Durithyll: ah yes. as you can see, i am addressing the issue of "Epic Comment Postings."

These are stories that just seem to erupt from comments that me and my Buddy, Kete, post here. You see, what happens is that Kete usually posts a response to one of my Blog entries using her amazing characters, and then i post a response to her response using my characters, and then it all snowballs into the mess that we have now! personally, i love em! they pop up on the site every now and then, and can get pretty lengthy at times. "My Sister's Birthday" Blog entry being one of them.

Boredom: hey! Artist Block started it!

Durithyll: You're supposed to be somewhere else right now, making things much more dramatic.

Boredom: fine. going now. (snaps her fingers and "slips" out)

Durithyll: just forget about that! she still off making things dramatic! Anyway, back onto the original subject... actually, that was the original subject! Boredom's.... somewhere. see!? that's what i'm talking about!! a harmless little comment--

Boredom: so not harmless! she was totally trying to pick a fight with me!


Boredom: sheesh... just cause you asked so nicely... (Slips out)

Durithyll: as i was saying, a harmless little comment turned into THAT!! okay. i'm done. just thought that i should warn you guys about the "Epic Comment Postings"....

see ya later than!


A/N: i NEVER thought that i would get this serious with the characters, but nonetheless, inspiration for this story hit me.  I'll probably end up re-writing this into actual story format, but for now, i'm just keeping it in the normal script format. if they're are any typos or inconsistencies, just drop a comment and i'll get to it. my brains kinda fried right now from all the typing and reading i've done. not to mention math homework.

Before you read: in this, i am not this omnipotent or the divine ruler of this reality, here, i think of me more as embodiment of artistry; as in, i'm not immortal or anything, i can just do things that a normal person can't really do.

And as the title dictates, this about Daiyori. Please leave a comment at the end so i'll know where and what i should fix.


(the day is late and Daiyori and Roake have gone of to the store to get miscellaneous supplies. they are now headed back to the apartment)

Roake: you know, i'm sure Durithyll could give you arms; make you more of a Naga than a snake.

Daiyori: (doesn't turn to face Roake) appreciate the concern, but no.

Roake: please tell me this isn't just foolish pride. not having arms--

Daiyori: You live in a southern, primitive country. Modern medicine is a mystery to you and technology hasn't gotten past simple machines. a guy walks up to you, he has magical abilities of sorts. He has a total of four arms and four legs. He says that "not having two sets of arms and legs is a real handicap" and he offers to give you the extra set of both. You turn him down though.

Roake: (looks back ahead) i see. i wouldn't want an extra set, so why--

Daiyori: (ignores Roake and continues) You have never accepted the help of others before, why change now? he gets mad and says, "Why do you not accept this gift i have offered you?!"

Roake: (turns back to Daiyori swiftly and realizes: this isn't a parable. this is true.)

Daiyori: you try to reason with him saying that, "you don't need his help, or an extra set of limbs." he replies, yelling that, "I have been watching you! though you lead the pack, you never accept help from them! your foolish pride will be your downfall! i have offered you a gift, yet you throw it back in my face! mocking me, and what i have to offer! you are arrogant, and i will teach you humility! you will learn to respect the help that others have to give!"

Roake: Daiyori, i don't need to hear this!

Daiyori: So he takes away what you do have: your ability to hunt, and your pack. He tells you, "Only I can give you back your true form. Only I can give you you're pack. And I will only do that once you can prove to me you are worthy to retain them, and that you can only do by humbling yourself and accepting help from others.

When you can finally speak coherently again, you try to tell him to take away his curse, that this test was unfair. you try to tell him that no one would want to change their body so drastically. he only scoffs you, "This was only the last of many. Every time someone tried to offer you help, it was me, and you threw it back in my face!"

you pitifully try to defend yourself, "i didn't know!"

"You shouldn't have had to, Daiyori! you need to learn to respect the help of others, and better i do it this way, than the Others do it their way. "

(finally turns to Roake) Then he vanishes; you're pack is gone, and you are left, as a snake.

Roake: (just stares back, a horrified look on his face)

Daiyori: (looks ahead) for the next two years, you live as humbly as you can, but it's hard. you look, and look, for the man who stole your form. And after getting a tip from a small mountain village, you find him. He's in an isolated, empty, forgotten, temple on the top of some random mountain. But he's just a shell of the man he used to be. You try to convince him that you've humbled yourself now, that he should restore you and your pack. But he says "the voices are telling him not to. that they'll be angry with him." He went insane. you have know idea why or how, but it happened.

you then spend the next four weeks trying to coax him into returning you to your true form. But again, he refuses, and then he refuses to eat. He eventually dies. You stay at the temple for another two weeks, until you eventually run out of supplies and venture down the mountain into the small village.

You move on shortly there after, scouring the country for a wizard, shaman, anyone who could help you. You think you find one, a powerful shaman who had been known to pull of miraculous things. He tells you that he can help you, and that he will, but first you must gather the necessary tools for the ritual. You do, and quickly return. Only to find that the villagers are preparing to give their shaman a "cleansing." You ask what they mean, and they say that demons have possessed the shaman, and that the only way to cleanse him, is to drive a nail through his head, thus giving the demons a way out of him

Luckily, they have not performed the ritual yet, so you push past the crowds and find the shaman, strapped to a bed, a villager leaning over him with a hammer and nail. You rush him and tell him to restore you, that you have the ingredients. He only stares at you and says, "No... the voices say not too." you are than pushed aside by the villagers and they perform the "cleansing."

The villagers were kind anthros and humans though, and they offer you a home among them. you turn them down, refusing yet another gift.

Then you leave your primitive little home country by stowing away on a random ship and then wind up here. (turns to face Roake)

I don't know what drove the wizard and the shaman mad, but i dare not risk Durithyll's sanity by asking her to help me. I'll find some other way.

Roake: (speechless)

(they walk in companionable silence, having taken multiple detours to finish the story, it'll be late before they get back.)

Roake: you didn't need to tell--

Daiyori: yes i did. i haven't told a single person about what happened. not one, that's still alive that is. it feels, well, it feels lighter. if that makes any sense.

Roake: it does actually.

Daiyori: i don't have a phone, did you happen to bring yours?

Roake: nope. (looks up at the darkening sky) i can never remember it. heh. Durithyll will chew us out won't she?

Daiyori: probably.... probably....


my older sister's birthday was on Friday! and it rocked! it was fun going to the Melting Pot to celebrate and seeing the family and all, but the best part didn't come until AFTER dinner! aka, her presents!

if you read the previous entry, than you would know that my sister, Kanirou, got Devils Due's GI Joe/Transformers Omnibus, and IDW's Spotlight Volume Two. well, what she DIDN'T know, is that she had a LATE arrival! mom ordered her something else, but it didn't come in until Saturday!

She got all DreamWave's Transformers: Generation One miniseries! in individual, mint condition, variant covers included, ISSUES!! with Dreamwave's GI Joe/Transformers miniseries on the way! to some it all up: we had a very Transformers filled weekend.

we were originally going to stick with just the original comics and show, but soon my sister was like, "How 'bout we just go ahead and jump on the Transformers bandwagon?" so yeah, it spiraled into aaaaall this mess. Now we're getting EVERYTHING. that way we can jut pick and choose what character aspects we like and which ones we don't. That's really the reason why we're doing all this; just to get more of the characters!

at first i was like, "no. it's different then the originals (G1 show and original comics) and completely AU. I DON'T WANT IT." now i'm all like, "as long as theres a lot of Ratchet, Lambo Twins, and StarScream, KEEP IT COMING!!

sigh... now my sanity and all the free time i will ever manage to get is now forfeit.... all because of Transformers.... i just love it so much though!! i love all the characters and can't seem to get enough!! thus the reason for all the different continuities... Transformers is one of the few stories in which i love EVERYBODY.

I already finished the first two of the six issue, Dreamwave miniseries; and i gotta say, it was a lot darker then i'm used to! and i'm very disappointed! Ratchet was only in four panels tops in the First Volume (first miniseries) of Generation One, and that made me mad!! i love Ratchet passionately! he's my favourite and there had BETTER be more of him!! course i can't really DEMAND more of him, from Dreamwave at least, because they sorta went bankrupt. sniff.

anyways, i think i'm done with my prattling. Now i'm off to go work on some of my Transformers OC's and read some more Transformers!!

Jacob: wait! you said i could be in the next one!! but i haven't been in the last TWO!

Durithyll: you just were in one.

Jacob: what?

Durithyll: just now. you're in this one.

Jacob: WHAT!? but i only said two lines!!

Durithyll: try three.

Jacob: but--

Durithyll: now four. by peoples! gotta go!!


Today was my sister birthday!

We went to the Melting Pot to celebrate. In case you don't know what the Melting Pot is, A) you're a loser, B) it's probably one of the single most GREATEST restaurants to grace man-kind!! it's a fondue restaurant, google it or something.

ANYWAY! so we went to the Melting Pot and after we stuffed our faces on lobster, Filet Mignon, Jerk Chicken and other amazing meats, we went home! and guess what happened next? PRESENTS!!

I'm sure some of yall think it's werid that i would be this excited over MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY (aka, not mine) but i seem to worship the ground she walks on, so yeah (she's older in case any of yall were wondering)! plus, we're both fangirls and love practically the same things, so if she got the books that she wanted, i would be getting the books that i wanted too! And two of those books, that she got (SQEEEEE!!!) where:

1) Transformers: Spotlight volume two
2) Transformers vs. GI Joe Volume two


Boredom: wait, you actually READ the TRANSFORMERS comics?

Durithyll: yes, BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE AT SCHOOL!!! ....it's pathetic i know and slightly embarrassing...

Daiyori: Transformers vs GI Joe? that's just well--

Durithyll: pathetic? you betcha!!

Well, gotta go Peoples! we got plans tomorrow!




unless of course you DON'T go to my school and want tell friends about this site, than go ahead! please tell!

See yall later!


Ello Govnas! and Unsuspecting Victims!

Durithyll: i still exist! just thought you guys should know. i also just finished my homework.

Daiyori: if you can call drawing stupid pictures actual homework...

Durithyll: awww.... (turns to the unsuspecting victims and whispers) he's just mad because he has to be in my journal entries.

Daiyori: well yeah! no one else has to!

Durithyll: of course they do! they're just BUSY right now! Roake was hired out to paint the side of someone's barn, Jacob is still at his body shop fixing up cars, and Boredoms off.... being Boredom. i think she's tormenting that poor author Jack.

Daiyori: what's up with him anyway? he seems to be Boredom's new favourite victim.

Durithyll: well A) he's young and attractive. B) he's an author, Boredom just seems to LOVE authors, and C) not only is he an author, but he's an author ON THE SIDE, aka, he still has a day job so he's still in a lot of meetings and stuff.

Daiyori: ohhh. and lemme guess, if Boredom slaps someone with the glove of inspiration while they're in a meeting, than they can't write it down or anything because they have to look professional and pay attention.

Durithyll: you betcha!

Daiyori: hm. that's just slightly sadistic.

Durithyll: yup.

Daiyori: hey, does Jacob know your posting your next blog entry without him?

Durithyll: nope.

Daiyori: you do know you're totally dead right?

Durithyll: yup.


Hello my Dear and Unsuspecting Victims!

Seeing as how this is my first blog-obviously, it's sorta labeled- i felt that i should introduce myself! ...but i already did that on the homepage..... hmmm.... whatever. Moving on! this site is going to be completely insane and.... wait, i already said that too. well, dang it!! i left nothing interesting to discuss in my FIRST blog entry.... humph. slag it.

well than, i guess that me and my characters are just--

Daiyori: "my characters and i."

Durithyll: (glare) oh shut up why don't you.

Daiyori: (shrug) my job as a Grammar Nazi i guess.

Durithyll: Fine. whatever. but i REFUSE to say "sneaked!" that word is just plain gross and sounds WRONG!

Daiyori: i won't argue with you there--

Durithyll: Then i can say "snuck?"

Daiyori: --but i will correct you.

Durithyll: you're a loser butt.... anyway, my dear Unsuspecting Victims--

Roake: you know, if you keep saying "unsuspecting victims" people are gonna start, you know, suspecting things.

Durithyll: shut it will you! grr! you guys all suck!! ok! i'm gonna go now! you guys just go explore the site or something!!

Jacob: but what about me?

Boredom: (clears throat)

Jacob: and Boredom! whose to "dignified" to admit that she wants to be in your Blog entries too!

Durithyll: SHUT IT! NOW! you guys can be in the next one!

Daiyori: aw slag. theres going to be more of these?

Durithyll: you betcha Daiyori!! and guess what? YOU'LL BE IN ALL OF THEM!!

Daiyori: you are one sadistic little--


(Daiyori is now a glaring, and rather unhappy, pile of ash)

Roake: (pokes Daiyori) well now, that's a pleasant way to kick off a website; the artist vaporizes one of the main characters with lighting.