'ello my dear and Unsuspecting Victims!!

noting much happened today, except that i went to church (i love my new pastor!), went to my grandmother's house celebrate her birthday, and had to skip a movie outing my friends. sniff.

anyway, hmm... let's see... OH! i know what to talk about!!

guess what!! me and 'Rou (Kanirou) went to the comic shop again!! YEAH!! i got FOUR more issues of "the Question", rock on! and we got another one of the "Essentials" compilations for "the uncanny x-men"! we also got like, seven back issues of it, so we are slowly catching up with the newest issues!! and in case i'm not being clear, (chances are i'm not) me and 'Rou are trying to catch up with the latest issues of the Uncanny X-men. We started at the issue 94# and are slowly working our way up to the most recent, 500#!! congratulations x-men! why start at 94#? because, that's when they changed practically the entire cast and introduced the a-team for x-men (x-men didn't really get popular until this new line-up was introduced). and this roster happens to have my FAVOURITE mutant... Nightcrawler!! i love him so much... he's the most adorable blue demon-looking fuzzy mutant EVER!! yes, he is in fact blue and fuzzy. i'll post picture up here sometime.

anyway, so "Essentials" are these HUGE compilations containing a BUNCH of issues all compiled and pretty like. so we'll take that as far as it can go, than get the individual issues. after about 30 of these, Marvel starts compiling them based on story arc. these we have ordered though Amazon and should arrive at the house shortly!! SQUEEEE!!! Kurt, i love you!!

And while we were at the book store, i saw these AMAZING transformers compilations!! i was surprised by how much they have compiled!! we have the original US and UK run, but on a CD. this guy on Amazon had the ENTIRE Marvel series scanned in and saved onto two wonderful CDs. it's great! i just pop 'em into my laptop and get to reading!! but what makes me feel special, is that these Transformers compilations are usually always "Best of". which mean they don't compile the consecutive storyline, just the issues that the publishers thought were the best. anyway, back to what i was saying; i feel so special, because in ALL of these compilations, the Warrior School arc is ALWAYS there!! for those non-pathetics out there who DON'T read transformers, the "Warrior School" is like, awesome!! why? because it's practically JUST Ratchet!! and an angsty wumped Ratchet at that!! SADISTIC FANGIRLISH SQUEE!!

don't worry, I'll save you guys the insanity of explaining this uber-amazing-kick-butt-awesome story line.

i guess that's all for now! see ya!

ps: i spend WAY to much time on the internet and using the persona of Durithyll... how do i know this? because i'm signing my E-MAILS as Durithyll!! e-mails to some people who have NO IDEA who Durithyll is! i'm gonna get a reply saying, "Why did you end your e-mail with a '-D'?" yeah. pathetic.

pss: for those of you who didn't, go check the Random Findings page and click on the two vids! oi! they're short and Ronon is a SEXY BEAST!! but i love Rodney way more... go figure... ok, NOW i'm done!!



around twelve o'clock or something, mom tells me and my sister (Amanda) to get dressed. well, after we get dressed, do our make-up, and straighten our hair, mom tells us to get in the car. me and my sister already KNOW that she's taking us someplace special, we just don't know where in particular. so we're driving along, stop by the school so mom can drop of some papers (she's SAYS "oh, it won't take long!" as it turns out, we were in there for over an hour...). after that, we get back in the car and drive some more. after maybe 45 minutes to an hour of driving... my sister spazzes. i look up (i was drawing) and see that we're in a strip center of some sort. so i'm looking around, flipping out because i just CAN'T find what manda is spazzing about!!

but then... i see it... right in front of the car... is a store... do you know what the sign above this store says? i'll tell you...

Daiyori: just get on with!!

Durithyll: Daiyori! you totally ruined the moment!! great NOW what do i do!?

Roake: you can just tell them.

Durithyll: but it won't be as dramatic...

Daiyori: just say it already!!

Durithyll: okay okay okay!! (takes a deep breath and says slowly and dramatically) it said...

"Dr. No's Comics and Games"

duh-duh-duh-DUUUUUN!! we had arrived at a COMIC BOOK SHOP!!

Jacob: ..."Dr. No's?"

Durithyll: yup! it was great!! they had EVERYTHING. it truly was AMAZING. it was just shelves upon shelves UPON SHELVES of comics!! everywhere you looked, there--

Daiyori: we get the picture.

Durithyll: (huffs) why must you do that!? it's so jerkish!! let me have my moment here, ok? oi!! anyway, we got so much stuff!! we got two Uncanny X-men compilations, three separate issues of Uncanny X-Men, the compilation of the newest "Nightcrawler" miniseries, and the first compilation of "Cable and Deadpool"! those are gonna live in Amanda's room (but i can read them whenever i want) and personally, i got the first compilation of "The Question" (which contains the first six issues) and i also got issues 7 and 8 by them self!! it's great!! i love Question so much... hey!! let's rant about Question!!

First of all, i just want to say... that Question rocks!! he's different than your typical superhero because HE DOESN'T HAVE A SUPER POWER. first off, his working name is Victor Sage. he's an investigative journalist and has a pretty strong record of showing the corruption in his hometown of Hub City. Well, there are some things that an investigative journalist just can't do; like storm into a warehouse, beat up all the guys, and steal the compromising tapes, paper work, etc. that would put corrupt officials behind bars.

To fix this problem, he created an alter ego that does all the crime fighting. his alter ego is the Question. any self respecting superhero has to have a mask, right? of course! but Question's mask is what he's physically famous for. you see, as it would appear, the Question doesn't have a face. at all. no eyes, ears, nose, mouth... nothing! it looks like its just a smooth layer of skin. and THAT is creepy! if i got jumped by a guy without a face and he was telling me to spill on whatever politician, i do it!

Daiyori: that doesn't make sense... how can he breath, see, etc. if his mask covers his ENTIRE face?

Durithyll: it's SPECIAL. it has a different material that covers his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Thus allowing him to see, breath, etc.

Daiyori: ah. and how does this mask stay on? does it have a strap or something?

Dutihyll: nope! it's WAAAAAAY cooler! he has this special gas, that when it comes in contact with the mask, it actually causes the mask to bond with his skin! thus adding to the creepy factor!! sigh... he's so hot...

Daiyori: WHAT!? how can he be hot!? HE DOESN'T HAVE A FACE!!

Durithyll: sigh... but doesn't that just add to the mysteriousness? sigh...

Daiyori: okay, now that's just weird... hey, where'd Roake and Jacob go?

Durithyll: dunno... but i need to go take my shower now... and then i can read more of the new Question comics i got!! SQUEEEE!!