say the same thing about our stuff! anyway, i was like, "what the heck? it's coming on next..." so i watched it! and... it was good! but the shame is, i don't even know what is was called! i know it was a two parter, and i manged to catch them both, but not not the title! it was the one with the Library, and the flesh eating shadows? hmmm... scary... very good though... dang it! i wanna know...

well, i think that concludes my rantings!