Hello peoples... in case you can't tell, i;m seriously ticked off. why? because i had a frikken "sports induced asthma" attack! i had to go home from Devil Rays practice EARLY!! it was so stupid... i'd never cussed myself out that much before. it's just so frustrating!! this isn't supposed to happen!! My brother, my sister, even my Dad are all ridiculously active!! yet I'M the one who has frikken asthma!!

sigh... i haven't gone to the doctor yet, so we're not sure if IT asthma... my dad seems to think that i'm just not drinking enough water... I pray to God he's right.

ok, enough ranting from the emo side.

so! i updated the Random Findings page! and guess what!! i added two Stargate Atlantis vids!! no, i WILL NOT be adding fanvids very often. i'm trying to be careful with that; i don't want the RF page to be filled up with vids, because that's just not that interesting! it's not that hard to find cool vids (if you work in the right Fandom that is)! so yeah, go check it out! one of 'em is cool dramatic, the other just plain hilarious!

let's see... anything else? oh! of course!! season four of Stargate Atlantis just came in the mail, so now we have it on nice pretty DVDs!! yay!! circular disks of wonderfulness!! i popped in one of the DVDs when i got home. I watched "the Seer". i love that episode!! it's actiony, got healthy dose of McKay, and it's the episode when we REALLY meet Tod!! Tod's like the coolest Wraith EVER!! you know how i said the Wraith are the big bad bad-guys of the show? well, they are. Tod (as Sheppard so eloquently named him) is a Wraith who we kinda trust. Actually, the Sheppard's team trusts him a whole lot!! McKay (of all people) is perfectly comfortable with being ALONE with him! and in one alternate time line (don't get me started on alternate time lines PLEASE) Ronon and Tod actually sacrificed their lives together!! very dramatic explosion actually... but that was an ALTERNATE TIME LINE. so Ronon's all better now!!

Since we're on the subject of Ronon... Ronon Dex was the character who i ALMOST fell in love with! seriously!! at first, i honestly wasn't sure who i loved more: McKay, or Ronon. but after an the episode, "Sateda" which is a Ronon centric episode containing a whoooooole BUNCH of glorious wumpage for the poor boy, i realized that i WASN'T getting the adrenaline buzz or simply BURSTING with sadistic fangirl squee! THAT was when i realized that Rodney McKay, the hypochondriac of a scientist who couldn't humble himself to save his LIFE, was my favourite!! NOT the strong, sexy, courageous, drop-dead GORGEOUS Ronon Dex! weird huh? In case you need help pointing out Ronon, he's the SEXY BEAST with dread locks.

so! go check out the Atlantis vids! please! aaaaaaand... i dunno... go do something!

well, anyway--