Ok, for those of you who AREN'T pathetic little fangirls, or actually have lives, Dragon*Con is a geektastic convention!! it's a yearly thing, and only hits the BIGGEST cities, and only for THREE days. so if you can go, you gotta go!! It's the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US!! at least, thats what their site said. and i believe them!!

anyway, so we (me, Kanirou, mom, and dad) woke up at 5:00 in the morning, drove to Altanta, hoped on the closest MARTA train, and went to Dragon*Con!!

It was absolutely AMAZING!! We saw TONS of Clone Troopers, SG Personnel, Umbrella Corp., and some CRAZY others! but the BEST part... was actually MEETING THE STARGATE ACTORS!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I ACTUALLY SAW THEM, TALKED WITH THEM, POKED THEM!!! sigh... truly amazing... while, sadly, David Hewlett was not there, David Nykl, Cliff Simon, Beau Bridges, Tori Higginson, and Rainbow Sun Franks were!! While i would've LOVED to meet with all of them in the Autograph room, the top on my list was David Nykl and Cliff Simon! and i met and got my picture taken with BOTH of them!! they were both so nice, it was a truly amazing experience... SQUEE!!

I had so much fun there!! i also took TONS of pictures! obviously... and posted below, are SOME of my favourites! SQUEE!!!




ok, ok.... so i was watching Scifi like, two seconds ago (they're currently playing last week's episode) when suddenly, during the commercials, the narrator-guy said, "and now, a sneak peak of the all new episode of Stargate Atlantis" (the one where something is causing McKay to loose his mind) ... i then LEAP from the chair i was sitting at and RUN to the TV in like, .002 seconds!! Ok!! now onto the actual clip!!

ok, it appears to be really late at night and you see Rodney running through the halls. He looks scared. like, seriously freaked out. I'm just all like, "Squee! Angst!!"  but then, Rodney stops running and starts pounding on the door he had stopped at. but then... and this is where i melted in absolute squee... Rodney starts pounding on the doors, and hes yelling, "John! John!!"

i collapsed in a fit of unadulterated squee right then and there.

ok, back to the clip: you then get a cut scene inside the room, and it is john's quarters. John, having been waken by Mckay's yelling, jumps out of bed and runs to the door. as soon as he opens it, Rodney grabs his shoulders and, still being freaked out, starts babbling about something, something like, "i woke up in the labs and they were all gone!"

Rodney!! what's happened to you!? all i know about the episode from the previews, is that something has caused Rodney to start loosing his mind. oh no! Rodney!!

but the reason that this small, less than a minute clip, had such an impact on me, is that in this season, the writers havent done anything with John and Rodney! One of my favourite aspects of the show was John and Rodney's HILARIOUS but unlikely friendship! but all the interaction that they have really had was the occasional, "Get back to work, Rodney!" from john... and this had SERIOUSLY depressed me! but hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the writers will redeem themselves with this episode!!

ok, like my sister, i am not that interested in the ROMANTIC pairings. seriously. there are SOME that i actually like (like JacobxMowo!), but those are few and far between. for me, i love to see the friendships develop. like John and Rodney, or Jack and Daniel!

ok, so now i need to go watch the episode! it comes on at 10, and its like, 9:53.

see ya!




So i totally just watched this weeks new episode of Stargate Atlantis, and i gotta say, it was really good! no, this will NOT be a HUGE fangirl ranting or anything. DON'T WORRY. sheesh.

anyway, as sad as it is, my favourite part of the entire episode was... the preview for next week's.

I'M SORRY!! but when the opening clip is of Mckay, and so is the next one and the next one, i tend to forget about the episode i JUST watched, and spazz about the new one! Please, understand when i say that i LOVED this weeks episode! it's just that, i love Rodney so much!! and when the first line the scifi narrator says, is "When something causes Rodney McKay to loose his mind..." after that i just sort of melted on the bed i was sitting on and just stared at the clips of McKay --looking quite pitiful i might add!--  and was filled with squee... sigh... i love you Rodney!! and when you get ANGST, WHUMP, AND RODNEY --all in the same episode!!-- it's bound to be a good one! 'course, that's just fangirlish me. and fangirlish 'Rou!! sigh... if Star Wars: Clone Wars hadn't come out, we'd be in a mass squee right about now.

that's another thing!! STAR WARS: CLONE WARS TOTALLY CAME OUT TODAY!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Now, i feel really guilty. i SHOULD be ranting about how much i love the clones, but i'm so hopped up on Rodney right now, i couldn't do it justice!! Well, me and 'Rou are going to go see Clone Wars tomorrow --SQUEE!!-- so i think i'll rant about that tomorrow! yay! aren't you happy?

yes, as a matter of fact, i do love being sarcastic.

until then, I LOVE MCKAY!!

ps: the writers for Stargate SOOO put in ANOTHER "Wizard of OZ" reference. this time, it was flying monkeys that apparently tried to eat McKay.



yes yes, i know: i haven't updated in FOREVER!! but -- but -- SCHOOL STARTED BACK!!! and i also know that you guys ALL know that!! but still, SCHOOL'S BACK!! THAT MAKES SADS!! duh... but whatever!!

anyway, so i'm in high school now. weird. and i have had MORE locker trouble in the FIRST TWO DAYS than most people have in the ENTIRE YEAR!! oi!! i'm kind of short on time, so i won't go in depth, just take my word for it!!

Oh! and guess what!!! I LOVE ABE!!!

Yay!! Cue fangirl rantings!! for those of you who DON'T want to read my rantings on the Blue Fishtick known as none other than Abe Sapien, then i suggest you skip to the end NOW.

I LOVE ABE!! he's is SO the awesomest blue fishtick EVER!! fishtick, you ask? cause he is one!! not really!! we don't know a lot about Abe actually, just that he looks like a cross between a fish and a guy! he's BLUE, and he's ADORABLE!! not really... actually, he is!! he's got blue and black eyes that are HUGE and SO FRIKKEN PRETTY!! and he's got these ADORABLE little fins that run down his forearms, calves, and back. he's just SO CUTE!!! and dang HOT when he's wearing this smexy full body wet suit type thing!! sigh.... and he's blue!! all over!!

Daiyori: you're DROOLING over a FISH. i am not even going to COMMENT on how pathetic that is.


anyway, in case i haven't said,  --*scans over blog entry*-- hm... i haven't. ANYWAY!! BECAUSE i haven't said, Abe Sapien is from the Movie/Comic series called Hellboy! most of you guys might have seen him from trailers or something from the movies. and speaking of movies, i FINALLY saw the sequel last week!! my mom and dad (who were SOOO not interested) just dropped me and 'Rou off at the movie theaters. sigh... our hearts were filled with squee the entire night... CAUSE ABE'S JUST SO FRIKKEN HAWT!! especially when he ditched the "toilet seat"!! ok, he's a fish-ish guy, right? well, in the movies (aka, NOT in the comics)  Abe needs to were this reverse aqua-lung, breathing apparatus thing over his gills (which are on his neck) to breath. He can breathe on land without it, but me and 'Rou are guessing that for strenuous activities (such as, shooting up bad guys and keep Hellboy from doing anything too stupid) and what not, he just opts to were the breathing thing.

But for SOOOOME reason, (me and Kanirou speculate that it was just because it looked terrible) the apparatus was... mysteriously gone from the second half of the movie! he even got rid of the funny goggles filled with water!! but that they sorta explained; there's a scene in the second movie where you see Abe putting in these contacts of some sort, probably to keep his eyes from drying out. because believe it or not, there IS NOT a Visine for dry fish eyes!!

aaaaaaaanywaaaaaaaaaaay... i loved the second movie!!! so much!!! and you could totally get away with watching the second movie without having seen the first. Abe did a LOT more in this movie than he did in the first! we actually saw him fight!! and hey, fishtick has some moves! anyway, out of the entire movie, there was one scene that i loved the most... and it was NOT one of the uber fight scenes, or amazing special effect scenes!! it was in fact... when Abe and Hellboy are getting drunk and singing together!! IT WAS HILARIOUS!! so funny! you see, Hellboy and Liz got together, and like any couple, they have arguments. a lot. and most of them are rather violent and involve multiple rooms exploding. well, in this second movie, Abe falls for Princess Nuala! horribly cliche, obviously, but sweet! and it's OBVIOUS that Nuala has affections for Abe! but you know, i don't think that an ELVEN PRINCESS and an agent for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense have much of a chance together... and Abe seems to think the same thing as well. So when Hellboy walks into the Library --after getting into a fight with Liz-- and finds Abe in there, they both wind up singing Barry Manilow's "I can't smile without you"! of course me and my sister were all like laughing our butts off and squeeing like none else, but when we told dad of the hilarious scene, he's was like, "So ...what? they're gay now?" then me and 'Rou where like, "No they aren't!! they were singing about their respective love interests!! and how they love them, but things are just complicated!" but it was SOOOO funny! cause Hellboy happened to have a six pack of bear (he ALWAYS has beer) and he Abe were just wasted!! i guess that they wandered away from the Library in order to find more beer, cause when it cuts back to them, Abe is reaching into the back of HB's fridge and pulling out ANOTHER six pack! sigh... so funny...

Anyway, i think that that concludes my rantings!! which is good news for you!! that felt good though. i haven't ranted in a while! sooooo... yeah. school's back and i should REALLY get to working on my homework, i love abe, and.... i love abe!! so i'm going to THINK about doing my homework, but just end up scribbling Abe doodles on the side of the paper.

well, see ya!!